Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 33: Frontline Journalist (6) Part 2

Buster was tied, and his body fell backward with the chair on the floor.

There was a bloody hole in his head and a large puddle of blood on the floor.

The man was dead through and through.

The crowd looked at the situation in the room.

It was as though they saw their future.

The task itself was at any time with death.

In the silence, someone took the lead to break the eerie atmosphere.

"Report to the organization, listen to the organization's arrangements."

So someone called the "Birds."

"Hello, this is "Insect." Something important happened again. Buster was taken out."

The person on the other end was surprised.

"What? What happened? Find out who did it and get rid of him. Buster must have betrayed us. If we don't kill him, the secret of the organization will be leaked, and we will all die."

The "Insects" listened to the arrangement and quickly began to act.

The taverns and nightclubs were not yet open, but they knocked on their doors.

They were welcomed with an annoyed face.

The result was naturally nothing.

No one knew where Buster had gone after drinking.

The new leader was the man who led the group to look for someone.

He was a young man named Brian.

Brian suggested that they had to come back in the evening.

If someone had bought Buster's information last night, they could buy that person's information as well.

There was nothing better to use than money in that country now.

Ah Jin had Mani drive them to the address.

They just looked at it from a distance and did not approach.

It was a warehouse, the surrounding area was heavily patrolled, and if her guess was correct, the place could be an important stronghold.

Occasionally there were outsiders taken in and searched upon entering.

They should be similar to the people who went to get the goods like Daniel.

This was hard to mix in.

The people of their own country were checked so strictly, let alone two foreign, unfamiliar faces.

The only way was to call the phone number of the man named Kurt and see if she could get an appointment.

Ah Jin returned to the hotel and called Kurt as a buyer.

"Hello, is this Mr. Kurt?"

"Which one are you?"

"I heard from others that you have good equipment on your side and would like to order a batch from you."

"I do have it, but how much do you want. I can't do it if it's less."

Ah Jin asked again, "How much is the minimum you can do?"

"2000 gold."

Ah Jin thought for a moment.

"Yes, should I pick up the goods, or will you deliver them to me?"

After a moment's hesitation on the other side of the phone, Kurt said, "How do I address you, sir."


"Mr. Desi, if I have the goods, I will contact you as soon as possible. Sorry I don't have such a large amount here now."

Ah Jin was in no hurry.

"I will be waiting for your good news, Mr. Kurt."

The call ended, and Sanlang came up and asked, "How's it going, Brother Zhou, is it done?"

Ah Jin shook her head.

"The other side is very cautious. Let's wait for news."

Sanlang was somewhat anxious.

"What should we do? In two days, the guard team is going to pick us up at the embassy. If they fail to pick us up, they will definitely search all over the city. When that happens, we won't have so much time."

Ah Jin told him, "Don't worry about them. The first thing to do is our business. We will one day confront them."

Sanlang didn't understand.

Were they not there to protect them?

Why would they need to fight?

Ah Jin saw his dumb expression and did not explain much.

Foolish people had their fortune.

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