Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 33: Frontline Journalist (6) Part 1

This was the end of the information.

The "Insects" had not met the "Viper."

The headquarters ‘ location also was unknown.

They were responsible for Country A, while the headquarter was in Country B.

It was not practical for Ah Jin to go from Country A to Country B.

The two returned to the hotel at midnight and organized the information collected today.

Ah Jin already guessed the probable reason but still needed to confirm.

Morning came, Sanlang woke up with two large dark circles under his eyes.

He did not see the specific situation last night, but he could make up a horrific scene with his imagination.

It left a small psychological shadow on him.

But then he looked at Ah Jin, who was alive and kicking and looking great.

She was having another good and happy day.

"Brother Zhou, what are we going to do today?"

"Today, we go to Daniel's place to see if there are any clues on his side."

On the other side, the "Insects" were still waiting for their leader, who had gone out for a drink last night and had not returned.

One of the men joked, "Could it be that the leader had a wild and happy time last night and got drunk and forgot to come back?"

Another member seriously said, "Impossible. The leader is a man of discretion. He will not stay out all night. I think something may have happened."

Once the words came out, the crowd fell silent.

Although Buster was usually very arrogant and good at drinking, he was still earnest in his business.

So this was the first time that he had stayed out all night like today.

One man stood up and said, "Come on, we can't wait any longer. Let's go out and look for him. We have to see him in person, alive or dead."

On Ah Jin's side, Mani drove the two of them to Daniel's home again.

Daniel was happy.

"Mr. Zhou, we meet again."

Ah Jin opened the door and explained to Daniel the purpose of this visit.

"Daniel, to tell you the truth, I am actually a journalist. I came to collect information about the civil war in your country. I hope to get the real information and report the story so that your country can also get support from the international. I hope I can get your help!"

Daniel was silent for a moment and asked, "How can I help you, sir."

Ah Jin continued, "I won't put you at risk. You just need to introduce your supplier to me, and I'll ask him a few questions."

Daniel asked, "Will it endanger my safety?"

Ah Jin showed a harmless smile, "No."

Daniel pondered but refused.

He only gave a phone number and a delivery address.

Ah Jin took some money to thank Daniel, "I will remember your help, thank you very much."

Daniel and Ah Jin shook hands.

"I wish you success, Mr. Zhou."

The number Daniel gave was a man named Kurt, and the address was a place where he often went to pick up his goods.

But this time was not as lucky as last time when they could catch someone directly in the tavern.

This time it was a large, well-equipped organization that dealt with a large number of people.

Of course, with Ah Jin, she was not afraid to fight them hard on her own, but it was still important to do the mission.

The energy was still very important.

To find a way to capture someone out, one should only outsmart them instead of fighting hard.

On the other side, the "Insects" were still looking for their leader.

They finally found him at night in a broken building near the alley.

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