Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 34-2: How to Seal

“Miss Chen Yu, the evil spirit inside Third Young Master suddenly broke out.” He Qi said anxiously.

“I see it, the evil spirit inside Third Brother’s body has been completely released. Fortunately, the evil spirit slowed down a lot after being suppressed by the auspicious aura three months ago. I’ll go in to check on the situation.” Chen Yu spoke as she was about to enter.

The five assistants who were guarding the door stepped aside immediately, one of them even reached out to open the door for Chen Yu.

“Don’t move!” Chen Yu.

“Don’t move!” Master Mao.

Chen Yu looked back at Master Mao in surprise while Master Mao was also measuring Chen Yu.

“Little girl, you can’t enter so casually.” Master Mao naturally saw that Chen Yu was also a celestial master, but how could her cultivation base withstand such a strong evil spirit? Master Mao couldn’t help but remind her.

“It’s okay.” Chen Yu smiled and turned to the assistant who tried to open the door for her, “You should stay away, be careful or you can get corroded by the evil spirit leaking from the door.”

Several assistants looked at each other and they all took a step back.

Their movements made Master Mao frown. The assistants who followed Lou Ming would ignore everyone except for Lou Ming and Minister Lou on normal days.

“Girl.” Master Mao saw that Chen Yu was about to go in, so he reminded her again, “Be careful of the bronze sword.”

“En.” Chen Yu took out a Profound Strike Talisman and stuck it to the door as she opened it. The talisman absorbed the evil spirit that leaked from the crack of the door, preventing it from spreading out.

Chen Yu entered the research room in a flash.

Everyone’s gazes were locked on the two people in the research room.

As soon as Chen Yu stepped in the room, her compass began to vibrate uneasily, making Chen Yu’s grip unsteady.

Chen Yu looked around for a while and saw there was no immediate danger so she quickly walked to Lou Ming, wanting to see what happened to him up close.


A black bronze sword flew towards Chen Yu as she approached Lou Ming. Fortunately, with Master Mao's reminder, Chen Yu was prepared and dexterously avoided the attack.

The bronze sword only pierced empty air before it circled around and flew over with a faster speed.

Swish, swish, swish!

Three times in a row with each time being faster than before. At the last moment the bronze sword grazed Chen Yu’s head, chopping off her ponytail and her long black hair fell to the ground.

Chen Yu’s expression changed. When the bronze sword attacked again, she threw the compass in her hand at it.


The sound of metal colliding rang out as the bronze sword and the compass fought in the air. Their speed was getting faster and faster and eventually became afterimages.

This supernatural scene stupefied all the ordinary people outside who only believed in science.

Chen Yu used the time to run to Lou Ming’s side, she grabbed his arm and shouted, “Third Brother, Third Brother…”

Lou Ming’s hands were tightly grabbing the desk, blue veins almost bursting out from the back of his hands. He turned his head laboriously to look at Chen Yu with scarlet eyes. His mouth moved but there was no sound coming out.

He still has his rationality; Chen Yu was happy.

Chen Yu took out the two remaining Profound Strike Talisman and directly attached them to Lou Ming’s body. The talismans absorbed the evil spirit in the air before they exploded in a green flame and turned into ashes.

The evil spirit exploded the talismans.

“Get… out!” Lou Ming who regained a trace of strength back with the help of those talismans, said with difficulty.

“Third brother!” Chen Yu looked up with pleasant surprise.

“He Qi… let him… gun…” Lou Ming tried to say something, but it’s a pity that Chen Yu failed to understand it.

Chen Yu lowered her head to check the jade clasp on Lou Ming’s wrist only to find that it had already cracked and fell on the table. She frowned, the jade clasp was broken, how could it seal the evil spirit anymore?

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The bronze sword saw Chen Yu approaching Lou Ming and it became extremely anxious, its attack speed became all the more violent, but it couldn’t break the compass’ defense.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

The compass buzzed and vibrated as it fought.

“Aish, I’m still thinking of a way, ah. Hold it back a bit more.” Sensing the compass’ urgency, Chen Yu impatiently howled back at it.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

“I know your spiritual power isn’t enough, I’ll let you stay in Third Brother’s house for a week after we get back.”

Once the compass heard her words that it could stay at the Lou’s small courtyard for a week, it immediately flew up happily, and exerted the little energy it had collected to fight the bronze sword.

Woooo… The bronze sword trembled for a while and began to absorb the evil spirit in the air.

Chen Yu noticed this and couldn’t help but burst out swearing. With some heartache, she took out a high-grade defensive talisman the old man had drawn and swatted it towards the bronze sword.

The sword paused and then pierced the defensive talisman with a buzzing sound. The talisman spontaneously ignited with a burst of strong spiritual power and repelled the sword back half a meter.

At the same time in a certain internet café, Wu Lao’s hand that was holding a mouse suddenly paused. He decisively put aside his game character that was in a boss fight, and took out his cell phone to call Chen Yu.

(Shit, brother, you lost connection? You’re gonna wipe out the entire group, ah!!)


Chen Yu answered the phone at lighting speed, “Old man.”

“What have you encountered?” Wu Lao asked worriedly.

“Old man, an evil spirit, a stronger evil spirit than all the zombies that I have seen before, how do I seal it, ah?!” Chen Yu asked with full anxiety.

“Even stronger than the one I took you to see when you were ten?” The old man frowned, that was a thousand-year-old zombie, ah.

“More powerful than that!” Chen Yu affirmed.

“Then what are you waiting for? Run, ah!” the old man cursed, “How can you take on this kind of big dumpling? Run, quickly!”

“I can’t run!” Chen Yu anxiously said.

“Then, there’s only one method left!” the old man thought since Chen Yu can’t run away so he worriedly said, “Although it’s a bit… but it can save life.”

“What method?” Chen Yu asked without any hesitation.

As soon as the old man finished speaking, Chen Yu threw her phone away and under everyone’s horrified gazes she pulled Lou Ming’s neck down to kiss him while standing on her tiptoes!


All of Lou Ming’s assistants took a sharp breath!

Author’s NOTE:

Assistants: This girl, as expected, she has been coveting our Third Young Master for a long time…


Kya! (≧▽≦)

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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