Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 333 - The Warlord’s Concubine(6)

Su Wan had spat out the leftover poison that was in her heart.

She ordered Shuning to take care of the blood so only Su Rui and Su Wan were left in the room.

Seeing Su Wan’s skinny face, Su Rui caressed her face, his heart aching. His warm fingers gently rubbed against her smooth skin.

“Wife, tell me. How do you want to deal with the Yin Family’s women?”

Although Yao Baiqian’s enemy was the original owner, Su Wan was the one tolerating the body’s pain. Plus, besides Yao Baiqian and Yao Ruofeng being the main culprits, there were many accomplices too. There were even some who knew what happened but stayed quiet to watch the show. Therefore, Su Rui wouldn’t let anyone go.

Mn. Deal. General Su planned on vanquishing the Yin Family.

Su Wan smiled. “It’s easy to kill Yao Baiqian but before this, we have to make her pay some interest first. Plus, Guan Li won’t meet Yin Beige until a while later. We have time to play with them.”

Su Wan smiled at Shuning as she brought back the medicinal ingredients she bought from the pharmacies, smiling meaningfully.

Destroy the Yin Family?

No, no, no. She was going to disintegrate the Yin Family step by step. It was more interesting to do so than to destroy it in one go.

“Wife, the medicinal ingredients?”

Su Rui also sniffed the faint scent of the medicinal ingredients in Su Wan’s hands. Su Rui didn’t know much about these ingredients.

But he knew that Su Wan was an expert in creating poison from medicinal ingredients.

“These are good things. This is for Yin Beige.”

Su Wan winked at Su Rui and then softly said this in his ears.

Su Rui’s expression also changed a bit.

There goes the saying that it’s better to offend villains than women.

Damn. General Su finally understood the meaning of the words.

Wife, you’re so ruthless~

But this general likes her. You must be ruthless towards your ex. Wife, don’t mind him and do your best~

Tonight, Su Rui watched Su Wan sleep. Knowing that she had a weak body, he sat by the bed and held her hands. Whenever he felt her hands turning a bit cold, he would subconsciously transfer some internal energy into her.

Before morning came, like usual, Shuning came to Su Wan’s room to light a fire. But the moment she entered, she felt the room warming up.

She saw the fire already lit and the man leaning against the bed, haven’t slept the entire night.

Shuning froze. She didn’t know why but she thought of the late eldest master.

Although he had a weak body, he would wake up before the eldest madam every day. He would drape his clothes over him and sit by the bed, staring at the asleep eldest madam, in a daze. Whenever she came in, the eldest master would wave at her gently, telling her to keep quiet and not disturb the eldest madam’s dream.

Shuning never liked anyone nor did she know what love was.

But back then, she was thinking that the eldest master was a great man. He stared at the eldest madam in such a gentle gaze every day. Maybe that was love.


The eldest madam always liked the second master.

Shuning couldn’t help but sigh.


Su Rui quietly walked over and glared at Shuning. “Don’t wake her up. Let her sleep some more. Do you understand?”

“Oh, okay.”

Shuning nodded quickly. This was the first time she thought the third master wasn’t as scary as the rumors.

“I’m leaving now.”

Su Rui tipped toe out but before doing so, he kept looking back as if reluctant to leave.

“Take good care of her. Don’t worry, I’m not interested in any other woman besides her. As long as you take good care of her, once you come to my residence, I will make sure to bestow you a good marriage.”

He exclaimed softly in Shuning’s ears before turning to leave.

Seeing his slender figure leaving, Shuning subconsciously glanced at the asleep Su Wan.

Eldest madam, is it a blessing or not that you married into the Yin Family?

In the next few days, Su Rui would come at night and then leave before morning.

Shuning was used to days like this too. She wasn’t afraid of the third master as much anymore but whenever she thought of having to leave the eldest madam in a few days, she would feel reluctant.

“Third master, this maid thinks that you’re really powerful. Can you save the eldest madam?”

On the fourth morning, Shuning blocked Su Rui.

Save her?

Of course he was going to save her but...

“The Yin Family doesn’t need the eldest madam. Shunning, you should understand this.”

Doesn’t need the eldest madam?

Shuning froze, feeling confused. By the time she snapped out of her trance, Su Rui had long left.

By the fifth day, Su Rui didn’t appear anymore because Yin Beige was back.

The young master returned from the battlefield and as soon as he did, he went straight to the side courtyard. This caused his wife, Yao Ruofeng, to clench her teeth in hatred.

The travel-worn man was still wearing his greenish black military uniform. He entered the lounge and then delivered his military hat to Shuning.

“How is the eldest madam?”

Shuning’s expression dimmed. “Second master, the eldest madam, she...she can’t even get out of bed lately.”


Yin Beige’s steps quickened and he entered the room.

The room was really warm but it eluded a strong sense of loneliness.


The moment he entered, he saw the pale-faced woman.

She was only in her early twenties, a woman’s golden age. But right now, she wasn’t as beautiful as she used to be. She looked sickly and weak. Her beautiful eyes were now dim and gloomy too.

“Second brother, you’re back?”

Seeing the man with sharp features wearing his military uniform, Su Wan tried her best to support herself to sit up but she tried twice and failed.


Su Wan laughed at herself. “Look at my useless body. I’ll just talk to you from here. Don’t mind me.”

Seeing the lonely and mocking expression in her eyes, Yin Beige’s gaze darkened. He walked over in large strides. Before Su Wan could react, he carried her princess-style with his muscular arms. “When I left, didn’t I tell you to mail me letters if something happens. Look at how sick you are. Why do you have to pretend to be strong?”

“Yin Beige, what are you doing?”

Seeing that Yin Beige carried her disregarding the etiquettes of the family, Su Wan became anxious, already her expression turning worse. “Quick-quickly put me down! How is this acceptable?”

“I refuse! I’m going to take you to see a physician, the best one in Liao City. If they are unable to cure you, I’ll take you to the capital. If the capital physicians can’t cure you, I’ll take you abroad! Su Wan, you can’t die!”

Yin Beige looked down. His pitch-black and dark eyes staring at Su Wan’s face. In a solemn tone, “Before my elder brother died...he entrusted you to me. I won’t let you die!”

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