Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 35-1: Spirit Inducing Seal

Chen Yu pried open Lou Ming’s lips and sent a breath of spiritual energy. A cold aura suddenly engulfed everything, soaking all of Chen Yu’s limbs and bones. Chen Yu knew her own spiritual energy mixed with Lou Ming’s.


Chen Yu closed her eyes and started a method to absorb spiritual energy, just like those Taoists that practiced asceticism in the past. She took in all the evil spirit that had been released out.

Most people outside the research room only saw Chen Yu suddenly hugging and kissing Third Young Master Lou, but in Master Mao and Lin Gui’s eyes the once bloody red room was like a pool that had its drainage hole opened. The blood red evil spirits furiously rushed towards Lou Ming’s body and disappeared from the room in less than three minutes.

As the violent evil spirits entered Lou Ming’s body, the situation became more stable. Afterwards, the evil spirits searched for Chen Yu and Lou Ming’s linked aura and slowly came pouring into Chen Yu.

While Chen Yu passively absorbed the evil spirit from Lou Ming, what sounded in her mind was the old man’s instructions on the phone.

“You have a special constitution so you are naturally not afraid of evil spirits. After you kiss him, pull the evil spirits from him through your mouth and seal them with a Spirit Inducing Seal.”

Spirit Inducing Seal was Luoshan Sect’s unique spell. It uses spiritual power to mix with a person’s aura while they draw sealing incantations in the air to perform the seal. It can 100 percent seal the evil spirit inside one’s body instantly.

Chen Yu was still clinging to Lou Ming’s neck with one hand while her other hand was drawing incantations. This was Chen Yu's first time drawing a sealing incantation so her speed was somewhat slow, but fortunately her aura already mixed with Lou Ming’s, so although the drawing process wasn’t that smooth, the effect was still obvious.

The moment when the sealing charm was fully formed, Chen Yu turned her finger and the charm turned into a golden light that fell on Lou Ming.

The evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body suddenly stopped, Chen Yu took this opportunity to let go and took a step back, cutting off the joined aura between the two.


Lou Ming fell suddenly to the floor startling Chen Yu. She quickly squatted down to check and found Lou Ming unconscious. The moment Lou Ming fell, the bronze sword that had been fighting with the compass also fell down with a ‘clang’.

“Third Brother!” Chen Yu tried to help Lou Ming up only to find out she wasn’t strong enough so she had to call for someone outside, “Come here, help!”

Lou Ming’s assistants who were guarding the door pushed it open and ran inside.

Master Mao also followed. He first checked Lou Ming’s condition to find Lou Ming was unconscious but there were no other problems so he finally felt relieved enough to let the assistants help Lou Ming.

After a while everyone finally returned to the small courtyard.

After examining the changes in Lou Ming’s evil spirit, Master Mao left the bedroom to walk downstairs while explaining to He Qi, “Lou Ming is unconscious because of the shock from the evil spirit’s attack, he should wake up after a moment’s rest.”

“Third Young Master’s jade clasp was broken.” He Qi nodded and handed the jade clasp he had picked up to Master Mao.

“The evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body is now completely sealed, which is even better than the effect of this jade clasp. If the seal in Lou Ming’s body isn’t unlocked then the jade clasp isn’t needed.” As Master Mao said this, he couldn't help sweeping a glance at the second-floor room, “Who is this little girl? Her ability is very special. If my guess is correct, she can completely subdue the evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body.”

He Qi looked at Master Mao’s inquiring gaze, hesitated a bit and then said, “Master Mao, can you please keep the matter of Miss Chen Yu a secret for the time being?”

“Why?” Master Mao was puzzled.

“Miss Chen Yu has been by Third Young Master’s side for a while, during this time the evil spirit’s stability was also thanks to Miss Chen Yu.” He Qi explained, “But… Third Young Master doesn’t want Minister Lou and Madam to know about this matter.”

If it weren’t for Lou Ming’s prior instructions, Minister Lou would have long been notified of Chen Yu’s appearance as soon as He Qi and the others knew of Chen Yu’s ability to subdue the evil spirit.

“Why?” Master Mao was even more puzzled, “If there’s a better way to control the evil spirit inside Lou Ming, why not tell Minister Lou?”

“Third Young Master does not wish to ruin Miss Chen Yu’s current life.” He Qi answered.

Master Mao was taken aback for a moment, but he quickly thought of all the things Minister and Madam Lou had done for Lou Ming over the years and suddenly realized something. If Minister Lou knew about Chen Yu’s special ability, he estimated the little girl would be connected with the Lou family for the rest of her life.

“Miss Chen Yu has been thinking of ways to help Third Young Master, it doesn’t change anything even if she said it or not. Master Mao, don’t you think so?” [T/N: I’m not sure with my tl in this sentence] He Qi’s meaning was obvious, since Chen Yu was already helping Third Young Master, then don’t ruin the outcome by adding something superfluous and causing more trouble for her.

Master Mao sighed, nodded and said, “However, I still need to talk with this little girl.”

Not long after he chatted with He Qi, Chen Yu ran downstairs with ragged hair. She looked curiously at Master Mao who was sitting on the living room sofa and smiled, “I know you, Third Brother talked about you with me.”

“You have a good relationship with Lou Ming?” Master Mao asked in surprise. Their relationship is so good that Lou Ming specifically mentioned me?

“Of course.” We’re good partners working together to make a fortune.

Master Mao laughed and said, “Little girl, are you an exorcist from the Luoshan sect?”

Chen Yu blinked and said in a puzzle, “Yeah, I’m an exorcist, but I’m not from the Luoshan sect.”

“No? Then who did you learn your technique from?” Master Mao couldn’t help asking after noticing that Chen Yu doesn’t seem to be playing tricks.

“I learned it from my grandfather.” Chen Yu answered.

“Who is your grandfather?” Master Mao’s mind turned around; he had never heard of a well-known great exorcist with the Chen surname.

“My grandpa’s name is Wu Li, he’s also an exorcist.” Chen Yu replied, “I’ve been learning exorcism from my grandpa since I was a child.” [T/N: Lol, I was wrong all this time and thought his name was Wu Lao = Old Wu = Wu Li, I’ll change it from here on.]

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