At this moment, Cheng Jinyu’s cell phone rang. He took out his phone. It was Chen Yuze’s number.

A few days ago Chen Yuze went to Japan, he probably just came back.

“Biao Ge, what are you doing?”


“Working!? Your boss, Chief Jiang, is here. Hurry and get over here. I brought you some nice things.”

“Cheng Jinyu, “I’m very busy at the moment, thank you for thinking of me. You guys have fun, I won’t go over to dampen the party.”

“Chief Jiang, I can’t manage your staff member. I better just give it to you.”

Jiang Zihan received the phone. “Come over, I’ll give you the address. I have work for you.”

The other party directly hung up the call, a moment later a text message came. It was the address of a club.

Cheng Jinyu sighed, he couldn’t help but lower his head. Cheng Jinyu told the driver the address and could only change his destination.

When Cheng Jinyu reached the club he realized that this was an extremely high class club.

The two security guards at the door said, “Sir, do you have a gold card? This is a private club. If you don’t have a gold card you can’t enter.”

Cheng Jinyu called Chen Yuze. He called for a long time but there was no answer.

Cheng Jinyu shook his head. He experienced this kind of thing before. Chen Yuze wanted him to send him clothes in the club, but he couldn’t enter the club and couldn't reach Chen Yuze. He waited outside the club for an entire night.

At that time he was still the Chen family’s servant, but currently he was no longer in that position.

Cheng Jinyu turned around wanting to leave, when suddenly he remembered that he might have this club’s gold card. It was a gift from Gu Bokai’s relative.

He walked over. “I didn’t bring my gold card.”

“Please state your identity. If you have this club’s gold card, we should be able to dig it up with your identity.”

Cheng Jinyu thought that he might be wrong, afterall he never gave them his ID.

He smiled and said, “It must be my misunderstanding, sorry about that.”

“Can you say your name please? With this we can search you up.”

“I should be wrong.”

“Could you please say your name?”

“Cheng Jinyu.”

“Ok, please wait a moment.”

While waiting Cheng Jinyu decided to once again attempt to call Chen Yuze. Like before there was no answer. Chen Yuze treated him very well, but he never once saw him as an equal.

Cheng Jinyu laughed. Their family was originally just raising a slave, how would he still have a position among them.

At this time the security guard walks over with beaming smiles. “Found it, my apologies. We let you wait for a long time. Young Master Cheng, please enter.”

Cheng Jinyu really didn’t think that there was this gold card in those gifts. Then this property probably belonged to one of Gu Bokai’s relatives.

Cheng Jinyu entered and a manager immediately came to welcome him. “Young Master Cheng you’ve finally come. Our boss instructed us that we must properly receive you.”

“Would you like to eat or would you like to play? Doesn’t matter what you need, you only need to instruct us and we will definitely wait upon you.”

Cheng Jinyu, “I came here to search for a friend.”

“Who? I’ll help you search them up immediately.”

This VIP treatment made Cheng Jinyu feel that it was very unsuited for him.

Chen Yuze’s private room was searched up very quickly and the manager personally escorted Cheng Jinyu over. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry for being ill-mannered. I did not know this was your friend. The bill has already been settled, you can relax and have fun with your friend.”

“No need, there’s no need to be like this.” Cheng Jinyu said.

“This is something we should be doing.”

The manager said this and opened the door to bring Cheng Jinyu in. He smiled and said, “Very apologetic, I did not know you guys were Young Master Cheng’s friends. Our reception was not satisfactory. Today all the expenses will be on us, inviting everyone to eat and play well.”

“Where did this Young Master Cheng come from?” Zhang Hongyu yelled.

Inside the private room, 7-8 people’s gazes all directed over and saw Cheng Jinyu standing behind club manager Zhang.

“Don’t tell me it's him? You’re saying its him?” Zhang Hongyu pointed his finger at Cheng Jinyu and said.

Manager Zhang shifted his eyes. “Excuse me sir, pointing your finger is an extremely rude behavior. Young Master Cheng took the initiative to treat everyone, I feel like that deserves some respect.”

“Him? He’s treating us? Treating us with what?” Zhang Hongyu yelled.

Manager Zhang, “You don’t need to worry about this.” Manager Zhang finished talking, turned his head around to Cheng Jinyu. “Young Master Cheng, I see that your friends are unable to interact with you. For your mental and physical health, I think it's better if you get a different private room.”

Cheng Jinyum “Not necessary, I’m leaving soon.”

Cheng Jinyu opened his mouth to speak and only then did everyone in the room finally recognize that it was him. This person who was originally following behind Chen Yuze, a person similar to a dog, unexpectedly one day was called a Young Master. Furthermore he was also at this high class club treating them to play around.

Those people who did not see Cheng Jinyu as a person, were feeling a bit uneasy. Jiang Zihan drank some alcohol, had a meaningful look on him.

Chen Yuze did not believe the transformation in front of his eyes. Astonished, he said, “Biao Ge, what exactly is going on here? What relationship do you have with them?”

