Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 345 - The Warlord’s Concubine(18)

The mist was hazy in the morning.

Guang Li came out of her room and stretched her arms in the yard. A new day has started.

She had been in Liao City for two months. Right now, she was working in a small restaurant in Liao City. She hadn’t found an opportunity to mingle into the Yin Family yet.

“Xiao Li!”

Another door in the yard was pushed open and a round-faced young girl walked out quickly. Seeing Guang Li, the girl pulled her over mysteriously. “Xiao Li, haven’t you been wanting to work in the Yin Family?”


Guang Li’s gaze brightened. “Sister Yueyue, you have a way?”

Lin Yueyue smiled seeing Guang Li’s brightened gaze. “I have a cousin who is a head maid in the Yin Family. Her master had been wanting to recruit a maid that can cook to help out in the courtyard. I thought of you first! If I knew how to cook, I would’ve gone myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have the talent.”

Guang Li’s eyes were full of delight. That was amazing. She waited two months and finally got an opportunity.

She wanted to go to Yin Family and meet that man to ask him why he murdered the villagers so ruthlessly.

A month later.

Su Wan never thought she would see Guang Li in the Yin Residence and under this complicated situation.

Right now, Hua Yaoland was lying in bed with a pale face. Yao Baiqian sat beside the bed wearing a concerned expression.

This morning, Hua Yaolan drank the bowl of soup like usual and planned on resting but who knew that not long later, her stomach started hurting. By the time a physician came, her baby couldn’t be saved!

Not only did this make Yao Baiqian furious, it even startled the general doing business matters in the general residence. Yin Shun made an order to investigate this matter thoroughly and purge the rotten apple in the residence.

After initial investigation, the first suspect they found was a maid in the Yin Family, Guang Li.

Su Wan heard the news and came over, comforting Hua Yaolan first. She then glanced at the pale-faced Guang Li before looking at Yao Baiqian and asking, “Sister-in-law, what happened?”


Yao Baiqian sighed and said, “The physician said that the bowl of soup had been drugged and this was cooked by the new maid.”


Su Wan froze and then looked at Guang Li. “This maid looks unfamiliar. She’s new, right?”


Zhen Lan replied respectfully, “Third madam, this maid recruited her to take care of Concubine Hua’s diet. This maid thought that since she came from a clean background and was honest, that she would be fine. Who knew this happened in less than a month!”

“A new maid has the courage to poison her master? She’s awfully brazen isn’t she? Just who gave her the courage?”

The people heard Bu Ningshan’s voice before seeing her first.

Bu Ningshan walked over, dressed up glamorously. While walking over, she smiled at Su Wan and Yao Baiqian. “Sister-in-law, Linglong, I think there’s more to it than meets the eye.”

Bu Ningshan walked to Guang Li’s side and then kicked her with her high heels.

Guang Li was kicked to the ground by Bu Ningshan. She furrowed her brows and glanced angrily at the woman in front of her.

As expected, there was no one good in the Yin Family!

“Oh hey, she has quite the personality.”

Seeing the hatred in Guang Li’s eyes, Bu Ningshan lifted her brows. “Speak. Who ordered you? If you don’t tell the truth, just wait to suffer.”

“No one ordered me. I was framed. I didn’t poison her!”

Guang Li got up and stared stubbornly at Yao Baiqian. “This maid is new and just came. I have no enmity with Concubine Hua so why would I hurt her? There is probably someone else here that wants to hurt her.”


Yao Baiqian’s expression coldened hearing Guang Li’s words. “Even with the concrete evidence here, you’re still trying to deny? You’re still trying to shift the attention on someone else? Zhen Lan, slap her!”

“Yes madam!”

Zhen Lan walked over to Guang Li and ordered two maids to restrain Guang Li and keep her body still. Then she started slapping her without hesitation.


Su Wan could feel the pain just listening. Zhen Lan was ruthless, showing no mercy.

Not long later, Guang Li’s face was swollen and red, bloodstain by the corner of her lips. She couldn’t even say anything.

Bu Ningshan smiled in disdain seeing what Zhen Lan was doing. Then she carelessly sat down.

Yao Baiqian was trying to force her to admit and make her the scapegoat! She didn’t even let this maid explain for herself. The truth behind this was already clear.

Hmph. Who doesn’t know about the matters in the Yin Family?

This Yao Ruofeng was quite smart too. She actually thought about using this new maid.

This time, Yao Baiqian had messed up too. She thought that by having Zhen Lan call some new maids over to take care of Hua Yaolan that everything would be okay. Who knew that this was what Yao Ruofeng wanted.

Now that this happened, no matter whether it was Yin Family’s face or Yao Family’s face, Yao Baiqian had no choice but to protect Yao Ruofeng. She must hate her to death but she had to protect the useless girl.

Thinking of this, Bu Ningshan was surprisingly happy.

Hmph. So what if Yin Beige lost his child? She’d love that!

Sniffle, sniffle sniffle….

Guang Li was struggling on the ground and wanted to say something, but she was unable to.

At this time, rushed footsteps came from the door. Yin Beige walked inside in large strides wearing a military uniform.

“Mother, how is Yaolan?”

Yin Beige asked about Hua Yaolan the moment he came inside.

Yao Baiqian’s gaze flickered. Hua Yaolan had been holding in her emotions for a long time and her tears fell down at this time. “Warlord, warlord! I’m sorry! I didn’t save our child! Let me die. Just let me die. I want to die with the child!”

Saying this, Hua Yaolan struggled to bang her head against the headboard.

Su Wan was speechless.

What a great sister. She has amazing acting skills.

“Yaolan, what are you doing?”

Yao Baiqian was frightened by the scene. Su Wan who sat on the chair nearest to the bed hurried over to stop Hua Yaolan.

But someone was quicker than her.

Yin Beige walked over quickly and hugged Hua Yaolan. “Enough, don’t mess around. Your body is more important. We’ll...have another child in the future.”


Hua Yaolan threw herself at Yin Beige hearing his words. “Warlord, you have to avenge our unborn child! Who is so ruthless? They didn’t even let an unborn child go! Warlord, our child has died so tragically!”

Hua Yaolan’s voice was beautiful and now that she made sure to put her emotions in her words, it made whoever hear it want to cry.

As expected, when he heard Hua Yaolan crying, Yin Beige’s indifferent gaze turned colder. “Mother, did you find out who the culprit behind this is?”

“It’s that cheap maid.”

Yao Baiqian pointed at Guang Li with a gloomy expression.

Sniffle, sniffle.

Guang Li was forced to get on her knees. She shook her head like crazy, her gaze fixated on Yin Beige.

In this moment, she hoped that Yin Beige could remember her. After all, she saved him!


Seeing Guang Li’s swollen face and scattered hair on her shoulder, he was unable to recognize her at all...

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