Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 338 - The Warlord’s Concubine (11)

As the picture scroll mixed with faint fragrance unfolded, it revealed a woman with black hair pulled up and wearing an alluring red dress.

The woman inside the picture sat in front of a zither and glanced at the instrument, playing it seriously. Her fingers were smooth and tender. The smile on her face was charming yet cool.

Yin Shun and Yin Chengmo placed their wine cups down in unison and glanced at the woman.

“Great! Not bad!”

Yin Chengmo couldn’t help but praise. Cold yet charming. A woman like her had a unique temperament.

Yin Shun kept quiet but kept looking at the woman in the picture.

“Elder brother?”

Yin Chengmo froze seeing Yin Shun freezing too. Though the three brothers liked beautiful women, they had seen all sorts of women before.

Even if Xue Linglong was a gorgeous woman, she was also their third brother’s woman!

“Elder brother?”

Yin Chengmo pushed Yin Shun.


He then reacted and wore an awkward expression. “Second brother, don’t you think Proprietress Xue looks like someone?”


After hearing his elder brother’s words, Yin Chengmo moved closer to the picture and looked carefully. “I didn’t think so but after looking closely, I do think she does look lik someone.”


Su Rui folded the picture scroll and sighed. “Elder and second brother, I won’t hide this from you guys. Linglong does look like someone but it’s because she looks like her so much that I’m scared to take her back to the residence. I’m scared...that sister-in-law won’t like her.”

“Your sister-in-law won’t like her?”

Hearing Su Rui’s words, Yin Shun’s gaze brightened. “It’s her!”

Speaking of the woman that his madam didn’t like, besides the beautiful women around him, Yin Shun knew that his madam hated the eldest daughter-in-law, Su Wan, the most.

Thinking of this, Xue Linglong looked really similar to Su Wan. But...Su Wan was an unmarried daughter from a noble house and she was refined and cultured, gentle and obedient. Meanwhile, Xue Linglong looked like a strong-minded woman with a cold personality.

The two were somewhat similar.

“About this.”

Yin Shun sighed heavily. “Don’t worry about your sister-in-law. She doesn’t have the power to control you guys but…”

“Elder brother, you’re talking about Beige?”

Su Rui’s gaze flickered and he understood Yin Shun’s underlying meaning.

After Su Wan died, Yin Beige had been really depressed. Everyone in the Yin Family knew about the young general’s feelings for the eldest madam.

No matter how jealous Yao Ruofeng was, she couldn’t compare to a dead person.

Ever since Yin Beige had gone missing not too long ago, Yin Shun had been sending people to look for him. He finally got news several days ago that Yin Beige had been recuperating in a small fisherman village. Yin Shun immediately arranged Lu Anbo to bring people to take him back. Calculating the journey, they’d be back in Liao City in another three to five days.

“Elder brother, Beige’s injury is more important.”

Su Rui acted righteous. “Linglong and I don’t plan on getting married right away. We can talk about my marriage after Beige gets back and finishes recuperating.”


Hearing that his third brother had become mature, Yin Shun felt really comforted.

Meanwhile, Yin Chengmo took a few sips of wine and then poked Su Rui’s shoulders mysteriously. “Third brother, I heard that Yan Xiuwu from Linglong Lane is the best female singer in Liao City. Second brother, I haven’t gotten the time to cheer her on. When can you tell Proprietress Xiu about this? Let Lady Yan come to my residence to play a song for me!”

Su Rui smiled. “If this was someone else, Linglong would be reluctant but since this is second brother’s request, I’ll talk to her about it. Second brother, just wait!”


Yin Chengmo lifted his glass of wine and exclaimed, “Here, third brother, second brother toast you!”

Three days later, Lu Anbo brought a group of people to pick Yin Beige back, although he hadn’t recovered from his injuries.

What surprised everyone was that Yin Beige lost his memory.

Yin Baiqian felt conflicted. At the same time that her heart ached for her son, she felt a bit fortunate.

Beige lost his memory so did that mean he also forgot about Su Wan?

Yao Ruofeng felt the same towards Yao Baiqian.

Seeing the confused Yin Beige in bed, Yao Ruofeng revealed a really gentle and charming smile. “Beige, it’s okay if you don’t remember me. You will one day. Please don’t pressure yourself.”

Yao Ruofeng wanted to put her hand on the back of Yin Beige’s hand out of habit but he dodged her touch quickly.

“I want some silence.”

He was really familiar with the Yin Family to the point he felt a bit of reluctance as if something really bad happened here, and that he didn’t want to recall this at all.

Just what had happened?

How come he couldn’t find the familiar figure in this familiar residence?

Unconsciously, Yin Beige thought of Guanli again. That woman and the person in his mind looked really similar. But they had lots of differences...

Yin Beige’s return caused the gloomy atmosphere in Yin Family to dissipate a bit. After knowing that Yin Beige had lost his memory, Yin Shun didn’t mind however. Instead, he recalled Yin Mingye’s marriage. Since Yin Beige lost his memory right now, it seemed to be a good opportunity for Minye and Xue Linglong to get married now.

Maybe, Beige would never think of what happened in the past at all. As long as he made sure no one said anything in the residence, Yin Beige would never know about Su Wan’s existence...

Just like this, on June 5th, through the joyous atmosphere, Yin Family’s third master, married Linglong Lane’s proprietress, Xue Linglong.

Yin Family’s third master’s marriage was naturally extremely grand and ceremonious. Unfortunately, the bride had the bright red cover over her so those who wanted to see her face were greatly disappointed.

The entire ceremony lasted a day and it was especially lively and grand. Because Su Wan had a weak body, she had been helped to the room to rest by Shuning a while ago. Meanwhile, Su Rui naturally stayed outside to deal with the guests.

“Third madam, if you’re tired, then rest for a bit. I’ll go check out the situation.”

Although Shuning knew Su Wan’s status, she also remembered Su Rui’s order. No matter whether they were in front of people or not, she was to address Su Wan as the third madam.


Su Wan nodded. Right now, she had taken off the phoenix crown and the rose-tinted cape. She was wearing red wedding clothes.

Although Yin Family’s wedding ceremony was much simpler than the ancient imperial family’s wedding ceremonies, her body still really couldn’t take this.

Su Wan removed the accessories on her head and took down the hairpins. She planned on snuggling under the blanket to nap for a bit when there was some light footsteps outside the bridal door.

“Quickly, quickly! I already got Shuning to leave. She’s going to tattletale to our third uncle when she comes back later!”

A guilty male voice said while leaning closer to the bridal room.

“Damn. Yin Beiye, you stepped on my feet!”

“Yin Beiyan! I’m your elder brother! Who gave you the right to talk to me this way?”

Yin Beiye lifted his foot and then kicked his brother.

Cough. These two were the sons of the second master. The older one was Yin Beiye and the younger one was Yin Beiyan.

Because Yin Chengmo was frequently outside attending to business, his two sons were his trusted aides. Normally, people wouldn’t be able to see the two young master’s figures in the Yin Family.

Tonight, because the two had admired Proprietress Xue for a long time and couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning, they planned on checking out her true appearance tonight.

Of course, because the two were cowards, Yin Beiye dragged another person over

“Second brother, second brother, hurry up!”

Watching the expression and slow Yin Beige behind them, Yin Beiyan couldn’t help but take a step forward and tug him over. “Stop dilly-dallying. What if third uncle’s people find us later on?”

Yin Beige was speechless.

He didn’t understand these two young master’s thoughts. What’s there to see about Xue Linglong? She had married into the Yin Family already and she’d be the third madam of the family later on. They could see her whenever they want to, no?

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