Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 33 - Brother Lin is the best!

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"Brat aren't you courageous? I haven't even started looking for you and you came looking for me!"

There was no one with Luo Lin so Brother Dragon was certain he came alone. Not to mention that Luo Lin was unarmed and clad in just a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, so that gave Brother Dragon more courage.

Never had he witnessed such a young fellow rising to that extent in merely a few days. Even though Luo Lin seemed really energetic, he had a really skinny appearance so how strong could he be?

On the scene, including Brother Dragon, there are 4 people. The other henchmen had been informed, and were hiding in a nearby hotel. They can arrive in a few minutes, so what should he be afraid of?

Unfortunately, Brother Dragon was mistaken. He did not realize that he had provoked someone he should never have offended in his lifetime.

Luo Lin didn't pay Brother Dragon any heed. He remained expressionless but within his calm gaze contained murderous intent. Luo Lin reached out and tore the shutter door apart making "Clink Clank" sounds.

As the door was relatively high-quality, the ripped parts were exceptionally sharp. That caused Luo Lin's hands to bleed.

When the hole was as large as a person, Luo Lin's hands were already overflowing with blood.


Luo Lin threw his fist out ruthlessly, causing the glass door to shatter, leaving a bunch of glass remnants on the ground.

He remained silent as he walked into the bar.

Blood dripped from Luo Lin's hands, and the entire bar was so quiet only dripping sounds could be heard.

Luo Lin pulled the sleeve of his shirt and tore it into two strips, he then wiped the blood on his hands and skillfully wrapped it around his hands.

The coldness in his eyes got more terrifying by the moment.

The sound of shattered glass shook their hearts. Chi Shi's heart palpitated when he saw Luo Lin being so calm. He had seen Luo Lin's fierce methods and knew that the latter wasn't someone who pulled bluffs.

The calm and quiet demeanor Luo Lin showed terrified Chi Shi greatly. So much that he walked tremblingly over to Brother Dragon: "Brother Dragon, don't confront him. It was our fault... let's just talk with him so that matters won't blow up, maybe there's still room for negotiation..."

Brother Dragon wished to slap Chi Shi to the floor!

However, he had to take into account the identity of Chi Shi's father. If things go south, he would need to rely on Chi Shi's relationship to help him.

Although he dared not offend Chi Shi, Brother Dragon did not give him any face.

If Brother Dragon submits to a highschool student, then there's no need for him to mix anymore. He waved his hands coldly: "When we start fighting, you can stay at the side if you're afraid, you don't have to do anything. Today, no matter what, Luo Lin must give me an explanation." After he said that, he did not do anything.

They were fighting 4 against 1, even if they won the fight, injuries are inevitable. So he might as well wait for his other henchmen to arrive before doing anything.

Luo Lin was alone, what could he achieve with the strength of one person?

Luo Lin had already made his way over to Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan. Under the gazes of the 4 enemies in the bar, he crouched down slowly and patted Qin Wanshu's shoulder: "Aunt Qin, don't cry. I'm here, everything will be alright."

Qin Wanshu had long since been on the verge of collapsing, and along with the effects of the drug kicking in, she fainted in Luo Lin's embrace.

Luo Lin gently supported Qin Wanshu. He took off his shirt and covered Song Meiyuan with it, covering her disheveled clothes and bruised skin.

When Luo Lin looked at Song Meiyuan's heart wrenching appearance, his heart throbbed painfully. He raised his hand and gently caressed her slightly swollen face, his hands which were wrapped with cloth strips gave her a calming warmth.

He gently wiped away her tears with his thumb, suppressing the anger within him, he showed a pampering smile and his gaze was brimming with tenderness and heartache: "Be obedient, don't cry. Tell me who did this to you, I will rip his arm off."

Luo Lin had no shirt on right now. Under normal circumstances, he appeared thin but who knew that he was so well-built under his clothes.

He had well-proportioned chest muscles and 8 pack abs. Those muscles did not appear exaggerated, it looked perfect.

Song Meiyuan's consciousness was still in a state of blurriness. All she felt at the moment was that Luo Lin who looked like an angel that descended from the heavens possessed such a gentle smile. His masculine scent gave her a sense that he was a reliable mountain.

Perhaps it was the drugs, she felt so comfortable that she wanted to faint in his arms.

Luo Lin at this time appeared so tall and lofty in her eyes. However, a trace of consciousness in her mind told her: 'No, don't relax. Luo Lin is still a kid, these people are shrewd hooligans, they did all this to harm Luo Lin, and now he came alone, isn't that akin to walking into the tiger's den?'

