Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 34 - Susceptibility period 2 [OW]

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The scent of citrus mint and cedar red wine blended in the air, causing the temperature in the private room to gradually rise.

When Su Ling heard Gu Liheng softly warning him to stop moving, he paused for a while but quickly moved forward again. Walking to Gu Liheng's side, he placed his hand on the back of Gu Liheng’s sofa seat and leaned close to his neck.

Gu Liheng tilted his neck sideways and held Su Ling’s shoulder to stop him from coming near. Su Ling's light brown eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of wetness as looked at him eagerly, "Take off the isolator and let me smell you, okay?"

Gu Liheng almost wanted to agree to him right away. He bit the tip of his tongue, the pain cleared his mind a bit. "Not okay," he said as he took out a new isolator with trembling fingers and handed it to Su Ling, "attach it."

Su Ling didn't take it, his nose twitched slightly as he smelled the air. The aroma of the wine became stronger, making his feet soft. His body fell slightly, but he immediately pressed against the back of the sofa so that he won’t fall down onto the other person’s body. However, the distance between the two is extremely close, and their breaths were mixed together as they exhaled. All of a sudden, Su Ling inexplicably felt dry in his mouth and licked his lower lip. Gu Liheng's eyes shrank sharply, and he took a step aside, trying to get up. Seeing this, Su Ling simply let go of his hand from the sofa and dropped directly on Gu Liheng, stopping his movement, managed to wrapped his hand around his(GLH) neck.

"Mmm..." Su Ling hummed uncontrollably at the moment their skin touched, and a tingling sensation swept across the body from the area of contact, followed by an endless sense of emptiness.

He wants more.

Su Ling unconsciously rubbed his face against Gu Liheng’s chest. The soft fabric of the sweater couldn’t hide anything at all so he(S) could feel that his(GLH) body is extremely stiff. Raising his head, Su Ling’s hand wrapped around Gu Liheng's neck groped around that area.

Gu Liheng immediately grabbed his hand and said with a deep voice, "Don't move."

Forced to stop, Su Ling started feeling a little unsettled. He moved his head nearer that their face almost touches, pleading, "Let me smell it, I want to smell your pheromones."

Gu Liheng's cheeks and jaws were tight, and his black eyes were bottomless, like deep sea being swept by a storm. His body was too tightened up that a slight creaking noise could be heard coming from his bones. He did not answer Su Ling but turned his head slightly. Letting go of Su Ling’s hand, he tremblingly rubbed the side of his bracelet. The next moment, two inhibitors appeared on his hand, and he managed to inject the inhibitor on himself with a shaky hand. However, going against his instinct (to get together with an Omega) made his mentality fall to the bottom of the abyss. He almost wanted to smash the inhibitor to the ground, and then hugged the Omega in front of him tightly. Gu Liheng gasped heavily and restrained the impulse. Then he turned to the other inhibitor. The black hair that fell on his forehead was wet with sweat, and the hair on his cheeks was sticking on his face. Though he is feeling depressed and abandoned, his facial expression did not change. He took Su Ling's hand and said, "Don't move."

The sight of the inhibitor cleared Su Ling’s fogged mind a bit, and his fair face was flushed with embarrassment.

Was he too proactive just now?

Su Ling calmly let Gu Liheng injects him with the inhibitor. Gu Liheng glanced at him, and after he finished, he passed the new isolator to him again. Taking the isolator and sticking it to the back of his neck, Su Ling coughed slightly and got up from Gu Liheng’s body. The heat in his body gradually subsided, Su Ling stood next to Gu Liheng and looking down at him, "Are you okay?" Physiology textbooks say that Alpha in the susceptible period is very fragile.

Gu Liheng uttered an En in a low voice, "Sorry, I didn't notice that my susceptibility period is coming. It was my negligence."

If it isn’t for his susceptible period, his pheromone will not leak out while having the isolator attached, and Su Ling would not be affected and fall into a state of pseudo-estrus. Fortunately, it is pseudo-estrus. If they are really in heat, then it will not be easy for them to calm down. A highly matched AO pair, which the Alpha is in susceptibility period while the Omega is in estrus period staying together in the same room; the ending result can only be ‘conquering’ and ‘being conquered’.

Su Ling replied, "It's okay," he chuckled lightly. "You know, I don't mind that, but the result still gave me a bit of shock." Gu Liheng looked up at him, and he(SL) simply shrugged, "You are not willing to mark me even when you are in susceptible period. It seems that you really don't like me. I thought you would have a least some affection for me."

His male god probably, really regarded him as a friend only.

Staring at each other, Su Ling added, "But unless you stop being single, I won't give up."

Gu Liheng looked at Su Ling, and a despicable thought suddenly appeared in his mind, wanting the young man to remember what he said and never give up on him(GLH). He didn't say that, though, because he couldn't give the young man a guarantee. He couldn't even set a deadline for Su Ling because he didn't know when he would be cured. He knows too well how terrible not setting the deadline is. Looking away, Gu Liheng went to adjust the ventilator in the private room to the maximum gear. The pheromone smell remaining in the private room quickly dissipated.

On the other hand, Su Ling is not disappointed by Gu Liheng’s reaction and stood by his side the whole time. After all the pheromones dissipated, he tapped his bracelet and paid the bill, then said, "I will send you to your car."

