Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 329 - The Warlord’s Concubine (2)

As the cannon fodder in this world, the original body, Su Wan, had passed away during lunar New Year’s Eve.

The day she passed away, there as a huge snowstorm. Yin Beige rushed back from the military camp and only got to see Su Wan for the last time.

On her deathbed, Su Wan revealed her feelings to Yin Beige once again. He then believed that she never betrayed him and that she always loved him. Unfortunately, everything was too late.

After Su Wan died, Yin Beige became discouraged and dejected. He had suffered injuries during the battle with the rebel band due to being distracted and sunk into sea.

Yin Beige escaped from calamity, escaped by an innocent and kind fisher girl. Under Guan Li’s great care, Yin Beige gradually recovered but he had lost a huge chunk of his memory due to hitting his head on a rock. He didn’t remember his identity or anyone. He only remembered a figure in his mind that never faded. It was a vague woman’s figure. Plus, that woman had a pleasant singing voice.

Yin Beige lived in this fisherman village feeling muddleheaded. Up until one night did he hear the familiar song after waking up in the middle of the night. Yin Beige followed the singing voice and walked over. Under the clear moonlight, he saw the girl singing softly by the ocean.

Guan Li wore thin white clothes as her black hair scattered on her shoulder. She glanced quietly at the sea, singing, her voice mixed with longing.

It was this song.

Yin Beige looked at Guan Li’s silhouette, confused. Her figure actually matched up with the vague figure in his mind. They looked really alike. Was it her?

Yin Beige didn’t know whether Guan Li was the same woman in his mind. But from that moment on, she was different in his heart.

That’s right. Guan Li was the female lead and in reality, Su Wan’s stepsister.

Back then, Su Wan’s birth mother, Tian Menghua, was also from this fisherman village. At that time, she and her husband and their newborn daughter, Guan Li, had lived bitter lives here. Up until Su Family’s fleet had come here to collect goods. Old Lord Su fell in love with Tian Menghua at first sight. She looked forward to the big city and wealthy lifestyle so she left. She abandoned her husband and daughter and became Madam Su. Not long later, she had given birth to Su Wan for Old Lord Su.

When Su Wan was still young, Tian Menghua would think of her other daughter from time to time. She would hum the folk song she learned from the fisherman village back then.Su Wan naturally learned about the song later on. Especially after Tian Menghua died of depression. Su Wan would hum this folk song when she was lonely abroad.

From then on, Yin Beige frequently listened to Su Wan sing this song so he naturally had a deep impression of it.

Therefore, as a cannon fodder, Su Wan’s existence and death would just help the female and male lead.

Two months later, Yin Beige was found by the Yin Family and he was forcibly taken away. But after Yin Beige’s identity was exposed, after he left, the entire fisherman village was attacked and massacred by the rebel band.

Guan Li had escaped from near death. She always misunderstood and thought Yin Beige’s people killed the people in the village. Therefore, she had run all the way to Liao City and snupt into Yin Family to become a maid, wanting to assassinate Yin Beige when she got the chance to.

Yin Beige had gained his memory back but he seemed to have forgotten about Guan Li’s existence.

Up until the Yin Residence hosted a banquet and Yin Beige had gotten drunk. Guan Li took this chance to assassinate him but his deputy officer, Lu An, caught her right then.

The general and the first madam were naturally furious with the assassination. According to the general residence’s rules, they were going to sentence her to death. But Yin Beige took a fancy to Guan Li at this time and wanted her to be his concubine.

That’s right. This was the melodramatic annual show that happened within Yin Family.

In this show, besides Yin Beiyue and Su Wan as the cannon fodders, everyone else, more or less, held important roles.

Yin Family’s madams foughtly secretly. Yao Ruofeng and Guan Li were love rivals and fought hand-to-hand. The three lords of the Yin Family fought one another for power. Guan Li and Yin Beige had a love-hate relationship with each other. In short, the show was really marvelous.

There were two more important male supporting leads in this world.

One was Yin Beige’s deputy officer, Lu Anbai. He fell in love with Guan Li at first sight and was a warm and devoted male supporting lead. Lu Anbai always looked after Guan Li in secret and helped her out when she needed assistance. In the end, he even lost his life for her and Yin Beige.

As for the other male supporting lead, he was Yin Family’s third master, Yin Mingye.

Not only was Yin Mingye a good-for-nothing, he was also a charming crazy person. When Guan Li first entered the Yin Family, he would often tease her. Others silently tolerated Third Master Yin’s teasing but only Guan Li rose vigorously to fight back.

The more she fought back, the more interested Third Master Yin was in her. After several times, Third Master Yin thought that he had found his true love. Therefore, this good-for-nothing had become a bitter male supporting lead.

Su Wan rubbed her aching head. Yin Beige was resisting against the rebel band with Lu Anbai right now so he couldn’t come back in a short period of time.

Therefore, if Su Rui was Lu Anbai, then she had to wait a few days for him. But...what if Su Rui was Third Master Yin?

Damn. It’d really become a show of ethics of the year!

“Eldest madam!”

Su Wan was just thinking when Shuning that she just dismissed not too long ago had hurried back into the room.

“Shuning, why did you come back so early?”

Su Wan looked at Shuning strangely. She ordered Shuning to go to a pharmacy at the neighboring street to grab some medicine for her. This girl had come back too quickly!

After all, Yin Residence was quite huge. As the eldest madam, she could only live in the side courtyard however.

From this side courtyard to the backdoor of the Yin Residence required a long walking distance.

“Eldest madam, um...third, third master is here.”

Shuning’s tone was full of endless alarm.

She originally planned on walking out through the back door as ordered by Su Wan but before she could walk out, she saw the gloomy looking Third Master Yin.

Damn. Third master, you’re already terrifying without a gloomy face. Now that you’re wearing a gloomy face, you’re about to scare someone witless okay?

The maids in the Yin Residence weren’t afraid of the first or second madam, but rather the single Third Master Yin.

Not only was the third master known for being a playboy in the Liao City, he knew lots of despicable and unspeakable methods. There were at least a hundred girls who died to his torturous methods.

In short, you won’t even see a hen on the streets if the third master is there.

Every day and night, families with daughters would guard against theft, fire, and the third master!

Speaking of, ever since Su Wan married into the Yin Family, Shunning and Su Wan had been living in the side courtyard because of Su Wan’s special identity. As a result, she rarely saw this third master too..

“Take me to see the eldest madam.”

The third master ordered coldly. Shuning felt her legs going weak hearing his words. But thinking that this is the Yin Family and her young miss was the eldest madam of the Yin Family no matter what and she also got the protection of the second master, the third master wouldn’t do anything for her right?

In the end, Shuning listened and returned to the side courtyard.

Shuning returned and immediately exclaimed to Su Wan in a terrified tone. Before she finished, an icy voice rang. “Scram!”

Shuning was speechless.

Eldest madam, please save me!


Su Wan couldn’t help but chuckle. Then she patted the back of Shuning’s hand, comforting, “It’s fine. Shuning, you can go for now. I’m...going to talk to third uncle.”

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