My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 34: Auction

When Jing Yue left the Gu mansion, fine snow had started drifting in the sky.

He walked in the snow towards Golden Pavilion and asked them to gather information about the Ice materials of the five elements. He also found out that there would be an auction tomorrow.

Therefore, after meeting up with the Long brothers, he proposed to stay in Credence City for an additional day.

“I want to attend the auction held by the Golden Pavilion. If you’re free, let’s go together tomorrow.”

Of course, for the Long brothers who admired Jing Yue blindly, they had no objections at all, and were even in an excited ‘Laozu wants to bring us to the auction’ mood all night.

Early the next morning, the snow had stopped. The trees and rooftops along the streets were dotted in silvery white.

Jing Yue and the Long brothers appeared at the Golden Pavilion again. This time, Long Ritian produced the sect token and the steward of Golden Pavilion immediately led them to a private box on the second floor.

“Immortal Masters, please take a seat.” The steward said respectfully.

In the Evernorth region, Frostcloud Sect was a golden signboard and the disciples would inevitably be treated as guests of honor almost everywhere.

Steward, “There will be ten items on auction today. I hope the Immortal Masters can find something.”

Long Ridi took out one spirit-stone as a reward for the steward. “Thank you. We don’t need to be served. You may take your leave.”


After the steward left, the brothers glanced around the private box curiously. They had never been to an auction house before, so everything seemed new and exciting to them.

“Huh? There are charms engraved on the walls?”

Jing Yue, “This kind of charm can obstruct most prying eyes.”

Seeing some melon and fruit snacks and a pot of spirit tea on the table, he poured a cup of tea and drank it.

After waiting for about half an hour, the first floor gradually filled with guests.

At this time, a young woman dressed in moon-white robes approached the stage and bowed slightly to the guests. “I welcome all Immortal Masters to the Golden Pavilion auction. Today’s auction items include two manuals, four weapons, two medicinal herbs, one spiritual grass, and one unknown object. I wish everyone a pleasant experience.”

The voice of the woman sounded like a yellow oriole and instantly attracted the attention of the guests.

With a clap of her hands, a younger woman walked up with a tray in her hands.

The lady in moon-white robes said, “The first item is a profound-tier manual, the Wind Gourmet Water technique, starting at 30,000 spirit-stones.”

There was a buzzing discussion from the audience. Everyone was surprised that the first item on auction today was actually this profound technique!

While in the private box…

“Pfft…” Jing Yue spat out the mouthful of spiritual tea.

Wind Gourmet Water technique? Profound tier?? Wasn’t this the trashiest cultivation method one could find anywhere on the streets?

At Jing Yue’s huge reaction, the Long brothers could not help but wonder about this manual. Was the technique so powerful that even the Laozu couldn’t control himself?

They felt a sudden urge to bid for it. Long Ritian made some quick calculations. The combined wealth of him and his brother was just enough to make up the starting price, not to mention that they didn’t bring so many spirit stones during this trip.

However, if the Laozu wanted it, he was still willing to contribute.

“Does Laozu want to bid for it? We still have some spirit stones with us…”

Jing Yue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Why’d I want to bid for it? Even if you give it to me, I’ll just think it’s a waste of space. Only a fool wants it.”

As soon as the words were spoken, someone on the first floor shouted, “31,000 spirit stones!”



Jing Yue, “…”

The bids came one after another, and in a blink of an eye, the price had reached 40,000 spirit stones.

Jing Yue felt as if he had received a severe blow—even when he supplemented the lost techniques for Frostcloud Sect a few years ago, he didn’t bother with such trashy methods, but it was actually considered a treasure here?

Blue phoenix shook its head and lamented, “The gap of the times…”

In the end, the Wind Gourmet Water Technique was sold to a guest in another private box for the price of 57,000 spirit stones.

Upon hearing this result, Jing Yue looked towards the box with sympathy.

Following that, each item was brought on the stage one after another, and the Long brothers looked at the proceedings with sparkling eyes, but there was nothing they really wanted.

Especially those artifacts at the auction were expensive and not very practical, and Long Ritian muttered, “Something like this can be sold for more than 10,000 spirit stones? It’s not even as good as the 998 items sold at our networking event!”

Jing Yue smiled. He also felt a little bored.

Suddenly, he froze.

The lady in moon-white robes was saying, “This is the seventh item today. The Golden Pavilion has not identified its function or its origin, so it is temporarily classified as an unnamed object. The starting price is 5,000 spirit stones.”

“Huh? They have the cheek to ask for 5,000 spirit stones for something that they don’t even know what it is used for?”

Long Ritian looked at the black stone in the wooden box and said angrily, “Golden Pavilion is too shameless. Why don’t they commit daylight robbery instead?”

Long Ridi, “You can’t really say that. Golden Pavilion always has the habit of auctioning unnamed objects. It is said that someone once bought some Heavenly Frost Metal worth 100,000 spirit stones at only 10,000 spirit stones. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance encounter.”

Long Ritian, “But more people are willing to spend tens of thousands of spirit stones to buy a bunch of rubbish.”

At this time, the room is already filled with the sounds of bidding.

“5,500 spirit stones!”




“It’s already 6,800. Any more bids?”


It was an unknown object after all, and the appearance was not imposing enough, so even the people who hoped to pick up a bargain were quite cautious.

Long Ritian said amusedly, “Only a fool with too much money to spare would spend almost 7,000 to buy a useless rock.”

Jing Yue glanced at him gloomily and said weakly, “10,000 spirit stones…”

Long Ritian, “…”

What did he just say?


Until Jing Yue got the item he bid for, Long Ritian was still in a daze, but Long Ridi humbly asked for advice, “Laozu, do you know what this thing is?”

Of course, Jing Yue knew at first glance that this was the Dragon Emergence Stone that was used to enter the Tomb of the Dragon Palace.

