Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 328 - The Warlord’s Concubine (1)

In November in Liao City, the snow covered the ground and the wind blew.

City Center, Yin Family courtyard.

Shuning came out of the kitchen wearing a thick coat. She sprinted over, carrying a warm bento box in her arms.

The maids in the courtyard couldn’t help but whisper upon seeing her rushed expression.

It was the coldest time of the year. Shunning went to boil some soup for the eldest madam. She probably wouldn’t make it through this winter.

Yin Residence’s maids all sighed, speaking of this unfortunate woman.

The woman in the courtyard was the eldest miss from the Su Family. She had studied abroad and was much more knowledgeable.

In the end, she still landed herself this tragic ending~

In this deep Yin Residence, just how many women get to live good lives? Live happily?

Sigh. Don’t mention Yin Family’s courtyard but even this entire Liao City, didn’t it belong to Yin Family?


Shuning just returned to the side courtyard to hear coughs coming from inside.

“Eldest madam!”

Shuning picked up her pace and rushed into the room in a few strides. The furnace was still burning. On top of the floral carving bed sat a lady wearing a blue cheongsam coughing non stop while bending over.

“Eldest madam, are you okay? The soup is here. Have a few sips and your throat will be relieved.”

Shuning carefully patted the woman’s back and then opened the bento box, revealing the warm tonics inside still.

“Place that down.”

Su Wan’s throat was a bit hoarse. She glanced at her personal maid, Shuning and then waved at her. “Shuning, come over.”


Shuning carefully walked over to Su Wan and respectfully. Su Wan bent over and exclaimed softly in Shuning. Her expression immediately turned frightened.

“Eldest madam, this…”


Su Wan shook her head at Shuning and then said, “Follow my order and make sure the first madam doesn’t find out. If she does, even if she beats you to death, you mustn’t admit that I told you to buy it. Do you understand?”

“This maid remembers.”


Su Wan was at ease with Shuning. After all, the original body brought her out from the Su Family. “Shuning, sorry for all the trouble for the past two years. Don’t worry. The hard days will pass. Yin Family’s people, especially the women in this back yard...I won’t let them go.”

Glancing at Su Wan’s harsh gaze, Shuning froze but then she couldn’t help but become worried for Su Wan. “Eldest madam, your body…”

“No worries. I have my own way. You can leave.”


Shuning left, worried. Meanwhile, Su Wan sat on the bed herself and glanced at the warm soup on the table. She couldn’t help but sneer.

Just how weak was the eldest madam’s body?

Sick my ass!

She was clearly poisoned by a slow poison!

Speaking of, the first madam of the Yin Family was definitely a harsh figure. She wanted to poison the original body through this method. If Su Wan hadn’t entered the mission world at this time, the original body would’ve been dead before the lunar New Year’s Eve for sure.

Sigh. Just what sort of enmity did they have?

Speaking of, the original body had never done anything to hurt anyone but her whole life had been ruined by Yin Family.

The Yin Family had control over billions of soldiers, controlling the entire Liao City and a few neighboring cities.

Yin Family’s lord, Yin Shun, was the ruler of Liao City. Everyone called him General Yin while the second master of the Yin Family was Yin Chengmo. He just reached thirty and he was already the executive of the northern chamber of commerce, controlling vast wealth.

As for the third master of the Yin Family, he was the youngest of the three brothers and also the most immature one. He always fooled around and gambled, absorbing and learning all the bad habits. Because he had two powerful and wealthy brothers, Yin Family’s third master, Yin Mingye, could be said to be the super hooligan of Liao City.

The male lead of this world was Yin Beige. He was the oldest son of General Yin and known as Young General Yin in Liao City.

Yin Beige and the original body, Su Wan, had gotten to know each other from abroad. The two fell in love. When they were eighteen, they planned on returning to get married but after returning, Yin Beige was called to the front line of the military camp to train by his father. As for the Su Family, they were completely in the dark. They prepared dowry for Su Wan as according to the arranged time. They happily married their daughter into the Su Family. When they were holding the wedding ceremony, they realized that they were deceived by the Yin Family. The groom wasn’t the young and accomplished Yin Beige but rather Yin Shun’s oldest son, Yin Beiyue.

Who didn’t know that the general’s oldest son was lying on his deathbed?

Su Family wanted to break the promise of marriage but this was Liao City! Yin Family had control over this entire area so there was nothing they could do!

Therefore, that night, the original body, Su Wan, was brought into the wedding chamber forcibly in order to bring austerity.

Thankfully, Yin Beiyue was a reasonable person. Though he was weak and sickly, he was a gentleman. He knew that Su Wan and his brother were in love with each other so he promised her that they would work together to fool his mother.

The two hadn’t consummated but they acted lovey-dovey in front of people. For a moment, the first madam was actually fooled.

Who knew that it didn’t last for long. Not long later, Yin Beiyue grew sicker and sicker. Grateful for his favor, Su Wan took care of him carefully every day but Yin Beige returned from the frontline at this time.

The male lead felt attacked finding out that the woman he loved married his elder brother, and the two were lovey-dovey.

That’s right. The grand general’s woman was stolen and the person who did that was his beloved brother!

What the heck was this!

The charming and arrogant male lead refused to accept this nor could he forgive this fickle woman.

Therefore, on a certain night, Yin Beige barged into Su Wan’s room drunk. He wanted to force her. The original body didn’t expect that the man she loved not only didn’t believe her, was also going to torture her like this. She naturally struggled and resisted, shouting for help. Her voice startled Yin Beiyue on the bed.

Seeing his brother’s actions, Yin Beiyue naturally helped Su Wan. Who knew that while the three were struggling, the sickly Yin Beiyue was pushed to the side and his head bumped against the crack of the table, and died.

Fine. This was a deceptive story.

After Yin Beiyue died, the first madam thought that it was because Su Xiao misconducted and seduced her brother-in-law, and ultimately led to her husband’s death.

Therefore, the first madam really hated Su Wan.

On the other hand, the male lead had accidentally killed his elder brother, making him feel really ashamed. From then on, he decided to treat Su Wan respectfully and take care of her.

Because of Yin Beiyue’s special concern over Su Wan, the first madam thought that Su Wan still had feelings for her second son.

The first madam, Yao Baiqian, was the one that came up with the idea to marry Su Wan off to Yin Beiyue. This was because she had already decided with her brother to marry her niece, Yao Ruofang, to marry into Yin Family and have her become the general’s madam.

How could she possibly let another woman be her daughter-in-law?

Half a year after Yin Beiyue died, Yin Beige listened to his parents’ arrangement and married Yao Family’s young miss or his cousin, Yao Ruofeng.

Yao Ruofeng loved Yin Beige at a young age so she naturally obeyed his every word after marriage.

Unfortunately, after what happened with his ex, Young General Yin didn’t like his wife at all.

Yao Ruofeng was given the cold shoulder by her husband and she, more or less, heard about the scandal between Yin Beige and Su Wan in the Yin Family. Thinking of how her husband was concerned over her widowed sister-in-law, she was furious. Therefore, Yao Ruofeng silently went to seek her aunt out. The two decided to use slow poison to kill Su Wan quietly~

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