The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!

Chapter 33 – Yes, I know. (うん。分かってる。)

A one-horned rabbit is a rabbit about the size of a large dog.

I can still vividly remember the time in front of the Adventurer's Guild, when my maid Marie-chan broke the horn of a three-man adventurer party's horned rabbit.


As its name implies, the one-horned rabbit has a long and thin unicorn-like horn sticking from its forehead. It charges at its enemies while spinning its horn like a drill, so if you're not careful when getting close, you might die.

Since they move very quickly and their horns are dangerous, it is difficult to capture them alone.


"I want you to hunt a horned rabbit, but if you're not careful, you'll end up with a hole in your body via its drill, so if you don't want to end up like a doughnut, never stand right in front of it. That is all."


"T-t-t-that's impossible for me!! Impossible!! I'll die!!"


Hmmm. Is it that bad?

Hunting one-horned rabbits are so beginner-friendly that it's even used as a tutorial for mini-games.

Well, I've never faced a horned rabbit in real life either, so I guess it's not a good idea to mix games and reality.

It's dangerous to keep holding on to that "game" mindset, so let's change our way of thinking things.


"Then shall we practice by hunting slimes first? I don't think we'll encounter any horned rabbits that soon anyways."


"S-slimes.... Can't we start with something simpler~"


What could be easier than slimes? In the tutorial, I believe it was gathering herbs?

But then, it would be difficult to gain two levels by the end of today.


By the way, Allis-chan's status looks something like this.



Human: Amaryllis Elli Brunst (6) Lv: 3

HP: 6/6

MP: 53/53


Social Position: Rosereale Kingdom, Brunst Marquisate's second daughter


《Job Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ 

[Mage in the Making Ⅱ][Seamstress Ⅰ]


《Special Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ

[Super Acceleration Ⅰ]


《Unique Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ

[Charm Ⅶ]


《Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ

[Water Magic Ⅰ][Wind Magic Ⅰ][Light Magic Ⅰ]

[Water Magic Resistance Ⅰ][Wind Magic Resistance Ⅰ][Poison Resistance Ⅰ]

[Charm Resistance Ⅶ][Dynamic Vision Ⅵ][Embroidery Ⅴ]



I've never even seen a [Super Acceleration] skill before. She isn't the game's villainess for nothing!

I think she would get really powerful if she mastered both the [Super Acceleration] skill and the [Dynamic Vision] skill, but what I'm really curious about is...

Why does Allis-chan, a Marquess' daughter, have such a high-leveled Dynamic vision skill?

Do ladies from a Marquess household live in a way that would train their dynamic vision?


"Allis-chan, your dynamic vision skill seems to be very high-levelled. Why so?"


"Huh? Dai-namic vision? What's that?"


Right. I guess a six-year-old wouldn't understand what "dynamic vision" was.

When I'm talking to Ursch-kun, I forget what level of conversation six-year-olds usually have.


After I gave her a brief explanation of Dynamic Vision, Allis-chan thought about it for a while, then smiled and clapped her hands, as if she had thought of something.


"My! That must be thanks to Mother then!"


Apparently, Allis-chan's mother is very skilled in embroidery and often teaches it to her.

She says that when embroidering, her mother's hands move so fast you can barely catch the afterimage.

"Recently I've been able to see her movements, but if I accidentally sneeze, the peacock embroidery will be finished before I know it, so I can't even afford to blink."


What kind of embroidery class requires a level 6 dynamic vision to see...?

Is she even trying to teach?

Allis-chan's mother seemed to be a normal lady, but alas...She wasn't.

If you can't even catch the afterimages of her hands... then you can't summarise that as just "very skilled" anymore.

I'm sure Allis-chan's mother also has the[Super Acceleration] skill. Probably.


As we chatted while descending the mountain, Paul-san was the one who put together our schedule for the day.


"For now, there is a meadow after this road. After getting used to slime hunting and herb picking, we can move on to horned rabbits."


Yes, this is Paul-san. The same Paul-san who brought us all the way here with the Schneiver Company's carriage.

Of course, 2 six-year-old girls would never be allowed to go hunting by themselves...

Paul-san will act as our chaperone for the leveling and Marcus-san might be joining us later on as well.

Actually, this particular exercise for Allis-chan's also serves as my practical training.

With my skills and high HP, I could probably handle a one-horned rabbit, but games and reality are different.

I may have some high stats, but I'm sorely lacking in experience.

I wonder if the C-level adventurer Marcus-san could help me in that area~


By the time we reached the meadow, the sky in the distance was starting to light up, as though sunrise was near.

Paul-san pointed to the meadow and explained.


"According to the people staying at the lodge, white mushrooms grow at the roots of the trees here. They requested we pick them if we find any."


Ooh!! That sounds just like a tutorial quest!!

In fact, rather than a tutorial done through a game screen, actually finding and collecting them sounds way more fun.


"Allis-chan, let's go mushroom picking!!"


At this point, it's just a pain to keep up that noble lady speech and I've already reverted to speaking normally, but I guess it'll be fine.


"Wow, mushroom picking!! That sounds fun~ I wonder if we can find any?"


Now if Allis-chan can get the "Harvesting" skill from this, it would contribute that little bit to her leveling, and picking mushrooms until we find some slimes would help build up her strength too.

The three of us set out to the nearest thicket.

The trees that made up the thicket were about the size of azalea trees often planted between roads and pedestrian paths in Japan, and were uninteresting trees with no flowers or fruits.

Allis-chan and I peeked at the base of the trees.


"No mushrooms here, huh~"


"Let's check the other trees too."


After that, we searched from one tree to another.

The main goal is to raise Allis-chan's level, so I'm having her take the lead in mushroom hunting.


"Wow!! There's a mushroom here!!"


"Allis-chan obtained the Shiraboso mushroom."


"Oh, are those medicinal herbs? I'll go pick a few~"


"Allis-chan obtained the Pechpech grass."


"Wow~ That's a really big fruit. I'll take it home as a souvenir~"


"Allis-chan obtained the Colcoll berries."


"Fueeeeeh!! Bella-chan!! What have you been doing for awhile now~?!"


"Sorry. It's nothing."


Each time you collect a material in a game, there will be a commentary on who collected what.

I wonder who's doing that play-by-play?

Incidentally, this was the real world so obviously there was no one to narrate, so I thought I'd do it instead.


"Are you familiar with medicinal herbs, Miss Isabella? You're quite knowledgeable about their names."


Paul-san crouched down to make eye contact with me, and asked a question with a smile.


"Nope, I'm not familiar with them at all. I have a skill similar to Ursch-kun's 'Appraisal', so I'm just reading it off that."


As I replied Paul-san, Allis-chan excitedly joined the conversation.


"Yes!! Bella-chan's amazing!! She has both 'Appraisal' and 'Analyze'!!"


That wasn't exactly correct, but I didn't know how to explain it to Allis-chan. So, I pretended it was because I had both "Appraisal" and "Analyze" skills.


"I see. Both 'Appraisal' and 'Analyze'... The same as the young master."


That wasn't exactly correct for him either, though.


"That means, you can 'Analyze' me too?"


Paul-san asked with a smile.


"Yes, but I won't say. Besides, the people at Schneiver Company already know about it, right?"


"Yes, they do. But please keep it a secret from others, okay?"


"Yes, I know."


I know already, so could you please stop trying to intimidate me with that smile on your face?

I have a vague idea of Paul-san's former occupation based on the skills he has, but I don't have any proof and I don't plan on blabbing about it to others. So can you stop it with that intimidating smile already?

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