Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 34 - Susceptibility period 1 [OW]

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When Su Ling walked into the restaurant, a waiter immediately greeted him, "Welcome, do you have a reservation?"

Su Ling acknowledged with an En and said, "Room 108, has anyone yet?"

The waiter shook his head, "No."

Su Ling was a little surprised. The restaurant was much closer to the villa area than the fragrance bar, so he thought he would be late. But after a moment of thought, his male god being late sounded logical as he may have some business to deal with. After all, it was already past 6.30 pm when he called, which his male god would have already eaten on normal days. With his character, if he has already eaten, he will not lie about it, so he is most likely delayed by something on hand.

Waiter: "Will you wait in the lobby or go to the private room first?"

At that question, Su Ling glanced at the sofa on the left side of the lobby. Several people were sitting there, as well as a couple who were kissing. Hence, he immediately made the decision, "Go to the private room."

"Please follow me."

Su Ling followed the waiter to the right section, then reached a corner after walking for a while. The corridor that leads to the private rooms is on the right. Then, Su Ling stopped on his tracks. The waiter looked at him in confusion. Before he could ask why, Su Ling pointed to the decorative vase on the shelf in the corner and said, "Can I take one?"

There is a large handful of ordinary roses in the vase. The flowers bloom very brilliantly and look very beautiful. The request took the waiter aback. After asking the supervisor, he nodded, "Yes."

Su Ling picked a rose in full bloom and followed the waiter into the private room. The private room is not large, but the layout is very comfortable. On the tabletop is a brown coffee tablecloth, and two large sofa chairs were placed on each side of the table. Su Ling sat down on the seat facing the door. He deliberately sat forward a little bit, leaving a space behind before carefully placing the rose behind him.

Astonishment flashed in the waiter's eyes. The rose is obviously going to be a gift, but this is an Omega we are talking about! He has only seen Omega receiving flowers, and never the other way round. However, the waiter concealed his astonishment and asked, "Should I help you to place an order first?"

Su Ling shook his head, "I'll wait until my friend comes over."

The waiter pointed to the electronic menu on the table, "You can browse the menu first and order directly on it."

Su Ling thanked him, the waiter poured him a glass of lemon water and went out. Just as Su Ling was flipping through the menu, the private room door was pushed open. He immediately looked up at the direction and was stunned speechless.

His male god’s hair which is usually meticulously combed, are unstyled at the moment, naturally hung from his head. His bangs blocked his full forehead, half-hiding his thick black and sharp eyebrows, which gave him a deep gaze. His attire is entirely different from usual, a hoodie filled with youthful aura with jeans. He also wore casual shoes, making him looked like a university student. Narcissistic thoughts suddenly popped up in Su Ling’s mind. Did his male god dressed like this to match him?

"Thank you." Gu Liheng thanked the waiter who led the way, walked into the private room, and the waiter closed the door for him.

That deep, magnetic voice woke Su Ling up, and he regained his senses. He stood up and smiled, "You look cool," he said, but feeling that his words were too generic, he added, "Very handsome, especially attractive."

Gu Liheng looked at Su Ling. The young man's smile was bright, and his eyes were clear, and he could see admiration from his light brown eyes. The uncomfortable feeling from wearing new clothing style immediately disappeared and his mood became relaxed. Gu Liheng walked to the seat opposite Su Ling and stood still, "Thank you for the compliment, please have a seat."

Hearing that meticulous thanks, Su Ling couldn't help but chuckle. He sat down and shifted the rose from his seat to below the edge of the table.

Gu Liheng had just taken his seat when a red rose suddenly appeared in front of him. Then he saw that Su Ling is leaning forward on the table with one hand while the other holding a rose. His phoenix eyes were filled with smiles as he said, "For you."

Gu Liheng was slightly taken aback and looked up at him. Su Ling smiled and said, "I just saw it in the corridor. I think it matches you well. Accept it." Gu Liheng noticed the rose as well when he passed the corridor. Infected by Su Ling's smile, he reached out to take the flower and asked in a puzzled tone, "It matches me?" He has heard many comments about him before, and most of it was ‘serious’, ‘boring’, ‘indifferent’. No one has ever associated him with flowers.

Su Ling sat back in his seat and nodded, "Red wine and roses." Seeing Gu Liheng's gaze, he winked his right eye, "It also fits my intention." Then he paused before adding, his tone was sincere and witty, "Red roses represent fiery love yo." The moment the words fell, his expression stiffened. Su Ling has never thought that there will be one day he would say such cheesy words! However, he wanted to laugh a little bit with his sweet feeling in his heart, the feeling of being uncontrollable with emotions is not bad. Who said that the IQ of people in love drops rapidly? As a person with no love experience, Su Ling thinks that his behaviour in front of the person he likes is not bad.

Gu Liheng moved his fingers slightly and suddenly felt that the flower in his hand is a bit heavy. After a moment of silence, he handed the flower back to Su Ling and said, "Sorry, I can't accept it."

So he was being narcissistic after all, Su Ling thought, his male god didn’t purposely dress up for him at all. Because if it's really for him, male god won't refuse the rose. However, he is not disappointed since he has already planned to chase that ‘someone’. After all, he had been rejected the day before, and it would be weird if Gu Liheng suddenly accepted him in such a short period of time. He took his hand off the table and put them behind his back, with an obvious attitude saying, "If you don't accept it, then you can just throw it away."

