Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 34 Part 2

The duo's identities were just too sensitive that they couldn't openly come out.

It wouldn't be good for them if a third party got involved.

Very soon, the scattered people brought back the good news that there was a hotel where two Asians had indeed checked in.

But went out very early and were not in the room.

Brian thought this was a good time to immediately set up his men on their return route.

Once they were dead, they would pretend innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire.

Ah Jin drove back to the hotel.

The closer the hotel was, the stronger the scent of death she sensed.

Ah Jin snickered, "Finally, you're here? I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Sanlang turned his head to look at her.

Ah Jin added to Sanlang, "Have you put on your bulletproof vest? Hold on a moment later. You will hide under the seat. Do not come out. This car is bulletproof. There should not be a big problem."

Sanlang also understood this; the road was dangerous.

He looked at Ah Jin and said, "I'm going. You can't be the one who rushes in front of everything. I can also shoot. I had specially trained before I came."

Ah Jin looked at him.

"Can you kill people?"

Sanlang shrank back.


"Can you hit the target?"


Ah Jin despised him, "Then the hell do you want to come out? Are you looking for death?"

Sanlang stopped talking.

With his head lowered even more, he murmured in a small voice, "I taught you how to shoot a gun, though."

As Ah Jin got closer and closer, she became more and more excited.

The road ahead was the main road with dilapidated buildings on either side.

Ah Jin knew people were hiding inside.

She said to Sanlang, "Hold your head and hide. We're going in."

Sanlang immediately did as he was told and climbed between the car and the seats.

Ah Jin lowered the backrest as far as possible to cover his head as much as possible.

Ah Jin accelerated violently before entering the road.

Her speed soared to more than one hundred and twenty yards.

Before the ambushers on both sides had time to react, she rushed in at great speed and opened the windows on both sides.

When she reached the intersection, she hit the steering wheel and made a sharp U-turn.

The wheels made a trail on the ground and made an ear-splitting braking sound.

The car was still in motion when Ah Jin drew her pistol and fired left and right at the same time, shooting at the people hidden inside the building.

Ah Jin did not need to see where they were.

The smell of death on them was the best target for Ah Jin.

The bullets hit the enemy where they were as if they had eyes.

Some dodged, and some got a direct hit.

Brian shouted, "Wrong information! He's not a journalist! He's a killer! Suppress him now!"

Then a sharp "da da da da da da da" machine gun sound swept towards Ah Jin.

Sanlang only heard the sound of gunfires all around him.

Bullets hit the car with a "dang dang dang" sound.

Ah Jin drove to avoid and fired in the direction of the sound.

In rapid succession, she fired several shots!

The sound of machine guns stopped, and fewer bullets were fired around.

Brian had a bad feeling about the situation and immediately shouted, "Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!"

Ah Jin took advantage and chased after them.

No one could run away from the smell of death that belonged to her.

She got out of the car and followed along with the dilapidated building.

There was no sound in the building.

In the dark, the enemies were hiding to ambush her.

Ah Jin went all the way straight ahead and rushed to fire three shots through a glass window.

Without looking, she turned around and went to another room.

She was in a hurry, and Sanlang was waiting for her out there.

Ten minutes later, Ah Jin returned to the car.

Adjusting back the seat, she patted Sanlang, "Okay, let's go."

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