Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 34-1: How to Seal

Chen Yu wasn’t far from Imperial University. When He Qi called, Chen Yu reported her location. Cheng Peng drove over in less than five minutes and she quickly arrived at the university’s location.

There was no time for Cheng Peng to greet her, Chen Yu pulled open the door and got into the car.

Cheng Peng stepped on the gas and quickly made a 180 turn, speeding towards the direction of National Academy of Sciences amidst the sound of curses and car horns.

“What’s wrong with Third Brother?” He Qi didn’t make it clear on the phone just now, so Chen Yu asked with a worried face.

“I’m also not very clear on the situation, just that an evil spirit suddenly broke out.” When the word ‘broke out’ was mentioned, Cheng Peng’s pupils unconsciously shrank all of a sudden.

[I’ll have to trouble you if one day my evil spirit breaks out.] Lou Ming’s words were still in his ears, but even though they were people who regarded obeying orders as their bound duty, none of them were willing to execute this order.

“Broke out? How did it happen so suddenly?” Although Lou Ming’s evil spirit was a grave matter, the jade clasp seal on his body was very strong. Moreover, he just absorbed some auspicious aura three months ago to ward off evil and released evil energy at Xiaohan Mountain two months ago. During this period of time, Chen Yu had also absorbed some of his evil energy to make a Profound Strike Talisman. For these reasons, Lou Ming’s evil spirit should be in an unprecedented stable condition, so how could there be a sudden break out, Chen Yu remained perplexed despite much thought.

“It seems to be related to the antique bronze sword.” Cheng Peng only knew this much.

“Antique? Was it just unearthed?” Chen Yu asked.

“How did you know?” Cheng Peng asked in surprise.

“Artifacts that have just been unearthed mostly bring evil spirit with them.” Chen Yu frowned, “How can this kind of thing appear next to Third Brother?”

“Master Mao said that a common evil spirit wouldn’t affect the Third Young Master.” Cheng Peng said.

“If it’s there are common ones, ah, of course there are special ones.” They hadn’t reached Imperial University yet, but Chen Yu could almost guess what’s going on. Chen Yu flipped through her backpack to find there were only a few charms along with her compass.

“Is there a solution?” Cheng Peng asked excitedly.

“It depends on the situation, I can’t be sure yet.” If this thing can break out Lou Ming’s evil spirit in an instant, then this thing must be an extraordinary one. Chen Yu’s current strength couldn’t even suppress the evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body so how would she dare to guarantee anything? Although she didn’t know what situation she would face next, she couldn’t ignore it if Lou Ming met with an accident.

Cheng Peng stepped on the brakes, turned around and looked at Chen Yu pleadingly, “Miss Chen Yu, please help Third Young Master.”

“Nonsense, I don’t need you to talk about it.” Chen Yu didn’t have the time to answer him as she pushed the door and ran outside.

Tian Fei was waiting for her at the gate, he greeted her as soon as he saw Chen Yu running over, “Miss Chen Yu, this way…”

Chen Yu followed Tian Fei with Cheng Peng following closely behind them.

“How’s the situation?” Cheng Peng asked Tian Fei.

“Master Mao said he can’t do anything for the time being.” Tian Fei replied.

“Does Minister Lou know?” Cheng Peng asked with some worry.

The command to eliminate Lou Ming if the evil spirit broke out was only known to Lou Ming and Minister Lou. If Minister Lou already knew, then Third Young Master…

“He doesn’t know for the time being, people from the Ministry of National Defense wanted to make the call, but they were blocked by Leader He.“ Tian Fei thought of the scene and felt a cold sweat forming on his forehead; if they had made the call then how should they choose between obeying or disobeying the order of eliminating Third Young Master? How should they deal with punishment by martial law, ah?

Although Chen Yu didn’t understand it clearly, she understood Third Brother was in a dangerous situation now.

The three of them passed through more than a dozen checkpoints until they finally saw He Qi’s figure from a distance.

“Assistant He, I’m going in again.” Master Mao said to He Qi who was standing at the door.

“Teacher, you can’t, weren’t you just injured now?” Lin Gui, Master Mao’s eldest disciple, stopped him.

“Once the evil spirit broke out, Lou Ming thoroughly lost his reason.” Master Mao can’t remain indifferent.

“But Third Young Master wouldn’t want to see something happen to you.” Lin Gui continued trying to stop him.

Master Mao entered the research room and wanted to forcibly seal the evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body, however, anyone who entered within one meter radius of Lou Ming was hit by the black-colored copper sword. It immediately removed the protection power Master Mao had set up on his body before entering the room.

Master Mao was weakened by the evil spirit and could only run out while spurting a mouthful of blood.

As Master Mao and Lin Gui chatted, He Qi couldn’t decide what was the best course to take when he suddenly heard rapidly approaching footsteps.

“Miss Chen Yu!” He Qi’s eyes lit up.

Chen Yu swept a glance towards the research room, Lou Ming was standing quietly in the middle of it with his back facing everyone, as if nothing unusual had happened. Chen Yu immediately pointed to the space between her eyebrows, unsealing her yin yang eyes to look again, and the clear research room was instantly covered in a blood red color.

The thick and strong evil aura was like a pool of blood surging inside a huge glass jar. The more Chen Yu looked, the worse her face became.

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