Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 33-1: Something Happened to Third Young Master


Imperial National Defense Academy of Science.

A middle-aged man in a green military uniform escorted Lou Ming.

“Scholar Lou, please follow me.” According to Lou Ming’s achievements in weapon design they should’ve called him ‘teacher’, but because he’s very young they simply called him ‘scholar’. The nation’s Academy of Science’s special scholar.

Lou Ming nodded and followed the middle-aged man forward with a glimmer of anticipation in his eyes.

“The thing was shipped to Imperial city this afternoon.” The middle-aged man named Liu Mu was also a weapon expert in the Ministry of National Defense. He walked as he gave Lou Ming an introduction, “This weapon was excavated in Nanling a month ago by a group of archaeologists.”

“Nanling? During the Warring States Period there was a boundary between the Kingdom of Qiyang and Fengyu there.” Lou Ming said.

“That’s right.” Liu Mu continued, “Professor Fang of the archaeological team said the tomb probably belonged to a Qiyang general during the Warring States Period; there are a large number of weapons from that era inside the tomb. The copper sword that’s in the research room now was found inside the tomb owner’s coffin.”

“In the test results report you gave me, it’s mentioned you detected a strange energy from this bronze sword.” Lou Ming had received a report from the Ministry of National Defense in the afternoon. The report said there should only be one cold-steel weapon emitting a strange heat energy.

If this weapon really possessed a strange energy, then it would be a big breakthrough in the history of weapon production. Lou Ming was very interested in this, so he rushed excitedly that night.

“Yes.” Liu Mu said, “After testing, we found the energy is not emitting radiation. We monitored the energy’s waves and found the source comes from a strange totem on the hilt, but we really can’t figure out how this energy and weapon merge or how it’s applied.”

The two of them walked to Lou Ming’s private research room, it’s a fully transparent room made of bullet-proof glass. Because of his physique, it’s impossible to keep people around when Lou Ming is conducting his research. The Ministry made this room because they didn’t want people outside the research room to notice anything if something happened with Lou Ming inside the room. [Ed: Then why did they build a glass room?] [T/N: Lol, Ikr?]

Before he entered the room, Lou Ming saw the dark bronze sword through the glass.

“Director Liu, if I don’t come out in two hours, you shouldn’t let people be near here.” Lou Ming reminded Liu Mu.

“Understood.” Liu Mu smiled and nodded. Lou Ming always did this when he came to the National Academy of Sciences; if he stayed inside the room for more than two hours it would mean he encountered a problem and needed more time to overcome it. During this time, no one was allowed to pass within a five-meter range of Lou Ming’s research room.

Liu Mu waited until Lou Ming entered the research room and began to study the bronze sword, before he turned around and left the room completely to Lou Ming and his guards.

The moment Lou Ming stepped into the research room, a strange feeling suddenly rose in his heart. It wasn’t until he raised his hand to touch the bronze sword that the strange feeling gradually became distinct as it changed into a kind of… closeness and familiarity.


Lou Ming was shocked, he retracted his hand and looked at the two-palm sized bronze sword that had suddenly shrunk into the size of half a palm.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

The half-palm sized bronze sword kept vibrating on the table, as if it was calling Lou Ming.

Lou Ming hesitated, raised his hands and picked up the shrunken bronze sword, holding it in his palm and looking at it carefully.

- Earlier in the day -

Chen Yu had no classes on this sunny afternoon, she carried a newly bought backpack while walking out with roller skates.

“Shishi, you really won’t go shopping with us on the weekend, ah?” Fang Feifei shouted to Chen Yu who was about to leave the dormitory.

“Sorry, I really have something to do this weekend. I’ll join you guys next time. By the way…” Chen Yu ran back to her desk, pulled out a silver card from the drawer and handed it to Fang Feifei, “VK’s VIP card, you can use it if you want to buy clothes.”

Tong Chao had given her this VK VIP card. When Chen Yu returned to school after solving the living dead case, her roommates pestered her about why her appearance didn’t change at all even though she was gone for two days. Chen Yu used this card to trick them. She lied that Tong Chao had something to do and had to go abroad temporarily so he gave her this VIP card as compensation. By chance, there was a fashion week being held at the same time [T/N: as when living dead attacked], so Chen Yu managed to bluff her way out.

“You haven’t used this card once since you got it.” Han You said.

“It’s okay, anyway, this card has no expiration date, so it doesn’t matter when it’s used.” Chen Yu said while opening the dormitory door again, “I’m leaving, see you on Monday.”

Chen Yu left the dormitory’s door, pushed off on the newly bought roller skates under her feet and swiftly moved forward on the school’s boulevard in a cool and swift manner.

She was busy with upgrading her account in the Spiritual Website, ah.

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