Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 343 - The Warlord’s Concubine(16)

“Su Wan.”

Yin Beige called her again. He was in front of her right now. His handsome face containing sharp features wore an unprecedented complicated expression.


Su Wan stared at the man in front of her calmly and furrowed her brows in confusion. “You’re calling me? What’s the matter? You didn’t…”

Before Su Wan could finish, Yin Beige pushed her to a corner. He lifted his hand and grabbed her right wrist and then pulled her sleeves up without the slightest hesitation. There was an old scar on Su Wan’s smooth arm. It was really tiny but it didn't’ escape Yin Beige’s sharp and serious gaze.



Yin Beige suddenly started laughing seeing the scar. As he laughed, tears dropped down.

“Xiao Wan, you’re still alive. It’s great.”

Yin Beige subconsciously let go of Su Wan’s wrist. He wanted to hug her just like how he had dreamed of this numerous nights.

Hug her tightly and tell her that he loved her and couldn’t live without her.

A gust of wind blew by. Yin Beige’s gaze flickered and in the next moment, he saw Yin Mingye.

“Beige, what do you want?”

Su Rui held Su Wan in his arms and lifted his brows, staring at Yin Beige coldly.

“Third uncle.”

Yin Beige was a bit surprised seeing that Su Rui had returned quickly. But his gaze turned gloomy and he asked, “Third uncle, you did this right? You saved Xiao Wan right?”

“Heh. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Su Rui held onto Su Wan’s arm tightly, announcing his possession over her. “This is my wife, Xue Linglong. Su Wan died already. Though Linglong and her look really alike…”

“Don’t lie to me!”

Yin Beige cut him off, losing his control. “The scar on her hand was due to saving me when we were studying abroad in Great Britain. I would never forget that scar. Plus…”

Yin Beige’s tone coldened. “I just came back from Yin Cemetery. There is no body in Su Wan’s coffin, only clothes and rocks!”

Su Rui sneered. “So what? Even if you have countless reasons proving that she’s Su Wan, so what? I have a marriage certificate. We held a wedding ceremony already and she’s my legal wife. Yin Beige, you’re not thinking about stealing your third sister-in-law right?”

Yin Beige stayed silent. His attention was once again on Su Wan. “Xiao Wan, can you tell me? Why did you fake your death? Why did you marry third uncle? Why do you act like you don’t know me?”

“Young master, I understand each individual word but after piecing everything together, I don’t understand it.”

Su Wan stared at Yin Beige camly and then held her forehead, her face pale. “Mingye, I’m dizzy. Let’s go home.”

Su Wan then leaned against in Su Rui’s arms.

“Okay, wife, let’s go home.”

Su Rui gently caressed Su Wan’s hair and then looked at Yin Beige. “We’re heading back. Beige, I won’t argue with you over this this time but I hope that you can remember she is my woman. She’s your elder!”

Su Rui then turned and left with Su Wan in his arms. Watching the two leave, Yin Beige clenched his fists and punched the wall, leaving fresh bloodstain.

“Young general, you…”

A figure anxiously appeared and looked at Yin Beige’s bleeding hand. They anxiously claimed, “Young general, don’t move. This maid will find some gauze to help bandage your wound.”

“Heh, have you seen enough? Heard enough? You’re willing to come out now?”

Yin Beige watched as Zhen Lan suddenly appeared. He glared at her and asked, “Shouldn’t you go back and report my whereabouts to my mother?”

“This maid...uh…”

Before Zhen Lan could process what happened, Yin Beige choked her. Her weak body was pressed against the wall and she was slowly lifted up in the sky. Zhen Lan’s face started turning purple, having difficulty breathing.

“Speak, how much do you know? What’s the deal with Su Wan’s sickness?”


Zhen Lan answered with difficulty, answering in succession.

She didn’t dare nor could she say. She might be able to live if she didn’t say anything but if she did tell the truth, the first madam could kill her in seconds.

Seeing that Zhen Lan refused to answer, Yin Beige tightened his grip. “Are you going to talk or no?”

Zhen Lan’s consciousness became a bit hazy and she shook her head instinctively.

She was gambling, gambling whether Yin Beige was kinder than Yao Baiqian or not.

Slam. Zhen Lan’s body was tossed on the ground and she started gasping for air. Having nearly died, her back was now drenched in sweat.

“Don’t tell anyone about tonight, otherwise I won’t let you go.”

Yin Beige then turned and left.

Zhen Lan subconsciously touched her neck.

Young general recovered his memory.

Then...was Xue Linglong Su Wan? How could she still be alive? What did the third master know?

For a moment, many questions flushed through Zhen Lan’s mind.

“Sister Zhen Lan! Sister Zhen Lan! The madam’s calling you.”

Hollers came from the yard right now. Zhen Lan stood up and patted the dust on her while fixing her collar. She needed to cover the choke marks on her neck. Even if Yin Beige didn’t warn her, she wouldn’t say a word.

Yin Beige did recover his memory.

When he was in Linglong Lane, Hua Yaolan made him remember his and Su Wan’s first encounter. After he left, he subconsciously went to the Yin Cemetery. Yin Beige sat in front of Su Wan and Yin Beiyue’s graves for a really long time.

I...I have one more wish...After I pass away, bury me by Beiyue’s side. Let me be with him. I...owe...him...

In the cemetery, Yin Beige suddenly recalled Su Wan’s last wish and...

Brocade bag!

That brocade bag!

Yin Beige recalled the brocade bag sewn on his clothes. While he was wandering around, his clothes were all changed and he had forgotten everything. But instinctively, he thought that brocade bag was really important. Therefore, he still wore that on him.

Pulling out the brocade bag from his arms, he found some spices crushed into pieces and it may have lost its scent due to being submerged in water. But in between the pieces, there was some strands of black hair tied together by red rope.

This was Su Wan’s hair.

Together with you, bound by this hair, never to separate. Yin Beige suddenly recalled everything. All the memories surged through his mind. He recalled their every moment and how everything happened due to an unexpected turn of events. His misunderstanding, his elder brother’s death, Su Wan’s sickness...Everything played in his mind like a movie and stopped at Xue Linglong’s face.

Su Wan.

Yin Beige thought that he knew Su Wan well enough so he would be able to recognize her. If Xue Linglong was Su Wan, then who was buried in the cemetery?

Yin Beige’s expression turned gloomy. He thought he was crazy but at that moment, he wasn’t willing to think about this at all. He impatiently wanted to prove that Su Wan was still alive. She must be. Therefore, Yin Beige dugged Su Wan’s grave.

This might’ve been the craziest thing he had done but when he saw the stones in the coffin, Yin Beige started laughing hysterically.

Su Wan, this time, I can’t lose you again.

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