Although his male god behaved normally, but his(GLH) sweaty hair and aura made him feel uneasy. After all, the textbook uses the word ‘fragile’ to describe Alpha during the susceptible period.

Unknowingly to Gu Liheng himself, his expression became relieved; this Omega's caringness is extremely good for him now.

Su Ling has been paying attention to Gu Liheng, and apparently also noticed this change of expression. He didn't point it out, just smiled. As Gu Liheng got up from the sofa seat, Su Ling walked to the door and opened the door first.

When Gu Liheng turned around, his eyes stopped for a moment on the vase at the windowsill. The red rose stands out among the white jasmine. He retracted his gaze, walked to the door, and went out with Su Ling.

When they reached the car, Gu Liheng suggested, "Shall I let the driver take you back?"

Su Ling shook his head and said, "No, it's very convenient to take a taxi here."

Gu Liheng: "I will leave after you get into the taxi."

Su Ling smiled, "If you treat other people like this as well, I'll be jealous." Since the Gu Family driver is here, he doesn't worry for his male god anymore, "You go back and have a good rest, I will leave now." Then he took a taxi and left.

Gu Liheng watched until the taxi is out of sight. He stood there for a while and turned back to the restaurant.

Driver: "……"

The waiter who was cleaning up the private room saw Gu Liheng and immediately asked, "Sir, is there anything left behind?"

Gu Liheng nodded and walked to the window sill. He gently took the rose out and stored it in his space storage.

The waiter watched him leave in a daze. According to his understanding, everything this guest wears is all top brands. Such a person treats an ordinary rose in this way; the contrast is too great. The rose is not any treasure ah.

The fragrance bar was quite lively when Su Ling returned. He sent a message to Nalu to tell him that he was back so that Nalu will not worry. After sending the message, he went to see Grade A spiritual plants in the greenhouse. As soon as he entered, he saw three trembling plants hugging each other. Next to them, two black roots emerging from the ground were swaying from side to side. Su Ling quickly looked at the floor of the greenhouse, and then looked out from the entrance to the door of the fragrance-making room. There were no openings except where the roots emerged from the ground.

When Su Ling looked back, his wrists were entangled by the roots. At the same time, a diagonal line appeared in his mind, and then another, but the angle changed as the lines appeared. Soon, his mind was filled with clusters of lines, three in each cluster, one slanted to the left, one to the right, and the middle one was straight vertically. Each cluster is not far apart, and the horizontal and vertical rows are quite neat. Su Ling didn't understand it at first, but when the third row of lines began to appear, he finally saw it, isn't this just a field of grass? The corners of his mouth twitched, and he squeezed the cool, elastic roots around his wrists, "Let go, I'll go see you."

\|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ get it ? XD 

When Su Ling arrived in the fragrance-making room, he got surrounded by roots in a blink of an eye. He asked, "Are you so bored that you start growing grass?"

All the roots went up and down, then again, and then...  If this is someone’s head, at this frequency, the head will probably fall to the ground.

"Okay," Su Ling waved his hand, "I understand."

In his mind, Xian Mo Yu appeared to entertain itself in boredom, and then its roots pressed against the window, wanting to go out. The last image was two of its roots corroded the ground and smoothly connected to the greenhouse. It's just that when it arrived in the greenhouse, no matter whether the roots were far or near, or any action it made, the three plants just shivered uncontrollably and ignored him. After the images flashed quickly, a vague tearful expression TT appeared in Su Ling's mind.

Su Ling looked at the roots that pressed itself into his arms like a baby and thought for a moment. He comforted, "The world of the strong is lonely. This shows that you are strong!" The last three words were heavily emphasized.

The roots paused for a moment, then waved frantically. Its low mood disappeared and replaced by a sense of joy.

Su Ling couldn't help but smile. Although Xian Mo Yu is huge physically, its personality is really like a child, emotional and easily coaxed. He said, "Tomorrow, I will take you out to go through the ownership procedures, so you won’t feel cooped up."

Xian Mo Yu became happier. Su Ling played with it for a while, then went to the greenhouse to comfort the other three plants. When he left the greenhouse, he suddenly had the illusion that he is raising a few children. Xian Mo Yu is the little overlord, and the three is little pitiful thing. The thought tickled him and gave him a sense of ‘chuunibyo’.

When he returned to the lounge, the noise in the front hall was too loud, so he turned on the soundproofing system, and the room instantly became quiet. Su Ling frowned. The soundproofing system is indeed perfect, but he felt uncomfortable from being too quiet as if the space which he is in is disconnected from the world. He took a change of clothes and went to the bathroom, and decided to make time to check for some rental listing. Although his current money is not enough to buy a house, renting a house is still fine.

Before going to bed, he leaned against the bed and casually browsed around the forum in the relationship subforum. He wanted to understand Planet Belle's love pattern and also wanted to know more about Alpha in the susceptible period. He was typing the words ‘susceptible period’ in the search box when the corner of his eyes caught sight of a ‘Hot’ post pinned on the top of the forum.

"Ahhhhh! Today I am hanging on the lemon tree[1] again! The super-beautiful Omega who gave the Alpha flowers and was refused, a plot twist appeared!"

The picture attached was a large bouquet of roses in a vase.

Raw word count:  6225


[1] Lemon means sour, so hanging from a lemon tree is simply saying the Thread Starter felt sour from the jealousy(?)

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