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When Su Ling returned to the lobby, the store is already open for business. He didn't see Nalu, so he asked Xiao Bian. Pointing to the office, Xiao Bian informed him, "A bunch of people came to discuss business, and there are still two of them who haven't left." Then he moved nearer and whispered in a low voice, "Their background is not small; the young master of the Xiao family has come in person."

Su Ling raised his eyebrows. When the Xiao family is mentioned, he immediately thought of the protagonist gong Xiào Rui, who has a good relationship with Lin Meng. As for his appearance, Su Ling has only seen him from afar in school. Although he is not sure if the person in the office is Xiào Rui, Su Ling decided to avoid him. He still remembered what Zhao Qi said (about him chasing after Xiào Rui). In any case, there must not be any misunderstanding that he has anything to do with Xiào Rui.

However, things don’t quite go his way. When he was about to go out through the other entrance, he saw Nalu coming out of the office from the right. Among the two people behind him, one of them was Xiào Rui, wearing a shirt and trousers. He has to say that the protagonist's charm point is indeed solid. Only 18 years old but Xiào Rui is already very tall, sunny and handsome.

Xiào Rui was stunned when he saw Su Ling, hesitating to say hello.

Before he could speak, another man with a chestnut hair in a suit and leather shoes looked at Su Ling in surprise, "Why are you here?"

Staring at the man, Su Ling doesn’t have any impression about who is that person at all.

Nalu frowned and said to the man with chestnut hair, "Please get out, our shop does not welcome the people from the Su Family."

Oh, no wonder that man knows him.

The man glanced back and forth between Su Ling and Nalu and said, "Xiao Ao (Su Ao) said that you were bought by a sugar daddy, it turned out to be true!"

Su Ling: "..."

Surprisingly, Nalu became furious, and grabbed the man’s arm, dragging him out, "Scram! Do you fking know how to speak? You standing here in the store simply pollutes the air."

That person wanted to fight back, but a staff who had been watching the situation rushed forward and grabbed his other arm. Together with Nalu, they dragged the man to the exit.

"Let go of me, this is your way of hospitality? If you don't let go, I will call the police!"

Reaching the exit, Nalu let go of the man and said, "Bah, we don't have a customer like you in our store."

Su Ling walked towards the door, and Xiào Rui suddenly said, "You...if you are in trouble, you can ask a friend for help. I heard Meng Meng mention you many times. He was very worried about you when he knew that you had severed the relationship with your family."

Xiào Rui is being kind, so Su Ling couldn't ignore him. He explained, "You have misunderstood. That man was talking nonsense, I'm not in any trouble at all."

He walked to the door and caught the Nalu, who looked like he wants to hit the man. Then he coldly looked at the man with chestnut hair.

"You can eat random food, but you can’t speak random words. This is my shop. Stay away from me in the future, or suffer the consequences."

"Your shop?" The man opened his eyes widely, "how is it possible?"

Su Ling: "How can it be impossible for my mother to leave her belongings to me?"

The man’s expression changed a few times, and he adjusted his tie, "Just about right then, sell the Redthorn Ball to the Su Family."

Su Ling couldn't help laughing, "The sky is not dark yet, it’s a little earlier to start dreaming." After he finished speaking, he smiled, "Scram, you are not welcome here."

"You!" The man was shocked. Is this the same weakling nephew? "Don't forget, your last name is Su!"

Su Ling lifted his eyes and looked at him lightly, too lazy to say anything, "Scram."

Had it not been his original name is Su Ling as well, he would have changed his last name a long time ago.

Nalu humph-ed at the man, "Xiao Ling has severed ties with the Su Family, do you want me to search the news online for you? Or invite the media over and let them report that your Su Family knows that Xiao Ling has a Grade A spiritual plant in his hands. Seeing that he is young, you want to take advantage of him?"

The man’s expression suddenly changed: "What nonsense... no, you mean the Grade A spiritual plant belongs to him? How could it be possible!" Quickly returning to his sense from being stunned, he looked at Nalu like he’s(N) a fool, "You gifted it to him? His pheromone is so stinky, it's not worth..."

Nalu clenched his fist and raised it, waving towards the man's face, "Is your brain fking broken?"

"Manager, don't be impulsive." The staff quickly grabbed Nalu, and Su Ling stepped forward to grab Nalu's arm.

After Nalu calmed down, he snorted softly and watched the man avoiding his look embarrassedly.

Su Ling looked at the man and said, "This shop and spiritual plant are left to me by my mother."

"How is it possible? I have never heard of it!"

Su Ling raised his eyebrows, "If you have heard of it, then this shop and the spiritual plants would probably not mine anymore, but the Su's." He pointed his finger on the right side, towards the end of the street, "If you still don’t leave, I will call the police."

Man: "You dare?!"

Su Ling raised his hand and tapped on his bracelet.

"Wait," The man’s expression looked ugly, "I’m leaving, who wants to be here!" He adjusted his expression, then smiled and nodded to Xiào Rui. After that, he glared at Nalu and Su Ling before striding away.

Nalu put on a standard smile and apologized to Xiào Rui, "Sorry, we let you see an embarrassing scene."

Xiào Rui: "It's okay." He realized that he had misunderstood before, and said to Su Ling with an embarrassed expression, "The thing I said before, pretend you didn’t hear it."

Su Ling smiled and turned to business mode, "You came for Redthorn Ball?"

