Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 340 - The Warlord’s Concubine(13)

The next morning, there were still remnants of a joyous atmosphere within the Yin Family. This was the first time the entire family sat at the dining table, all waiting for the new couple after the new year.

Because Su Wan’s body was unwell, she and Su Rui woke up a bit late. By the time the two changed their clothes and slowly made their way to the dining table, breakfast was just served.


The moment Yao Ruofeng, sitting by Yin Beige’s side, saw Su Wan, her face turned pale and the chopsticks she was holding fell on the ground.


Yao Baiqian scolded her, sitting on the master seat. When she saw Su Wan, she was shocked as well but after all, she experienced lots of things in the past so she didn’t reveal that on her face. Plus...

Yin Mingye used to go to Su Wan’s courtyard. Though after that, Yin Mingye also exclaimed that he was interested in Shuning from Su Wan’s courtyard, Yao Baiqian was sure that Su Wan was an enchantress so she was suspicious of the two, thinking Yin Mingye had feelings towards her. Now that Su Wan had passed away due to sickness and Yin Mingye married Xue Linglong who looked really like Su Wan, it made sense.

“What’s the matter?”

Feeling the momentary fear from Yao Ruofeng, Yin Beige’s expression subconsciously darkened and asked.

“N-nothing. I...just have a bit of a headache.”

Yao Ruofeng knew that she had conducted out of manners so she nervously sat back down. Yue Xiu also ordered the servants from the kitchen to change Yao Ruofeng’s utensils.

At this time, Su Rui supported Su Wan and the two walked in front of everyone. The three brothers of the Yin family had lost their parents at a young age so his older brothers were considered his fathers. Now that the two got married, they naturally had to serve tea to his two brothers and sister-in-laws.

The housekeeper placed the cup of tea in Su Wan’s hands and she smiled at Yin Shun and Yao Baiqian. “Elder brother, please drink tea, sister-in-law, please drink tea!”


Yin Shun and Yao Baiqian both accepted the teacup and then the latter smiled at Su Wan. “Linglong, you’re part of our Yin Family now. You and Mingye need to work on providing an heir to the family. The family is full of boys. If you give birth to a daughter in the future, she’ll be our Yin Family’s precious daughter!”

Saying this, Yao Baiqian placed an exquisite brocade box in Su Wan’s palm. “This is a little gift from elder brother and this sister-in-law.”

“Thank you elder brother and sister-in-law!”

Su Wan accepted the gift and then walked to Yin Chengmo and Bu Ningshan. “Second brother, drink tea, second sister-in-law, drink tea.”

“Good, good!”

Yin Chengmo looked at Su Wan, satisfied. Cough. After all, she has a beautiful female singer under her order!

Bu Ningshan also gave Su Wan a gift happily. It appeared to be more expensive than Yao Baiqian’s. In reality, Bu Ningshan had been suppressed by Yao Baiqian all these years and she was long unhappy. Now that Su Wan married into the Yin Family, she thought her chance was here.

With Su Wan’s appearance, Yao Baiqian would definitely respect her and this was a great opportunity to pull the couple to her side!

The family appeared to be harmonious while enjoying breakfast but in reality, they were all calculating their own things...

After breakfast, Su Wan didn’t stay in the Yin Family for long. Su Rui had someone bring the car over and drive Linglong back to the lane.

At this time, Linglong just opened her business. Seeing the owners coming, the employees immediately surrounded them.

Bai Yanxue, Yan Xiuwu, and Hua Yaolan were bought by Su Wan and Su Rui at an expensive price. They were all talented and outstanding.

Of course, Su Wan trained them not to help her earn money for Linglong Lane but naturally for the Yin Family.

“Xiuwu, how does Yin Chengmo treat you?”

Returning to the main room, Su Wan sat on the chaise longue and revealed a tint of coldness.

“Boss, Yin Chengmo is simple-minded. This subordinate is certain that I can control him but Bu Ningshan…”

“Leave her to me.”

Su Wan smiled. “Yin Family’s backyard is my battlefield. You guys just need to handle Yin Family’s men!”

Saying this, Su Wan looked at Bai Yanxue. “Yanxue, third master will arrange for you to go to the general’s residence for a performance in a few days. You have to remember that the general likes gentle women. You just need to make him feel like you’re docile and obedient.”


Bai Yanxue nodded respectfully.

Su Wan then looked at Hua Yaolan. She had a great voice and she was also really beautiful. She was Su Wan’s biggest trump card.

“How’s the folk song that I told you to practice coming along?”

“Boss, I’ve finished.”

Hua Yaolan responded confidently. Su Wan smiled. “Then that’s good. Protect your throat during this period of time. I’ll have someone custom-make a red western-style dress for you. It'll come to use in a while!”

Yin Family’s courtyard.

Yin Ruofeng came back from the dining hall and had been absent-minded ever since. Seeing her expression, Yin Beige waved his hands and dismissed the servants in the room.



Yao Ruofeng heard Yin Beige’s voice and slowly snapped out of her trance. “Beige, what’s the matter?”

“Ruofeng, I have something to ask. It’s about...sister-in-law.”

Yin Beige stared fixated at Yao Ruofeng’s face, his gaze sharp. “Tell me how did sister-in-law die?”


Yao Ruofeng widened her eyes in shock, seeing that Yin Beige thought of Su Wan. Then she pretended to act calmly, “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, she...naturally died of sickness. Everyone knows!”


Yin Beige sneered. “Since everyone knows, why must you guys hide this from me? And when you first saw third sister-in-law, why did you act so afraid? Yao Ruofeng, what...are you afraid of?”

As he was saying this, he slowly pushed Yao Ruofeng into a dead end.

Seeing the emotionless and cold eyes, the pair of eyes that used to make her fall in love with him, this pair of eyes once again, made her feel despair.

Heh, hehe.

Yao Ruofeng suddenly sneered.

She suddenly didn’t feel that scared anymore.

“Yin Beige, what would I be scared of? What is there to be scared of? Don’t you know why mother wants to hide sister-in-law’s death? Heh, right. You lost your memory. You forgot how you attempted to violate your sister-in-law in the past and then accidentally killed your brother!”

“What did you say?”

Yin Beige’s expression changed and he grabbed Yao Ruofeng’s clothes. “You’re lying!”

“I’m not!”

Yao Ruofeng stared at him. “Yin Beige, did you really forget? You did this on purpose. You purposely wanted to forget this don’t you? You think that you can act like nothing happened if you forget this? Elder brother and sister-in-law died already. They’re a couple made from heaven. You’ll...never get her, never get her heart!”

Seeing Yin Beige’s distorted expression due to pain and confusion, Yao Ruofeng felt happy.

Why am I the only one feeling pain?

Heh. So what if I can’t have your heart? At least, I’m your legally married wife.

As for you, you’ll never be able to have that dead woman.

Say, who’s more pitiful? You or me?

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