"Little Lin, hurry run away... t-they... they want to harm you..." Song Meiyuan mustered the strength in her body and whispered weakly in a hoarse voice.

Song Meiyuan used her remaining consciousness to show concern for Luo Lin. Her actions made Luo Lin's heartthrob, he felt both warmth and heartache, but more of it was anger.

He wanted to know who dared to beat up such a good woman who treated himself as well as Qin Wanshu!


Finally, Song Meiyuan's eyelids closed under her sleepiness, and her head fell onto Luo Lin's sturdy chest.

The ladies were exhausted from all the tossing, and they both collapsed into Luo Lin's arm like deflated balloons. Luo Lin hugged them with each arm and stood up, placing them on a sofa behind the counter under the gazes of everyone.

From the beginning, no one in the bar dared to touch Luo Lin. They were not afraid, but... Luo Lin's fierceness made him look like a cornered beast. If they acted rashly they know that even if they subdued him, they would be covered in wounds, so they might as well wait for reinforcements to arrive before taking this fellow down together.

The crowd was thinking of these when the door was pushed open from the outside. In an instant, the bright light from the outside illuminated every corner of the bar.

Brother Dragon and the others were stunned by the light. Even though they couldn't make out the person's appearance, they felt great joy.

'It must be reinforcements!'

'Only our men will have the keys to the door.'

At this moment, the glass door had also been opened with a key.

When Brother Dragon, Chi Shi, and the other 2 blondies looked over after adapting to the light, they were dumbfounded.

The comer was his henchmen, but... the person who opened the door was someone else who appeared to be a student.

Alongside this person, there were 4 other students of various statures, the only thing in common was their furious expressions.

The 7-8 henchmen of Brother Dragon had bruises all over their bodies and were surrounded by 20 over students outside the gate.

They could only make out 10-20 people because they were looking from within the bar, so their vision was limited. If they stuck their heads out to look, they would be shocked beyond words.

Because of Luo Lin's words, the entire alley was filled with people. Everyone had black gloves on their left hand, although they weren't holding bricks, their group of over a hundred people attracted the gazes of the students around.

Especially the One High students, their eyes shone with splendor as they looked at the crowd of people with black gloves on their left hand. Needless to ask, it must be Brother Lin's matters, every situation seemed more awesome than the other.

They had the honor to personally witness this event. After they return to school, they can boast about the matter for at least a week!

"Damn, what are you looking at? Fu*king go back to what you're doing, there's nothing to see here!"

At this moment, 4-5 vans arrived at the alleyway. A bunch of men came down from the van, and these people weren't students, these were tanned and muscular adults. There were over 30 of them, each one holding either clubs or metal pipes, and although their numbers were few, their momentum wasn't any weaker than the black-gloved students.

Especially the man who exuded a heroic spirit with a crewcut, his body emanated a fierce momentum!

Some of the students who were well-informed felt so much admiration that their jaws almost dropped: "What the fuck! Things are big! South Street's Brother Wolfdog is here! Does he want to fight with Luo Lin?"

However, Wolfdog's next move dispelled some people's conjectures.

He had 30 over brothers behind him, all of them wore a black glove on their right hand and they strode to the entrance of Pink Mummy bar. Wolfdog waved his hand: "Listen up brothers, Luo Lin's my good brother. He has said that Dragon Egg will die today! Block all of the exits in this area. If Brother Lin doesn't say anything, then not even a fly can escape today!"


When the Black Gloves heard Brother Wolfdog's words, they felt their blood boiling and waved their gloves in the air.

That person was Brother Wolfdog of the South Street, and he called their boss "Brother Lin".

'This is impressive!'

'Our boss freaking awesome!'

Those students who were shoved back into the internet cafes continued to look out the windows, they all felt their blood boiling after hearing these words and witnessing the sensational scene.

'This is awesome, so fu*king awesome!'

'Luo Lin is the brother of South Street’s Wolfdog!'

A 17-year-old high school student, and a 30-year-old gangster being brothers.

That wasn't only the glory of Luo Lin's followers. Being part of One High, they also felt a sense of pride within their hearts!

'Luo Lin is a living legend!'

Qian Hu?

Prince of the Underworld?

All of them are floating clouds, they can go home and play with their eggs!

'Black Gloves are awesome!'

'Brother Lin is the best!'

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