Xiào Rui: "Yes, I want to buy, we can negotiate the price."

Su Ling: "I won't sell it for any money."

Xiào Rui has been rejected by Nalu earlier, so he is not disappointed this time. "Tell me which auction house? I want to discuss with them to start the auction as soon as possible. I urgently need the ball liquid."

When he said this, his brows furrowed unconsciously.

Su Ling turned to look at Nalu, but Nalu shook his head. He knew the matter best, although the official website said that the Redthorn Ball has been handed over to the auction house, in fact, things have not been discussed. So no matter who asked which auction house they have engaged, Nalu always answered the boss is handling it, and he didn't know.

Su Ling understood after a second thought. He originally wanted to have a meal with his male god while discussing these things. Although his male god doesn’t need to show up in person to discuss the matter about auctioning the ball liquid, it is a legit reason to contact him. He just didn't expect someone would come asking about it so soon.

After a moment of consideration, Su Ling replied, "Sorry, I won't disclose it for the time being, but I promise that the auction details will be announced tomorrow."

In Planet Belle, after the auction items are delivered to the auction house, the auction house will need to do data collection and some checking. They will also need to do promotional videos before the official auction in order to sell it at high prices. Disclosing information in advance will cause trouble for the auction house's preparations.

Xiào Rui understands the process. Hence, hearing Su Ling explained that there will be news in the next day, he stopped asking more questions, and his expression was much more relaxed, "Thank you, knowing the details, I feel more at ease."

Su Ling: "You're welcome."

After Xiào Rui left, he greeted Nalu and went out from the back door. Next, he called Gu Liheng number. The tone rang for a while before the call got connected. Su Ling smiled and said, "Good evening, have you eaten dinner?"

Gu Liheng: "No."

His voice is the same as his expression, very stable, and there is no emotional change as always. But his voice is low and magnetic which Su Ling likes very much. His delicate eyebrows are raised happily, "Great, I'll treat you to dinner. What do you want to eat?"

Gu Liheng became silent.

Su Ling didn't know why he didn't speak, but it’s fine as long as he didn't refuse. So he continued, "I have something to discuss with you, and also one very important thing to tell you." He heavily emphasized the word ‘very important’.

Gu Liheng remained silent for a moment before agreeing, "Okay, you decide what to eat."

Su Ling immediately said, "Wait for my message."

After hanging up the call, Su Ling immediately looked for a restaurant near the mountain villa. He chose a gourmet restaurant with private rooms and have a quiet environment. After booking a private room, he sent Gu Liheng the location of the restaurant and the number of the private room and then took a taxi.

The call ended, and Gu Liheng’s eyes fell on the holographic screen again. There were many treatment suggestions Mill gave him.

  • Relax yourself. You don't need to think about smiling first. Let your emotions control your expression. You can be angry, nervous, or stifled.
  • Starting from appearance, change into clothes you don't often wear, change your hairstyle, go to lively places, and watch how others express their emotions.
  • Ask people you know to go out, sing, drink, eat. Whatever you do, get along with the people.

Domi stands on the right side of the sofa, and beside it was a mobile hanger which is full of various types of clothing; youth, hip-hop, punk… none of it is Gu Liheng's style.

Domi reminded for the third time, "Master, you should have dinner soon."

Gu Liheng: "I will be going out to eat."

He got up and stood still in front of the clothes hanger. At this moment, a message tone sounded. It was the address and room number sent by Su Ling. Gu Liheng turned back to the hanger and finally chose a conservative suit (常服). He is not mentally prepared for clothes that are too different from his usual style, especially to have dinner with the young man later. He went into the bedroom to change clothes, but just a simple act like this made his muscles tense. In his heart, Gu Liheng was very resistant and does not want to not change anything, just keep his style as usual. But no, he cannot stay in that restricted world any longer.

"Who let you wear this kind of clothes? Do you want them to treat you as a child?"

"Don't smile! When you smile, they will think that you are easy to bully. Only when you are serious can you have the momentum/aura. Don't let them underestimate you."


The sound of a ruler hitting the palm of his hand seemed to explode in Gu Liheng’s ears, a trace of panic flashed across his face. He quickly returned to his expressionless face and stopped in the middle of pulling his clothes down his head. In the quiet room, his gasping sound was very obvious, and his body trembled uncontrollably. The sound of women's scolding, screaming, crying, the sound of a ruler and a whip hitting on someone were echoing in his ears.

It’s fine to not change anything. Isn’t his current life going well right now?

His fingers slightly moved, he grabbed the hem of his clothes and lifted it up, trying to take off hoodie (卫衣)[1] from his head. A ringing tone sounded all of a sudden, and it woke him up. With his jaw tightened, Gu Liheng quickly pulled the clothing down onto his body, and promptly put on jeans of the same colour. After he calmed down a little, he tapped to connect the call.

The boy’s voice was brisk, “Did you receive the address? You already agreed so you can’t go back on your words. If you don’t come, I’ll go to the villa to find you.”

Looking at the full-length mirror, Gu Liheng tidied the hood of his top in a jerky manner and said, "I got the address already, will leave immediately."

The boy smiled and said, "No hurry, I haven't arrived yet."

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[1] Banana is not sure what clothing Gu Liheng is wearing because the Chinese keyword is different, between the one he picked (常服) and the one he is wearing (卫衣) == But most probably is a long-sleeved hoodie. That will at least match the conservative part from the clothing he picked earlier.