Cheng Jinyu, “Nothing much. What did you call me over for?”

Chen Yuze stepped forward, “I was thinking of you. Can’t I call you out to play?”

Cheng Jinyu, “I’m really busy at the moment.”

“Don’t act dumb. Your boss is still here.” Chen Yuze said a bit unhappily.

Cheng Jinyu, “I really do have something to do. The chairman of Hisense company wants me to come over at the moment. It has something to do with Hisense company. Chief Jiang, you say should I go or not?”

Jiang Zihan, “What does Mo Jiaxing want? Have him come find me.”

Jiang Zihan just finished talking when Cheng Jinyu’s cell phone rang. Cheng Jinyu glanced at it, then said, “It’s Chief Mo’s number. Chief Jiang, do you want to pick it up?”

Jiang Zihan stared blankly. In any case, Mo Jiaxing was the boss of the company. He had no reason to have a connection with this small person, Cheng Jinyu.

Jiang Zihan had originally thought that Cheng Jinyu was deliberately trying to deceive him, but right now Mo Jiaxing actually called. It was not aligned with common sense.

Jiang Zihan extended his hand, “Ok, I’ll receive it.”

Jiang Zihan pressed the accept call button. Mo Jiaxing chuckled and said, “Young Master Cheng, do you have time? I just transported some tuna from Hokkaido, want me to send it over? The taste is especially good, give me your address ok?”

Jiang Zihan was a bit startled and looked at Cheng Jinyu. With a light sigh, “Chief Mo, this is Jiang Zihan.”

Mo Jiaxing’s friendly laughter immediately stopped and switched to a more formal tone. “Oh oh...so it was Chief Jiang! Chief Jiang must be in a very good mood. Why do you have a staff member’s phone?”

Jiang Zihan, “I heard that you were looking for my staff member for something? Can’t be that its for some tuna!”

“Haha, the main thing is that your staff member is too good. He works efficiently and is very proper. He’s the best worker I've met in the past couple of years. I am tempted to try and drag him to this side, just not sure if Chief Jiang will be willing to part or not!”

Jiang Zihan smiled and said, “Go to Hisense company? You like him so much, what position would you give him?”

“Of course it would be a high position, how about assistant chief?”

Jiang Zihan did not say anything just simply threw the phone over to Cheng Jinyu. Cheng Jinyu received it, in a low voice, “Didn’t you say that it was work? I don’t want fish.”

Mo Jiaxing smiled and said, “Of course there's business to do. One of my good friends also wants clothes made. Come over for a bit. You can get the contract signed”

“Can sign so quickly?”

“Of course.”

Cheng Jinyu swallowed his saliva, “How big of a bill?”

“Over 10 million.”

“Over 10 million?” Cheng Jinyu didn't dare to believe, “Is what you're saying true?”

“Of course! Hurry and bring the contract!”

Cheng Jinyu hung up, turned around to face Jiang Zihan. “Chief Jiang, it’s a bill worth over 10 million. I must go over now.”

Jiang Zihan’s complexion was not too good. Zhang Hongyu suddenly shouted, “What kind of person is he? Such a good project was given to him?”

Cheng Jinyu, “Yuze, I really am very busy right now. I’m happy that you're back, but I don’t have time right now. You guys can continue playing here. The manager has already excused the bill. If there's time I’ll treat you guys again. I’ll be leaving first.”

Club manager Zhang hastily chased after him. “Young Master Cheng, wait a moment! Should we send you? Do you know the way?”

Angrily Zhang Hongyu said, “Young Master Cheng? When did he turn into Young Master Cheng? What exactly has he been doing these days? Is he selling clothes or prostituting himself?”

“You’re speaking nonsense.” Chen Yuze said a bit unhappily.

“Yuze, did you see his appearance just now? Treating? Still want to treat you on his own? Didn’t even wait for a response from you and just left. What does he see you as? He’s kicking a benefactor to the teeth, how well you treated him before!”

“That's enough, don’t say anymore. I don’t need his treat, I will settle the bill myself in a moment.” Chen Yuze said it like this but his heart felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Jiang Zihan, what exactly is going on with him now?” Chen Yuze asked.

Jiang Zihan smiled. “It's hard to say. I saw someone driving a Land Rover to pick him up from work. Did you see the outfit on him? That is Amande’s newest style. Not to mention it’s also limited edition.”

“What are you trying to say? Could it be that he's living off a rich man?” Zhang Hongyu said, “Did he really marry himself off to a wretched old man?”

“I’m not entirely sure.” Jiang Zihan drank some more alcohol.

Chen Yuze found his phone from the sofa. There were a lot of missed calls from Cheng Jinyu. He ignored it and directly dialed his number.

Cheng Jinyu quickly picked up as he was already sitting in a taxi.

“Biao Ge, why are you that foolish? First you were with a scumbag for ten years, now you're all muddle headed and married to trash. What exactly are you trying to do?”


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