Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 331 - The Warlord’s Concubine(4)

Shuning ran to Su Wan’s bed, stumbling after Yao Baiqian left with Zhen Lan. While trembling, she looked at Su Wan terrified. “Eldest madam, you have to save me. This maid doesn’t want to die. This maid just wants to stay by your side for life.”

“Okay, don’t be afraid.”

Su Wan patted Shuning’s head and exclaimed, “I’m going to help you. Don’t worry. Just remember to do what I ordered you to do and I’ll guarantee a life of security for you.”

Shuning looked up to see the glint in Su Wan’s eyes. She bit her lips and slowly nodded. “This maid understands. Eldest madam, don’t worry.”

“Okay, you can go to work now. Make sure others don’t disturb me. I’m going to sleep for a bit.”

Su Wan waved her hands and Shuning listened, retreating. After she left, Su Wan slowly dropped the drapes over her bed and sat criss-crossed on the bed, quietly adjusting her breathing.

She obtained the princess royal’s memory in Luanfeng Conutry so she naturally inherited her martial arts skills. The princess royal learned martial arts specially for women. One of them was adjusting breathing. Su Wan wanted to use this opportunity to adjust the vital energy Su Rui transferred inside her. That way, it’d also help to recover her broken body.

By the time she opened her eyes again, it was dark outside. Sweat covered her forehead but she felt much better.

Pulling the curtains to the side, Su Wan planned on wiping her forehead with a handkerchief when someone suddenly opened a crack in the door.

Su Wan narrowed her eyes, pretending that she hadn’t seen anything. She got off the bed slowly. Who knew that she took a few steps when she stumbled and fell on the ground.


The door was suddenly pushed open and a small and skinny figure hurriedly ran inside.

Su Wan looked up to see a pair of clear but unusually nervous eyes.

“Sister-in-law, are you okay?”

The young man’s voice was pleasant and immature.

Su Wan smiled weakly at the young man and exclaimed, “Beichao, why are you here again? If Aunt Hu finds out, she’s going to whip you again!”

Yin Beichao was an illegitimate son of the Yin Family. He was Yin Shun’s concubine, Hu Huiyue’s son. He was the third child in the family.

Yin Beichao’s expression dimmed hearing Su Wan speak of his mother. “She only cares about watching shows and playing cards. She either hits or scolds me all day long! She’s not my mother! Sister-in-law, why don’t you be my mother in the future?”

Su Wan: ...

Child, you’re really innocent.

“Silly child, sister-in-law is sister-in-law and mother is mother. They are different people.”

While saying this, Su Wan slowly stood up with the support of Yin Beichao. “Sister-in-law has a weak body and your mother doesn’t want you to come visit me. It makes sense and this is for your sake. She’s scared that I might pass my sickness to you.”


Yin Beichao’s gaze dimmed and he hmphed weakly. “It’s not because of this. She’s just afraid of the first and second aunt, and…”

Yin Beichao lifted his child-like face and glanced at Su Wan with an angry expression. “Sister-in-law, second sister-in-law’s maid, Yue Xiu, is the worst. She always goes around telling people...that you seduced second brother and that you killed first brother! How can she do this? Sister-in-law, you didn’t even do anything. When the first brother was still alive, you treated us the best. Back then, he’d say that you’re the best person in the world too but how come they want to bully you after first brother passed away? If he was still alive, he would never let anyone bully you!”

Su Wan froze hearing Yin Beichao’s words.

Yin Beiyue.

In the original body’s memory, the Yin Family’s first master was extremely gentle and considerate but he passed away early on unfortunately. Heaven must be jealous of such a handsome and talented man.

He was a good man. Unfortunately, the original owner encountered Yin Beige not him first.


Su Wan wondered why the world of adults was that complicated and helpless.

Yin Family. How many people are actually innocent and have clear consciences?

Besides the original owner, the purest person in this residence was Yin Beichao. He was thirteen years old and had a sincere heart.

Yin Beichao’s mother, Hu Huiyue, was originally the pillar of a theatrical troupe in Liao City. Once, she was invited to celebrate Yin Shun’s birthday and he took a fancy to her at first glance. After that, he naturally kept her in his residence to be his concubine.

As the general that had power over territories, Yin Shun had a ruthless personality and he was moody.

He had once brought in eight concubines into the Yin Family but only Hu Huiyue was still alive right now. She even successfully gave birth to a son for him.

The son came with difficulty. Though Yin Beichao was just an illegitimate son and didn’t gain favor, Hu Huiyue’s life depended on her son.

Because she loved him a lot, she wanted the best for him. She was looking forward to her son surpassing the first madam’s two sons. However, her son was disappointing and was unable to learn anything.

Therefore, it became normal for Yin Beichao to get scolded and hit.

When the original owner first married into the Yin Family, she had encountered Hu Huiyue whipping Yin Beichao once. The innocent her naturally went ahead to stop her. Finding out that Hu Huiyue was hitting her son because of his studies, Su Wan offered to tutor him.

Yin Beiyue was still alive back then so Su Wan had some status in the Yin Family. Hu Huiyue knew that Su Wan had come home from abroad and knew quite a bit so she was naturally happy to let Yin Beichao to get close to his sister-in-law and elder brother.

It was at this time that the original owner and Yin Beichao got close and treated each other like siblings.

Up until now, although Su Wan was thrown here to perish on her own because of Yin Beiyue’s death, Yin Beichao would come here every now and then to visit her...

“Beichao, what are you here for today?”

Su Wan found a handkerchief to wipe her face and then turned to look at Yin Beichao.

Yin Beichao hesitated before saying, “Sister-in-law, you used to tell me and elder brother about your time abroad. Elder brother said that’s a completely different world from her. I...I also want to look for myself. mother won’t let me.”

Yin Beichao’s gaze dimmed. “I don’t know what to do. If I ask father and tell him that I want to go abroad like second brother, will he allow me?”

Go abroad...

Su Wan looked down.

From what she knew, Yin Beichao did go abroad and...he never came back.

Of course, it didn’t happen now but rather three years later.

At that time, Guan Li had married into the Yin Family and the schemes and calculations amongst the women had upgraded. Second master, Yin Chengmo, and the general, Yin Shun, fought for power. The second madam, Bu Ningshan, and Yao Baoqian, had irreconcilable adversaries too. At this time, Hu Huiyue and an actor had an affair. It was unclear who revealed this but Yin Shun sent Yin Beichao abroad and then drowned Hu Huiyue according to the family punishment...

Counting the days, Hu Huiyue probably had a thing with the actor already. She always talked about going out to play cards but in reality, she was just having an affair.

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