Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 330 - The Warlord's Concubine(3)

Su Wan and Yin Mingye wearing a blue robe were the only ones left in the warm room enveloped by the furnace after Shuning left.

Seeing the familiar brows and gloomy expression, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile. Her gaze flickered and she asked in a taunting tone, “Third uncle?”

Su Wan was speechless.

Uncle my sister~

That’s right.Su Rui was Third Master Yin, the Third Master Yin that caused every single lady in Liao City to tremble in fear.

Seeing the teasing glint in Su Wan’s eyes, Su Rui took a step forward and leaned forward, quietly leaning towards Su Wan. “Wife, don’t tease me.”

Cough, cough cough.

Su Wan wanted to smile but then she started coughing violently in the next moment,

In this era, coughing was considered inauspicious and an incurable disease. But in reality, Su Wan didn’t have any diseases. She was just drugged by a slow poison. This slow poison would slowly penetrate her five viscera and six bowels. Although she wasn’t beyond cure yet, the poison had entered her lungs, causing her to cough nonstop.

Su Rui’s sharp gaze immediately darkened hearing her coughs.

He lifted his hand and pinched Su Wan’s acupuncture point with the tip of his finger, transferring his vital energy slowly into Su Wan’s body.

Su Wan immediately closed her eyes, feeling Su Rui ridding the poison for her. She slowly allowed the vital energy to spread across her body. Not long later, her pale face finally had some color.

At this time, Shuning’s anxious voice rang outside.

“First madam, first madam, this way please!”

Yao Baiqian is here!

Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes hearing Shuning’s voice. Murderous glint flitted across her eyes.

In the next second...

“Third uncle!”

Su Wan suddenly tugged on Su Rui’s clothes, her face bitter. She glanced helplessly at the man by the bed. “Third uncle, Xiao Wan begs you. Let Shuning go! I’m going to die soon. Shuning’s the only person I can talk to. I brought her here from the Su Family. She doesn’t belong to the Yin Family. If third uncle likes, Xiao Wan can help third uncle find even more beautiful maids…”

Yao Baiqian entered the room to hear Su Wan begging Yin Mingye vigorously.

Speaking of, the Yin Family’s courtyard was huge but every single movement within this courtyard couldn’t escape Yao Baiqian.

Someone had reported to Yao Baiqian the moment Yin Mingye appeared. Yao Baiqian disdained her brother-in-law but there was nothing she could do.

Whenever he appeared, the family would be chaotic. Yao Baiqian paid extra attention to this third master.

She was unable to sit still finding out that Yin Mingye actually went to Su Wan’s room.

In Yao Baiqian’s eyes, Su Wan was an enchantress. Her oldest son died for her and her second son didn’t have a good relationship with his wife because of her too. Even this disappointing third master was running to her room now. How could she sit still?

Therefore, after finding out, Yao Baiqian immediately hurried to the side courtyard with her head maid, Zhen Lan...


Yao Baiqian subconsciously coughed the moment she entered the room.


Su Wan saw Yao Baiqian’s dignified and composed figure, immediately withdrawing her hand and struggling to get off the bed.

“It’s fine. You don’t need to get out of bed and greet me with your state right now.”

Seeing Su Wan’s pale and sickly face as well as the fear and respect in her eyes, Yao Baiqian waved her hands generously. After all, she was going to die soon. Yao Baiqian didn’t want to argue with Su Wan.

“Hey, sister-in-law is here.”

Su Rui turned and his gloomy eyes swept over Yao Baiqian and Zhen Lan. For a moment, Yao Baiqian felt as if she had been stalked by a poisonous snake.

This...must be an illusion.

Yao Baiqian looked at Su Rui again to see him smiling at Zhen Lan. “I haven’t seen Sister Zhen Lan in a while. You’ve grown even more beautiful!”

Although Zhen Lan was Yao Baiqian’s head maid, she was only twenty-seven and just a year older than Yin Mingye.

Naturally, she must be outstanding in all aspects to be chosen as the head maid of the first madam. Not only was she efficient, she also knew to observe people. Even more, she was great at needlework. Most importantly, she was really beautiful.

Speaking of, this was Yao Baiqian’s smartest aspect. She was able to place the most efficient and beautiful maid in the residence by her side to serve upon her.

That way, she didn’t need to worry about her man being seduced by those unworthy maids.

Fear flickered through Zhen Lan’s face before she calmed down quickly. “Third master, thank you for the compliment. You’ve become more and more handsome recently too.”


Su Rui smiled and lifted his brows. “Sister Zhen Lan, you have a sweet mouth. No wonder big brother...cough, and sister-in-law trust you a lot.”

“This maid doesn’t dare!”

Zhen Lan’s expression turned worse hearing Su Rui’s words. She subconsciously clutched her clothes tightly, lowering her hand and not daring to look at the third master.


Yao Baiqian smiled faintly. “Third brother, though it’s broad daylight, Xiao Wan is still Beiyue’s widow. People will start talking if you stay here for too long. If there’s nothing’s better if you don’t come here in the future. Xiao Wan has a weak body and has a serious disease. If you’re uncareful, you might catch it!”

“Sister-in-law, you’re right. I actually came here…”

Su Rui’s gaze immediately turned and he looked at Yao Baiqian, saying, “I actually came here out of kind intention. I’m here to check on Xiao Wan.”


Yin Mingye knew how to diagnose patients?

What is this international joke?

Yao Baiqian’s face darkened and she was about to say something but Su Rui didn’t give her the chance. “Of course, I naturally don’t know how to diagnose patients. But I got to know a foreign doctor, Mr. Smith! He’s a doctor from a church. Apparently, he has outstanding medical skills. He cured many incurable patients. I think that Xiao Wan is still very young and our Yin Family can afford the money too so why not invite Mr. Smith over to check on Xiao Wan? Sister-in-law, what do you think?”


Yao Baiqian was afraid but she still wore an upright expression. “Those foreigners aren’t trustworthy. They always want to perform surgery on people. If it isn’t people of our kind treat one another, they’re not trustworthy. Third brother, how can you trust their words? Plus, your eldest brother always hated dealing with foreigners. Mingye, don’t mention this in the future!”

Yao Baiqian even brushed her clothes angrily.

Pretend, keep pretending!

Su Rui sneered inside. You’re just scared of someone finding out the real reason for Su Wan’s “disease.” Why do you need to go through this much?

Although he hated Yao Baiqian to the bones, Su Rui still revealed a calm expression. “Sister-in-law, you’re right. If there’s nothing else, I’m going to leave now.”

Saying this, Su Rui walked out. Passing by Zhen Lan, he winked at her. When passing by Shuning, Su Rui lifted his brows, seemingly touching her face. The girl immediately fell on the ground.


Su Rui seemed to be in a good mood seeing this, walking out laughing.

When his figure disappeared, Su Wan looked at Yao Baiqian, hoping, “Mother, Xiao Wan will be dying soon. Shuning, she…”

“I know what to do. Just recuperate and rest.”

Yao Baiqian cut off Su Wan’s word impatiently before leaving with Zhen Lan quickly...

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