Upon hearing that, Gu Liheng frowned slightly, holding the flower in a dilemma. That hesitation makes Su Ling's eyes curve up. Even though he refused him, but Gu Liheng must have a good impression of him; otherwise, he will not react like this. He sighed exaggeratedly, reached out to take the rose. Then he put it in the jasmine vase on the table and got up to move the vase to the window sill. He sat back to his place and smiled, "I invited you to dinner not to make it awkward for you." He tapped on the menu. "What do you want to eat?"

Gu Liheng's gaze fell on his face, making sure that he is not saddened by his rejection. Then he turned to the menu and ordered two dishes without hesitation. Considering Gu Liheng's usual appetite, Su Ling ordered two extra dishes and one soup. He smiled, "The red wine you often drink is too expensive, so I will invite you to drink it next time. Please bear with me today." During the time he stayed in the villa, Su Ling noticed that Gu Liheng would drink red wine every night, but he gave up ordering wine for him after checking how much it costs.

Gu Liheng: "It's okay. I won't drink any tonight. If you have anything you want, just order it. I will pay the bill."

"You treated me enough," Su Ling raised his eyebrows. "I said it's my treat, so don't fight with me."

Gu Liheng glanced at the total price and saw that their meal is not expensive, so he agreed, "Okay." Then he turned to business, "You said you have something very important to tell me?"

Su Ling nodded, "I'll talk about it later, so as not to affect our meal," his mouth curved, "I will discuss another matter with you first. I want to cooperate with the Gu company's auction house to auction Redthorn Ball liquid. My idea is to auction once a month, do you think it works?"

Gu Liheng: "Yes, I will give you the contact details of the auction house’s general manager. You can contact him directly."

Su Ling: "Just what I want, thank you."

The restaurant was quick to serve the food, and they are ready in a short while. Gu Liheng took a look and found that the dishes Su Ling ordered were all his favourites. He couldn't help but look at him. The boy has fair skin and delicate features, and his eyebrows are full of smiles, making people like him at first sight—such a nice young man. Gu Liheng gripped his fist tightly, he wanted to recover even more eagerly now. He had made a decision long ago, that he will accept the young man once he is cured. If the young man regretted chasing him, he would chase him instead. However, he suddenly has this thought that this young man is so good, some other people bound to like him(SL) as well. What to do if Su Ling gets together with other people by the time he is cured?

Su Ling pointed a finger between his brows, "Don't frown, you don’t like the food?"

"No, it’s not that." Gu Liheng returned to his senses and picked up his chopsticks to start eating.

Su Ling glanced at Gu Liheng strangely and was relieved when he saw his expression returned to usual. After the two had eaten, the waiter collected the dishes and served them tea. After the waiter left, Su Ling raised his hand to remove the isolator and said, "The important thing I mentioned earlier is that my pheromone has returned to normal." He laughed and continued, "If you reject me due to my pheromone factor, you can reconsider now."

A light and pleasant smell of citrus mint soon diffused in the private room, and Su Ling controlled his pheromone to concentrate on Gu Liheng's side. Slightly leaning forward, he asked expectantly, "Do you like it? Does it smell good?" His eyes curled up, "I think it smells good."

The moment the sweet and refreshing scent rushed into his nose, Gu Liheng's body became slightly heated. Soon, the smell became stronger and stronger, his heart beat wildly, and he has a strong urge to possess the owner of the scent. The muscles of his whole body tensed up, and the fingertips holding the glasses turn white. He loosened his fingers and withdrew his hand from the table to put his fist on his leg. At the same time, he leaned back against the chair, trying to put some distance between them. The moment he leaned back in his chair, he realized how stupid and meaningless his actions were.

"Put it back." His voice was dark and muffled, and his tone was much quicker than usual, making him sounded a bit fierce.

On the other hand, Su Ling blinked and his eyes swept across Gu Liheng’s neck steadily turning red. He was about to ask when suddenly, a faint, mellow red wine scent radiated from the other side. Su Ling was taken aback, didn’t male god attach his isolator? As soon as this question appeared, the content of the physiology textbook he had read appeared in his mind.

‘Isolator blocks the scent of Alpha and Omega’s pheromone, preventing their pheromones from interacting with each other, and passively falls into estrus. ’

‘However, isolator cannot block the pheromone of Omega in the estrus period; or Alpha in the susceptible period who was attracted by Omega’s pheromone who has high compatibility with him, as the effect of isolator will be weakened.’

‘Please note, Omega in the estrus period and Alpha in the susceptible period. If you don’t have a partner, please stay in an environment without any Alpha or Omega. Use inhibitors, and wait for the moment to pass, or...’

When Su Ling recalled to this part, his whole body has already surrounded by heat, as if he had suddenly entered the steam room. He felt like steam has entered his brain, with clouds covering his mind, and his thoughts were blocked. Only the mellow scent coming from the front is clear to him. The scent was delicate and lingering, like red wine aged in oak barrels, with a touch of cedar. Helplessly attracted, Su Ling wanted to smell more of it, wanted to get closer to the owner of the fragrance. He wanted to get this smell all over his body. He got up mesmerized and started to walk around the table towards the source of the scent.

"Don't move!" Gu Liheng softly warned. The nerve at the back of his neck was showing up, his breathing was heavy, and the thoughts in his brain pulled him into a state of extreme pain.

Reason told him to stay away from the young man, but instinct clamoured to get close to the young man and strongly possess him. When he resisted his instinct, his mood instantly became extremely depressed and frustrated. An unprecedented feeling of loneliness swept over him, making him want to hug the boy and be held in his(SL) embrace. He even wanted to seek comfort from the young man.

Something is wrong!

Gu Liheng raised his hand and touched the back of his neck. His isolator is still attached, but the smell of his pheromone was released.

He has reached a susceptible period!

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