Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 348 - The Warlord’s Concubine(21)

It was a new year in the blink of an eye. Yin Family’s atmosphere was gloomy and solemn. Ever since Yin Beige and Yao Baiqian had a fall out, he rarely came back to live in the residence. Yao Ruofeng moved to live in another side courtyard as well.

She thought this through. Yin Beige didn’t love him and now she couldn’t get pregnant either. Even Yao Baiqian had abandoned her. What way out could she have in the Yin Family?

So why bother finding trouble for herself?

She wanted to see how much longer Hua Yaolan would be favored for in the Yin Family.

As expected, because she lost her child, Yao Baiqian treated her more and more poorly after she couldn’t get pregnant for a while after the New Years. In the beginning, she had been pampered and Yin Beige paid a lot of attention to her as well but this changed after the New Years.

Another big thing happened in the Yin Family at this time.

Yao Baiqian’s people caught Hu Huiyue and an actor having an affair!

This was Yin Family’s humiliation. Yin Shun was furious. He, a general, had been made a cuckold by an actor. Whatever shall he do if this news spread?!

That night, the actor was shot to death while Concubine Hu was drowned under an old well in a wicker basket in the backyard of the Yin Family...

It seemed like a simple affair but this made Yin Shun suddenly go alert. As a general, he was busy with business matters. He handed the household matters to Yao Baiqian. He originally trusted and relied on her a lot but lately, after the chain of events, and thinking about Yin Beiyue and Su Wan’s deaths...

They all had to do with Yao Baiqian.

As Yin Shun was overwhelmed with the household matters, the northern battle finally extended to Liao City. Right now, Yin Sun had to place the household matters down and personally lead the troops to expedition.

This battle lasted for a good half year. By the time Yin Shun and Yin Beige came back with the troops, it was already the start of autumn.

Right now, Liao City was bustling. The common people were all getting ready for harvest. The wineries and farms were all busy too. Yin Family had lots of assets but Yin Chengmo was the one handling them all. Because of the battle, Yin Chengmo was unable to rush home from outside so Yin Shun had to leave the businesses to Su Rui to handle.

He originally didn’t have high expectations on his third brother but who knew that he was able to keep everything arranged. He was better than Yin Chengmo!

Could his third brother really be enlightened? Mn, it might be because he had been with Xue Linglong for a while that he learned from her?

“Elder brother, Linglong and I can actually help you manage the private businesses.”

Su Rui didn’t say things too clearly but Yin Shun was smart. How could he not know what they were thinking?

Comapred to Yin Chengmo who was experienced, Su Rui naturally appeared much more harmless.


Yin Shun laughed and patted his shoulders. “Third brother, when your second brother isn’t here, I’ll be relying on you!”

“Mingye doesn’t dare to disobey elder brother’s order. Elder brother, you must be tired after fighting on the front line for so long. Do you need me to ask Linglong to find several people to go to your residence and enterain you?”

Su Rui looked at Yin Shun and tested.

Yin Shun froze before recalling Bai Yanxue. That girl was exquisite-looking and obedient. Not only could she sing, she could also dance. In hte past, because of Yao Baiqian’s domineeringness, he hadn’t mentioned taking in concubines. Now that Hu Huiyue died, his harem was empty. What joy was there when he, a general, didn’t even have a concubine?

“Mingye, is that Lady Bai still there? I want to take her in as my concubine. What do you think?”

“That’s naturally good. Just a few months ago, second brother had taken in a concubine. Second sister-in-law was really happy. I think sister-in-law is a reasonable person too. She’ll be happy for you too, I’m sure. After all, you’re the general. How could you not have several women? Those that don’t know might’re scared of your wife!”


Yin Shun lifted his brows and asked, “You think I’d be scared of Yao Baiqian? I’m just giving the Yao Family some face because I’m married to their daughter.”

Although Yao Family wasn’t in the Liao City, they were also a local tyrant. Yao Family had helped Yin Family’s brothers a lot when starting their business.

Otherwise, Yao Baiqian wouldn’t have been able to control the Yin Family all these years.

Hearing that Yin Shun was going to take in a concubine and the woman was from Linglong Lane, Yao Baiqian immediately felt something off.

Beige took in a concubine from Linglong Lane.

Chengmo also took in a concubine from Linglong Lane.

Third brother’s madam was the proprietress of Linglong Lane and the general was going to take in a concubine from there too. Wasn’t it too intentional?

Xue Linglong...

Yao Baiiqan felt incredibly annoyed thinking of her face.

That night, Yao Baiqian personally made ginseng soup and brought it to Yin Shun’s study.

“Lord, I’ve considered what you told me earlier. I’m not against you taking in concubines but...they mustn’t be from Linglong Lane. I can help you choose some people. How about Zhen Lan?”

Zhen Lan?

Zhen Lan froze and lowered her head, her face pale.

Yin Shun looked coldly at Yao Baiqian however. “In this household, am I in charge or are you?”

“Naturally you.”

Yao Baiqian also smiled gently. “Here, Lord, drink this ginseng soup.”

Saying this, she pushed the bowl of soup woards him.

“I refuse!”

Yin Shun smacked the warm bowl of ginseng soup, the soup splashing on the back of Yao Baiqian. “Yao Baiqian, you always say that Bu Ningshan is easily jealous and is calculating. But what about you? She knows to find a woman that would love her man dearly. She found him a considerate woman. Yao Baiqian, how have I treated you all these years? Did I ever argue with you over Beige and Beiyue’s marriage and Yao Ruofeng’s matter? But now I just wanted to take in a concubine. Why are you refusing?”

Yao Baiqian glanced at her red hand, her gaze gloomy. “When have I ever stopped you from taking in a concubine, my Lord? It’s different now. The people in Linglong Lane mena trouble. No matter what, I won’t let their people enter Yin Family!”


Yin Shun also sneered. “The more you refuse, the more I’m going to do so. I won’t take in a concubine. I’ll marry her and make her my second madam. I’m also going to host a huge banquet in Liao City!”

“You...Yin Shun, don’t you feel guilty for doing this to me?”

Yao Baiqian’s expression finally changed.

“Guilty? We know who should be the guilty one!” Yin Shun didn’t want to tolerate Yao Baiqian anymore. They had been a couple for two decades or so. His feelings for her was slowly fading...

Early October, Yin Shun married Bai Yanxue and made her his second madam. After that, there was a bloodbath in Yin Family again...

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