Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 35-2: Spirit Inducing Seal

Wu Li? Master Mao frowned as he recalled the circle of masters in the metaphysical world, but he couldn’t recall anyone named Wu Li. At least among the famous masters, he had never heard of such a person.

“Then, where’s your grandfather now?” Master Mao couldn’t help but curiously ask.

“I don’t know.” Chen Yu shook her head, “He has gone to travel around, I don’t know where he is right now.”

“Then… have you ever asked him about Lou Ming’s condition?” Master Mao was thinking of going to visit him in person, but had to step back and ask instead.

“Not yet…” Chen Yu said with annoyance, “My grandpa isn’t very reliable, I often can’t get in touch with him.”

In fact, if the bronze sword hadn’t pierced the defense of the high-grade defense talisman in one stab and made her old man sense danger, she estimated the old man wouldn’t have taken the initiative to call. Thinking about this, Chen Yu's heart ached, one high-grade defense talisman worth more than a million yuan, ah, it’s all gone with just a call

Master Mao saw Chen Yu’s face suddenly turn ugly and thought she was blaming herself, so he couldn’t help but comfort her, “It’s okay, you can ask the next time you contact your grandfather.”

“En!” Chen Yu nodded. She thought a bit and said, “The jade clasp on Third Brother’s hand seems to be broken, Master Mao, can you fix it?”

When Master Mao heard what Chen Yu said, he immediately guessed the current seal in Lou Ming’s body might not last long, so he asked, “How long can the seal last?”

“Three days at most.” Chen Yu explained, “My current cultivation base is still too weak, the seal won’t last long.”

“Moreover, in the research room just now, I absorbed a lot of evil energy, I’m afraid I can’t seal it again for a while.” Chen Yu now had more evil energy than spiritual energy inside her body. She needed to slowly reduce the evil energy and take in more spiritual energy. Otherwise, not only couldn’t she think about making another Spirit Inducing Seal, she wouldn’t even be able to draw an ordinary charm.

Seems like I can’t go out and make money in this period of time, Chen Yu thought and became depressed again.

Seeing Chen Yu’s getting depressed again, Master Mao thought she was worried about the jade clasp not being repaired properly and letting the evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body break out again, so he comforted her again, “It’s okay, I have a spare for this jade clasp.”

“That’s good then.” Chen Yu said assuredly.

“Little friend Chen, isn’t your physique affected by the evil spirit? How can it be?” Master Mao asked.

“It seems like it's inherent, I have been like this since I was a child and my grandpa also said I have a special physique.” Chen Yu answered.

“Special physique?” Master Mao pondered for a moment, what kind of special physique is it to be able to absorb so much evil spirit and remain unharmed?


Chen Yu embarrassedly glanced at Master Mao and took out her phone, walking to the side to pick up the call.

“Shishi, will you be eating dinner at home tonight?” Mother Chen asked.

Chen Yu rubbed her hair that looked like it had been gnawed on by a dog and said with a guilty conscience, “I asked my classmate to go with me to get my hair cut, I’ll come home later tonight.” She must get her hair done before going back, else she wouldn’t know how to explain it.

Seeing her daughter finally had some sense of beauty to actually take the initiative to get her hair styled, Mother Chen hung up with satisfaction without urging Chen Yu to come home earlier.

Chen Yu breathed a sigh of relief, said goodbye to everyone and snuck out to find a hair salon.

About two hours after Chen Yu left, the unconscious Lou Ming finally woke up. He saw Master Mao sitting at the side so he propped his body to get up.

“Master Mao?” Lou Ming felt that his mental state was pretty good.

“How do you feel?” Master Mao asked.

“Very good. Master Mao, were you the one who helped me?” Lou Ming’s memory was a bit hazy. The most profound thing in his memory was the moment he touched the bronze sword and the evil spirit inside his body suddenly broke out uncontrollably.

“It wasn’t me.” Master Mao smiled and shook his head.

Lou Ming was stunned as Chen Yu’s figure flashed across his chaotic brain. Back then he seemed to have seen a little girl, could it be… she was there too?

“It was little friend Chen who saved you.” Master Mao said, “This time’s sudden riot could be resolved without any danger due to little friend Chen.”

“Chen Yu? As expected, she was there.” Lou Ming was in a bit of a daze.

“By the way, Lou Ming, why did the evil spirit in your body suddenly break out like this?” Master Mao waited until now to understand this matter.

“I’m also not very clear what happened.” Lou Ming tried to remember through the hazy mist in his head, “I was checking the bronze sword and the strange thing was when I touched the bronze sword, it suddenly shrank down.”

“Shrank?” the expression on Master Mao’s face became frigid.

“Also, I thought the sword was very familiar so I held it to measure it, then… the evil spirit in my body suddenly went out of control.” Lou Ming recalled carefully, “I don’t quite remember what happened after that.”

“So that’s the case.” Master Mao nodded thoughtfully, “Then you should have a good rest, I’ll investigate this bronze sword.”

“Master Mao, I think this sword has some kind of relationship with me.” Lou Ming said all of a sudden.

“I’ll investigate this matter, give me a call if you remember anything.” Master Mao said, “Although this time’s riot was only threatening and not dangerous, your body still received an impact so you have to rest properly.”

Master Mao left the courtyard after leaving this instruction.

Lou Ming sat on the bed, raised his hand and blankly looked at the new jade clasp.

He Qi stood at the side with an anxious heart: Third Young Master said he didn’t remember what happened after his evil spirit rioted, then he doesn’t remember he was assaulted by Miss Chen Yu? Could it even be considered an assault?

“He Qi, where did Chen Yu go?” Lou Ming suddenly raised his head and asked.

“Huh?” He Qi was startled, “Miss Chen Yu… she went back home.”

“Went back home, ah.”

“En!” He Qi nodded resolutely; his movements were somewhat exaggerated.

“Why are you so surprised when Chen Yu is mentioned?” Lou Ming found it odd and asked.

“…” Should I talk or not?

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He Qi: This is a really difficult choice.


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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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