Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 344 - The Warlord’s Concubine(17)

On the way back, Su Rui had Su Wan lie on his knees to rest while he stared out into the night through the car window.

“What are you thinking?”

Su Wan suddenly asked in a low voice.

Su Rui looked down with a gentle gaze. “Wife, since Yin Beige recovered his memory in advance, do you think he’ll still marry Hua Yaolan?”

They had everything ready and only one thing was lacking now.

“He will.”

Su Wan answered softly. Since he knew the “truth,” Yin Beige would be more active.

He definitely would marry Hua Yaolan because he was the male lead.

You can’t surmise the male and female lead’s thoughts from an ordinary person’s method of thinking. If you treat this seriously, then you’ve lost.

Like Su Wan expected, within a few days, Yao Baiqian sent someone to propose marriage and news of the young general marrying Hua Yaolan had spread across the entirety of Liao City.

Young general taking in a concubine was a huge joyous occasion for the Liao City. Today, the Yin Family was in a cheerful atmosphere. Only Yao Ruofeng was gloomy and upset.

Her and Yin Beige’s relationship had gone worse already. Now, the physician told her that she couldn’t get pregnant and her aunt even wanted Yin Beige to take in a concubine.

Thinking that she, the grand Young Miss Yao, had to share a husband with a female singer from an entertainment place, Yao Ruofeng clenched her teeth in anger. Physician Fang said that she couldn’t get pregnant and that was the end of the story? Yao Ruofeng had already gone to ask the Yao Family to secretly invite the best physician over in the capital...

Because of the happy occasion in the Yin Family, they had set up a banquet, inviting the entire city.

Su Wan and Su Rui naturally were present a while ago. After the banquet started, Su Rui followed his two brothers to greet the noblemen and families in Liao City.

Yin Beige wore his wedding outfit and walked to Su Wan’s side with a glass of wine.

“Third aunt, thank you for choosing my concubine for me. Toast!”

Before Su Wan could say anything, Yin Beige finished the wine in his glass and then poured another glass. His gaze was on Su Wan as he exclaimed, “I know you have a weak body. Toast to you. Don’t drink, I’ll drink for you!”

Yin Beige then finished another glass of wine.

After he finished the second glass, he stubbornly wanted to pour a third glass.

“You’re drunk.”

Su Wan slowly stood up and stopped him. “Beige, you’re drunk. Stop drinking.”

“Are you concerned over me?”

Yin Beige looked at her stubbornly.

Su Wan smiled faintly. “Of course I’m concerned about you. I’m your third aunt, no? I worry for you just like how I worry for Beiye and Beiyan.”

Su Wan looked at Yin Beiye who had been paying attention to this, standing behind Yin Beige. “Beiye, your second brother is drunk. Come over and watch over him.”

“Okay, third aunt.”

Yin Beiye listened to Su Wan and immediately came over quickly. He supported Yin Beige and said softly in his ears, “Second brother, there are lots of guests here. Don’t mess around. There are still lots of people waiting to toast you.”

Toast me?

Isn’t it just to wish me a happy marriage?


Yin Beige laughed in disdain and then poured another glass of wine for himself. “Let’s go. Go and greet the guests with me.”

The banquet continued until late at night. When it was finally over and people started leaving, the groom was drunk. Yao Baiqian thought that her son was too happy so she immediately ordered people to help him back into the bridal room...

Though Hua Yaolan came from a low background, she had learned all sorts of etiquettes and manners from Su Wan. After entering the Yin Family, she was able to gain Yao Baiqian’s favor. This made Yao Ruofeng jealous. What hurt her the most was that Hua Yaolan was pregnant two months after she married into the family.

This Concubine Yin’s status in the family rose rapidly!

Yin Beige was also really surprised with Hua Yaolan’s pregnancy because other than having sex with her while drunk during their wedding night, he hadn’t touched her since.

But after all, she had his child. Yin Beige was eager to meet his first child.

Yin Family, backyard.


Yao ruofeng smashed the teawares on the ground, her face sinister-looking.


How come Hua Yaolan was able to be pregnant with Beige’s child and she couldn’t?

Even the physician from the capital couldn’t tell what was wrong with her. They just wanted to continue taking the medicine, continue, and continue!

Yao Ruofeng thought she had become a pot for decocting herbal medicine. Now, no matter how good smelling the perfume smelled, it couldn’t conceal the strong herbal medicinal scent.

“Madam, madam, don’t be anxious. What’s to be done if you hurt your body over getting angry?”

Seeing that Yao Ruofeng was about to lose her rationality, Yue Xiu couldn’t help but advise, “That concubine is pregnant but we don’t know the baby’s gender. Plus, who knows whether she could successfully give birth to the child or not? Madam, don’t lose yourself first.”


Yao Ruofeng froze before a harsh glint flashed through her eyes.

Right, she couldn’t let her give birth to the child successfully. Otherwise, her status in the family would be in danger!

Aunty, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Back then, you had used similar methods to deal with your husband’s concubines. I’m just copying you now.

While Yao Ruofeng was planning to create an incident for Hua Yaolan, Yao Baiqian wore a gloomy face as she held the cup of tea. Zhen Lan lowered her head, respectfully waiting for Yao Baiqian’s order.

“Zhen Lan.”

“This maid is here.”

“Monitor second madam and Yue Xiu closely. Nothing can happen to Beige’s child, do you understand?”

“This maid understands and knows what to do.”

Zhen Lan nodded while Yao Baiqian slowly placed the cup of tea down.

She had watched Yao Ruofeng grow up. She knew what she wanted to do. Maybe she had pampered her too much in the past that she had forgotten this was the Yin Family not the Yao Family.

Nothing could escape Yao Baiqian’s control in the Yin Family...

While Yao Baiqian and Yao Ruofeng were calculating against one another, Su Wan and Su Rui were busy with other matters. Counting the days, the real female lead, Guang Li, should reach Liao City soon.

Su Wan had inserted Hua Yaolan in the Yin Residence. Su Wan didn’t feel anything towards Guang Li but she didn’t want this female lead to enter the Yin Family under an unexpected turn of events and ruin her plan again. Therefore, Su Wan and Su Rui did some research. They decided to order people to guard near the city gates. If they daw Guang Li, they had to get her to Third Master Yin’s courtyard. By then, they’d have methods to get her to listen and stay here.

However, it didn’t go successfully because Su Rui’s people hadn’t seen Guang Li by the city gates.

According to the original plot, the female lead should’ve arrived at Liao City by now!

Then where did Guang Li go?

In reality, Guang Li did arrive at Liao City.

In the original plot, Guang Li had stopped every now and then and it took her a while, finally arriving at Liao City at the end of October. But this time, she arrived at Liao City in the beginning of August.

As it turned out, because of Yin Beige’s marriage, many officials from nearby county towns had all rushed to Yin Family for the wedding feast. Guang Li was on the way there and heard about the young general taking in a concubine as well. It just so happens that many of the processions lacked manpower so Guang Li had mingled into a procession delivering congratulatory gifts. She followed them and arrived in Liao City in advance.

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