However, the timing for the opening of the tomb varied, ranging from 10,000 years to tens of thousands of years. It had been more than 10,000 years since the last time the Dragon Tomb was opened. Now that the inheritance of the cultivation world had withered considerably, and the dragon clan did not deliberately promote it, so it was normal if people didn’t know anything about the stone.

Blue phoenix shouted in his divine consciousness excitedly, “I knew there’d come such a day! Others think you bought a piece of trash, but when they know the truth, their faces will be slapped so hard until it swells like a pig’s head! So Jing-jing, what did you buy?”

Hehe, omnipotent and omniscient? It doesn’t exist.

Jing Yue mocked, “Even as the divine Blue Phoenix, you don’t know that, so how should I know?”

Blue phoenix, “…”

Although the private rooms were separated by formations, if the opponent’s cultivation level was too high, or if they employed any eavesdropping methods, it was still possible to listen in to their conversation. Besides, Jing Yue didn’t know when the Dragon Tomb would open again, so he was wary of leaking the news in advance.

Hence, he said to Long Ridi, “Anyway, if you encounter this kind of stone again, just try your best to get hold of it.”

Long Ridi nodded inadvertently.

There was nothing special about the remaining auction items, so the trio was somewhat distracted.

At the same time, Wang Yishui led some people and broke through the front door of the Gu family. The door attendant stepped forward and tried to stop them, but after receiving a slap, fell into a dead faint.

Gu Yibai, who rushed to the scene, was so angry that he could not form his words properly, “You… how dare you!”

Wang Yishui, “Master Gu should be very clear about our intentions. If you know what’s good for you, give us the letter of recommendation. Otherwise, you might not be able to keep the Gu mansion for long.”

The dozen people who came with him sneered in tandem, and someone said, “If your Gu family ancestors saw that you’re so ignorant of current affairs that you can’t even protect your ancestral home, maybe they’d jump out of their coffins in anger!”

“You are going too far!” The members of the Gu family shouted. “One little Moonedge Pavilion dares to be so presumptuous in Credence City. Are you really not afraid of Frostcloud Sect’s retaliation?”

Wang Yishui was triumphant. “Still want to use Frostcloud Sect to scare me? As far as I know, Gu Xia offended Jing Yue-laozu, and he’s still killing monsters miserably in Schism Ocean. I wonder if he can even keep a whole body if he perished!”

His expression grew stern. “Stop talking nonsense with me. I’ll give you half an incense time to consider. If you don’t hand over the letter of recommendation by then, I’ll tear down your house!”

“I don’t need to consider.” A strange smile suddenly appeared on Gu Yibai’s face.

Wang Yishui was taken aback and a bad feeling welled up in his heart.

Before he could react, Gu Yibai’s body suddenly shone with a bright blue light, like a galloping wave that swept across the world.

The soaring blue light burst into strands of spiritual energy, circling and dancing around Gu Yibai, and finally condensed into three luminous blue characters—Han Yun Zong!

“Ah! Frost… Frostcloud Sect!”

The people who came to the Gu family went pale with fright, but no one was more afraid than Wang Yishui.

He took a few steps back, turned his head and ran.

Only he recognized what it was, and only he knew how powerful the protective charm of Frostcloud Sect was!

The most frightening thing was, once this charm was activated, disciples of Frostcloud Sect within a hundred miles radius would receive the signal and they would rush here as quickly as possible!


That was the only thought left in Wang Yishui’s mind, dominating all his actions.

Behind him, an indifferent voice rang, “Those who violate the heavenly power of Frostcloud Sect, obliterate!”

The voice was slightly muffled and contained infinite killing intent, like the coldest snow and the darkest night.

Not only the people from Moonedge Pavilion were petrified, but even the Gu family members felt their bones shaking with horror and couldn’t help falling to their knees.

In just one breath, the three characters of Han Yun Zong suddenly decomposed into tens of thousands of sword auras, launching at the enemies in an overwhelming attack.

The disciples of Moonedge Pavilion scattered in panic, but the people who came here to cause trouble did not have a very high cultivation base, so how could they outrun the speed of the sword glares?

Screams were heard one after another. Some were fortunate enough to escape with a few dozen cuts on their bodies, while some unfortunate ones suffered grievous injuries of severed arms and legs to the point of death.

Those who were injured dared not delay despite the agonizing pain and could only crawl and flee!

For a while, the snow in front of the Gu family house melted and formed a scarlet river. Even the two stone lions were covered in blood, making the appearance extremely menacing.

As soon as Jing Yue and the Long brothers stepped out of Golden Pavilion, they saw a blue light soaring into the sky, and many people on the streets stood on their tiptoes to look towards that direction.

“That direction… is that the Gu family?”

“Something happened to the Gu family?”

“Ouch, my eyes!” Some people covered their eyes in pain and felt that the blue light was more dazzling than the hot sun.

“Laozu, that…” The Long brothers were shocked. They recognized it immediately. “Isn’t that the protective charm of Frostcloud Sect?”

After that, they got ready to rush in that direction. It was the instinct of being a disciple of Frostcloud Sect.

Jing Yue quickly stopped them. “Don’t go. It’s nothing serious. I’ve modified the charm so that it doesn’t serve as a signal.”

The brothers looked at their sect tokens and found that it was undisturbed. They asked in confusion, “What exactly happened?”

“It’s just a means for the Gu family to protect themselves. If no one caused trouble for them, nothing will happen.”

Jing Yue’s lips twitched. “Too bad, trouble still went looking for them in the end.”

Author’s Notes: Mini theater

Jing-jing: Only a fool would want that.

Next second.

Jing-jing: So many fools around…

Long Ritian: Only a fool would want that.

Jing-jing: That’s me.

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