Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 339 - The Warlord’s Concubine(12)

They could only see the candlelight swaying from outside the bridal room’s window.

“Hey, hurry up!”

Yin Beiyan was now leaning forward against the bridal room’s window and then he poked through the window and peeked inside curiously.

“Did you see anything? See anything? How does third sister-in-law look?”

Before coming to the bridal room to peek, the brothers had made a bet. Yin Beiye was sure that this woman that led the third uncle to settle down must be the most beautiful woman in the entire Liao City.

Yet, Yin Beiyan had a different perspective than his brother.

He was concentrating on looking inside. Unfortunately, the perspective here wasn’t that good so they couldn’t see the other end of the bridal room. Don’t even mention the bride. They couldn’t even see the bride’s feet.

“I can’t see anything. What are you rushing me for?”

Yin Beiyan turned to glare at Yin Beiye. Then his gaze turned and he stood in front of the door, his hands on the crack of the door.

“Hey, come over quickly! We should be able to see her face from here!”

Yin Beiye immediately grabbed the speechless Yin Beige to look through the door.

“Who? Who’s standing there suspiciously?”

At this time, Shuning scolded loudly behind the three.


Yin Beiyan felt anxious and his body fell forward.

Bang. The door was pushed open.

Su Wan glanced at the battered-looking Yin Beiyan on the ground and subconsciously looked up to see Yin Beiye and Yin Beige.

“Ah, ghost!”

Yin Beiye exclaimed in shock seeing her face.

Yin Beiyan hurriedly stood up and then brushed the dust off of him while awkwardly smiling. The moment he saw Su Wan, his smile froze.

Alike, they look so alike.

Although the brothers hadn’t been in the Yin Family that long, they had a deep impression of Su Wan.

“You guys…”

Su Wan looked over and glanced suspiciously at the three young masters at the door.

“Third madam!”

At this time, Shuning quickly ran into the bridal room. Seeing the three at the door, her gaze swept over Yin Beige before she exclaimed respectfully, “Third madam, these three are our Yin Family’s young masters. These two are from the second master and this one is the young general!”


Su Wan listened to Shuning’s words and then nodded. Then she tilted her body and smiled faintly at the three. “Third master isn’t back yet and you three are here to disturb the bride already. Don’t you guys think this is too early?”

Hearing her gentle yet teasing voice, Yin Beiye immediately gave Yin Beiyan a look. The brothers tugged Yin Beige’s arms and pulled him away.

But Yin Beige still stood still.

From the moment the door was pushed open, he saw the woman sitting on the red wedding bed wearing a cape.

From the moment he saw her, he felt his heart trembling nonstop.

Was it her, was it her?

The person in his memory, the face in his memory.

They look alike, they look so alike.

Yin Beige stood still. His body was tough like rock so this made the two weak young masters feel helpless.

“Is it you?”

Yin Beige asked trembling. Though he hadn’t recovered his memory, the silhouette of the person in his mind became clearer and clearer.

Su Wan furrowed her brows hearing Yin Beige’s voice.

“Young general, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“This is a misunderstanding. Third aunt, young general has suffered injuries. Um...his head is a mess!”

Yin Beiyan dodged over and blocked in front of Yin Beige, stopping him from looking at Su Wan.

“Beige, third uncle is about to come back. Let’s hurry back!”

Saying this, Yin Beiyan moved closer to Yin Beige’s ears and said softly, “Beige, don’t mess around. She’s your third aunt, not the person in your heart.”

That person...

Hearing Yin Beiyan’s words, Yin Beige’s gaze landed on his face. “Do you know who that person is?”


Yin Beige opened his mouth, feeling a bit speechless. However, the general had already made orders for them to keep quiet.

“What are you guys stalling for? Third uncle is back. Let’s go already!”

Footsteps and the sound of people talking came outside the courtyard. Yin Beiye anxiously tugged on Yin Beige’s arms and said, “Brother, you’re my real brother. Let’s leave already. If we need to talk about something, we can do that later!”

Saying this, while Yin Beige was still in a trance, the two tugged him out and escaped the bridal room in a hurry.

Watching the three young masters leave, Shuning furrowed her brows and turned to look at Su Wan anxiously. “Third madam, this…”

“It’s fine.”

Su Wan smiled faintly. She wasn’t afraid that Yin Beige would recognize her but rather he wouldn’t be able to.

A moment later, Su Rui slowly walked inside and waved his hands. Shuning respectfully left.

“Are you still okay?”

Su Rui sat by the bed and looked at Su Wan. He touched her hand out of habit. Thankfully, her hands still weren’t too cold.

“I’m fine. Don’t be so careful. Who am I? I won’t die.”

Seeing how careful Su Rui had been lately, Su Wan couldn’t help but poke him. “Third master, do you need me to help change your clothes to sleep? Hm?”


Su Rui smiled. “Third master is in a good mood so let me help you.”

Saying this, Su Rui reached over to remove Su Wan’s clothes and then carefully helped her lie down. “You must be tired. Sleep early. We still have to meet Yao Baiqian in the residence tomorrow. Oh right. How did Yin Beige react?”

“Oh, I think Yin Beiye will tell him about his past. In short, there will be a good show tomorrow.”

Su Wan closed her eyes and smiled, saying softly, “Hubby, good night.”

“Good night.”

Su Rui kissed Su Wan’s face and then waved the lamp light off.

Tonight, the couple slept peacefully. Yin Beige had returned to Yin Family residence and he was now standing outside the side courtyard.

The courtyard hadn’t been tidied up for many days. The weeds had grow really tall in front of the door.

“This is...the place she lived?”

Yin Beige asked softly while slowly closing his eyes.

So familiar, this is the place.

He could feel it.


Yin Beiye nodded and sighed. “She lived a short life. She used to have a healthy body but ever since brother Beiyue passed away, Su Wan’s body had become worse and worse. Even Physician Sun couldn’t do anything about it.”

“Physician Sun?”

Yin Beige froze. “There’s a physician in Yin Family whose surname is Sun?”

Although he had only been back for a few days, because of his injury, Yin Beige had seen several physicians but he had never seen a Physician Sun.

“Physician Sun is our most experienced and old physician in our Yin Family. However, you lost your memory so you might not remember him. Physician Sun died a few months ago. Oh, I think not too long after Sun Wan passed away.”

Yin Beiye wasn’t clear on Physician Sun’s death. After all, he was outside doing business frequently. When Sun Zhangyi died, he was still at a foreign place.

“That coincidental?”

Yin Beige’s gaze changed.

A health person just got sick like that and nothing could cure her?

And the physician who treated her also died not too long after she did?

Was there a hidden secret within this?

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