The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 34 - Just Create a Company

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“You like money that much? You’re this desperate to become someone from high society? And because of this, beggars can’t be choosers?”

Cheng Jinyu firmly took a deep breath. “I don’t understand what you are trying to say.”

“You still don’t understand? Isn’t it because you like money? I can give you money! However much you want, I can give you. I think of you as my brother. But what about you? You got married and you didn’t tell me? You got married to trash and didn't even tell me.”

“Now you're still showing off in front of me. What exactly are you trying to do?”

Cheng Jinyu's heart faintly trembled. “Yuze, I feel that your thinking is wrong. First of all, we are not blood related brothers. Even if you say we are, we are not. Secondly, I’m already an adult. If I marry someone, it’s my own choice. If I don’t tell you, that is also my freedom of choice. Also, I’m not showing off in front of you. I don’t have the resources to show off in front of you.”

“Not showing off? Then why did you put the bill on yourself? You think that you're amazing after marrying a rich person, huh? You think you’re so capable, huh? Cheng Jinyu, wealthy people don’t spend their money like this. The upper class also isn't this easy to break into.”

Cheng Jinyu simply just hung up the phone. Yes, Chen Yuze kept saying that he was his blood brother. But when did he ever treat him equally?

Cheng Jinyu felt his inside block up. It was like a big rock was pressing on him inside.

When Mo Jiaxing saw Cheng Jinyu, he knew that his mood wasn't great.

Mo Jiaxing secretly called Gu Bokai. “Young master Gu, your wife’s mood isn't too good.”

“What happened?”

“I also don’t know. But, earlier when I called him, it was Jiang Zihan who picked up.”

“Why is he picking up the phone of my wife?”

“Who knows. In any case, it isn't good news.”

“Where are you guys?”

Mo Jiaxing told him the address, then took Cheng Jinyu into a private room. Cheng Jinyu’s mood was really not good. He didn't even have a smiling expression.

Mo Jiaxing’s friend was a chubby person. He looked like a good natured person and when he saw that Cheng Jinyu wasn’t too happy, he smiled and said, “What happened? Did Chief Mo bully you?”

“Brother Qiang, don’t randomly say stuff, okay?”

Brother Qiang smiled. “You received a big bill and are still not happy. It’s clearly because work is not satisfying!”

Cheng Jinyu thought that this work was still given to him by Chen Yuze. Everything was still charity from the Chen family. His heart couldn't help but chill a bit.

“If you don’t want to work then switch to a different place. If it doesn’t work for you here, there are other places for you.” Brother Qiang said.

“I don’t have an educational background. I also don’t have experience, I…”

“You have experience. You also have this bill. Whatever company you go to, I’ll sign this bill to them. A ten million dollar bill is in your hands. Wherever you go, you will at least be a sales group leader. “

Cheng Jinyu's eyes slightly glimmered. “Will I really?”

Mo Jiaxing smiled and said, “Currently, you are different from before. You are someone who has completed the follow-up for the project with our Hisense company. Young Master Cheng, you are very capable. You just need to believe in yourself.”

Brother Qiang said, “I didn’t come to get this contract signed just to give face to Chief Mo. I really do think that you are very good.”

Brother Qiang took out the data from Cheng Jinyu’s follow up for Hisense Corporation. “Only after I carefully looked over your work did I agree to this cooperation. You need to believe in your own abilities.”

“I… I can really switch jobs now?”

“Of course you can. You are absolutely qualified.”

Cheng Jinyu’s face revealed a happy color. Although he really liked this job, it was at Jiang Zihan’s company and it always made him feel a bit uncomfortable.

Maybe he should think about switching companies. From all the effort he made these past few months, it couldn’t be that he didn’t make any progress, right?

Cheng Jinyu thought in this way and his heart was instantly more carefree.

Mo Jiaxing smiled and said, “Then we will wish Young Master Cheng to have bright future prospects.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled and said, “Thank you very much for your guidance.”

At that moment, three people were eating. Gu Bokai pushed open the door and came in. “What did that b*st*rd Jiang Zihan do? I didn’t want you working for him but you just didn’t listen. You feel bullied? Humiliated?”

Cheng Jinyu turned around to face Mo Jiaxing. With a chuckle, Mo Jiaxing said, “I also can’t do anything about it. Just now, I saw that your mood wasn’t good. You can just treat Young Master Gu as a trash can. Anything, bad or good, he’ll receive it all.”

“Mo Jiaxing, you b*st*rd, what nonsense are you saying.”

Mo Jiaxing laughed. “It can’t be that what I said is wrong, right? I just said something small to you and you immediately ran over. Look, there’s sweat on your forehead.”

“Of course I need to come. I want to watch someone make a fool of themselves.” Gu Bokai snorted as he stared at Cheng Jinyu. “And the money. The money your sister spent hasn’t been returned to me yet.”

“That’s her problem, you can go find her to get it.”

“Ok, you don’t care right? I’ll immediately have her sit in a jail cell.”

Cheng Jinyu pursed his lips. “Who told you to give your card to her? It serves you right.”

