Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 334 - The Warlord’s Concubine (7)

Hearing Yin Beige speak of the late Yin Beiyue, Su Wan’s gaze turned sorrowful.

“Yin Beige, what right do you have to take care of me for him?”

Su Wan suddenly turned around and bit on the back of Yin Beige’s hand firmly.

Feeling the pain on the back of his hand, Yin Beige only furrowed his brows slightly but he didn’t let her go.

“You have no say whether I have a right or not. I’m the one in charge of the Yin Family!”

Yin Beige exclaimed this while bringing her out. Seeing how domineering the young general was, Shuning’s gaze flickered. She thought of the third master first.

Sniffle, third master, quickly come to save the eldest madam~


While Shuning was begging for help in her heart, someone really came. A woman entered wearing a fiery red cheongsam with a snow-white luxurious cape over her shoulders. Her black hair was pulled up into a beautiful bun and she wore all sorts of valuable jewelry on her.

Compared to Su Wan wearing a plain lined jacket and holding a pale expression in Yin Beige’s arms, the woman in front of her dazzled her with the jewelry she was wearing. She was gorgeous and radiant.

Only the second madam, Yao Ruofeng, would dare to dress so ostentatiously.

Yao Ruofeng was only nineteen years old and like her aunt, Yao Baiqian, she was the most beautiful lady in the Yao Family. Yao Baiqan was refined and elegant while Yao Ruofeng was a classical beautiful lady.

From last night, Yao Ruofeng had obtained the news that Yin Beige would come back today. Therefore, she went to shower and change her clothes early last night and then ordered her personal maid, Yue Xiu, to help her dress up beautifully. She even sprayed the France perfume that the second madam had asked someone to bring back from abroad.

After all, absence makes her heart grow fonder of the man. Even more, the man that was about to return was the man that Yao Ruofeng always loved.

But what Yao Ruofeng didn’t expect was that the husband she had been waiting in her courtyard anxiously didn’t even come to her but rather hurried to the side courtyard.

Side courtyard, Su Wan.

After receiving this news, Yao Ruofeng naturally brought Yue Xiu and charged to the side courtyard.

She stood in front of the door and seeing the scene inside, Yao Ruofeng clutched her handkerchief tightly. She brought Yue Xiu over in a hurry and although she tried to calm her emotions down, seeing her husband carrying his elder brother’s widow, how could she calm down?

Watching as Yao Ruofeng’s expression grew worse and worse, Yue Xiu couldn’t help but tug on her sleeves and said softly in her ears, “Second madam, you have to calm down.”

Calm down! Calm down!

Right! Her aunt always told her to keep calm whatever she encountered! She mustn’t let anger control her!

Plus, this enchantress wouldn’t be able to live for long. Why bother getting jealous over a dead person?

Yao Ruofeng sighed and placed away the jealous glint in her eyes. She smiled and looked up to just so happen to see Yin Beige’s bleeding hand.

“Beige, your hand’s injured?”

Seeing her husband bleeding, she subconsciously took a step forward and took out her handkerchief, wanting to bandage his injury. But when she walked closer and saw the row of teeth marks, she froze.

She looked unbelievably at the bloodstain on the corner of Su Wan’s lips.

“You bit him?”

Yao Ruofeng looked at Su Wan with an incredibly cold gaze.

How-how could this happen?

Seeing Yao Ruofeng’s gaze, Su Wan snuggled closer into Yin Beige’s arms. She smiled provokingly at Yao Ruofeng’s direction and said, “It’s me.”

Su Wan’s provoking smile finally defeated the last of Yao Ruofeng’s reasons. “You slut! Get down! Are you shameless? You’re just a widow about to die and you’re seducing your brother-in-law still. Su Wan, you’re shameless!”


Seeing that Yao Ruofeng was about to grab Su Wan’s arms, Yin Beige’s gaze coldened. While scolding, he pushed Yao Ruofeng to the side. “What is this tantrum for? Can’t you see that she’s seriously sick?”

“Seriously sick? Which seriously sick person would seduce a man? She’s clearly just pretending!”

Yao Ruofeng’s exquisite face became distorted from anger. “Yin Beige, I’m your wife! She’s your sister-in-law. She will only be your sister-in-law! Don’t you feel ashamed for disregarding your etiquettes like this?”

“That’s my issue. Yao Ruofeng, you’ve stepped over your boundaries!”

Hearing Yao Ruofeng’s rambling, Yin Beige’s expression also turned gloomy.


At this time, Su Wan started violently coughing in Yin Beige’s arms.

Hearing the heart-shattering coughing, Yin Beige immediately looked at Su Wan in concern. “It’s fine. Hold this in. I’m taking you to visit a physician outside now!”

“There’s no use.”

Su Wan looked up and her gaze landed on Yin Beige’s cold face. “Yin Beige, I don’t need your insincerity. If you really want to be nice to me and Beiyue, you shouldn’t be here or be doing these things!”

“Yin Beige, to me, all your concerns are just poison! Don’t you understand why I’m like this?”

Su Wan started to struggle again but Yin Beige froze after hearing her words. Su Wan easily struggled free and she was about to fall down when Shuning hurried over and supported her. “Eldest madam, be careful.”

“I’m fine.”

Su Wan wiped the bloodstain from the corner of her lips and looked at Yin Beige and Yao Ruofeng. “You guys aren’t welcomed here. You guys can go.”

As she said this, she turned to look at Shuning and say, “Shuning, help me back.”


Shuning nodded and quietly helped Su Wan back in bed.

“Su Wan!”

At this time, Yin Beige snapped out of his trance to look at her skinny figure. He couldn’t help but call her name.

“Do you...still blame me for elder brother’s death?”


Su Wan sneered. “I don’t blame anyone. I only blame myself for being blind. I...owe Beiyue the most. I’m really good right now. I’m going to accompany him soon. He’s very lonely in the underworld...with no one with him...Yin Beige, you will never understand this. You’re not him so...I don’t need you. Please leave with your wife!”

Su Wan returned to bed and had Shuning pull the curtains down. The deep blue brocade curtains divided the small room into two different worlds.

Yin Beige, you thought you knew everything but you’re just hurting people.

You could do everything for Guan Li but all you can do for Su Wan is hurting her...

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