“Basically, you’re still not returning the money?”

Brother Qiang smiled and said, “That’s enough, my bill has been signed. Like this there is still a profit of a few hundred thousand. That's enough for you to settle and account. You still better think about what company you want to go to.”

“What company?” Gu Bokai interrogated.

Mo Jiaxing replied, “Young Master Cheng is currently working at Jiang Zihan’s company. He is preparing to switch to a different place.”

“That’s only right. You should have changed earlier. It’s not worth it for him to be an ox working las a horse over there. Hurry and switch! Switch to what? Just become a boss yourself.”

Cheng Jinyu glared at him. “Become one? Like this, become an empty gloved white wolf (1)?”

Mo Jiaxing smiled. “Isn’t there a wolf right here who is obediently waiting to give you gloves?”

Gu Bokai was waiting for Mo Jiaxing’s comment. “It’s good like this. I put in the money, you do all the work. We can cooperate together to open a company. You’ll be an executive board member, I’ll be the boss behind the scenes. Of course, I won’t care about any of it. I only care about the money. The one suffering a financial loss is me, the one earning money is you.”

Cheng Jinyu scoffed. “You chase after me everyday, demanding the 200,000 my sister spent. If I take more of your money, wouldn't I be asked to repay the debt everyday?”

“Cheng Jinyu, can’t you differentiate good from bad? I am being serious. If you really want to excel and want other people to respect you, then you need to do this. If you work a casual job, then for a lifetime, you won’t be able to turn your life around.”

Cheng Jinyu thought of Chen Yuze and Jiang Zihan. He thought about what kind of social status they had, and what position they had. No matter how much effort he put in, he could never reach their level. But if he had Gu Bokai’s help, then it wouldn’t be the same.

If you asked Cheng Jinyu what he still wanted in this lifetime, then it would probably be to be an impressive and outstanding person. To be capable and confident enough to say his father’s name.

With a clenched fist, Cheng Jinyu said, “What if I have a loss? If the company fails?”

Gu Bokai's mouth slightly smiled. “Not a problem, you can just become my genuine wife.”

Cheng Jinyu lifted his head to look at Gu Bokai. This man was handsome and tall. At this moment, if Cheng Jinyu did not know his own heart, then he really was an idiot.

“Ok.” Cheng Jinyu directly answered him.

If Gu Boaki genuinely liked him, then it was good. If he merely liked his body, then that was also fine. Cheng Jinyu did not even care about his own life. What else could he care about?

If Gu Bokai really did like him, then could be said that he received Heaven’s care. If he was insincere, what was he afraid of losing?

Gu Bokai happily said, “This is what you said, you’re not allowed to renegade by any means.”

Cheng Jinyu responded, “This is something I benefit from. Why would I want to back out? But… how much money are you providing? It's better if we make a small company first. After all, I don’t have much experience. It’s still better to start with a small company.”

Gu Bokai said, “Of course you should start with a small company to practice. Then let's first take out 300 million as a trial. If it’s enough, then we can continue to work hard.”

“3… 300… 300 million?” Cheng Jinyu was glad that he didn’t eat anything just now or else he definitely would have choked to death.

“You think it's too small! Then how about 600 million? If that’s still not good enough, then 1 billion?”

Cheng Jinyu patted his own stomach. “Stop talking, let me slowly digest.”

Mo Jiaxing smiled and said, “Our Young Master Cheng is about to become Chief Cheng soon. Next time we meet, we’ll have to change how we call each other.”

Brother Qiang also smiled. “The production of clothing in our company seems to be lagging. From now on, just searching for Chief Cheng is good.”

Cheng Jinyu was overwhelmed by the favor. “My experience is too little, I will still need much advice from you guys.”

“It's enough for just my advice. You don’t need them.” Gu Bokai directly said.

Mo Jiaxing and Brother Qiang both laughed. Cheng Jinyu’s heart was pounding. For the first time, he couldn’t help but seriously look at Gu Bokai.

He really was excellent. It didn't matter if it was appearance or ability. This one person treated him this well. Sometimes, Cheng Jinyu didn’t think it was real.

He was already 26, besides having a heavy burden, he didn’t have anything else.This kind of person, originally no one would like him. How was there a person like Gu Bokai protecting him at the side?

Cheng Jinyu drank a lot of alcohol. For the first time, he felt a bit intoxicated. These past few years he never let himself get drunk because he didn’t have time.

Gu Bokai didn’t drink. He supported Cheng Jinyu to walk outside.

“How did you drink this much? Let me tell you, you’re not allowed to throw up on me, ok?” Although what Gu Bokai said was very blunt, his movements were very careful.

He was practically carrying Cheng Jinyu. Gently and carefully, he put him in his own car.

“Why are you treating me this well?” Cheng Jinyu suddenly asked.

Gu Bokai looked at his bright red cheeks and moist eyes in the dimly lit car. Cheng Jinyu was especially good looking. The smell of alcohol washed over and Gu Bokai felt his mind go dizzy.


  1. Empty gloved white wolf: Someone who doesn't make any investments and goes around scamming people.
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