Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 327 - Loving My Love Rival (Epilogue)

Two years later, ever since the Xiao Family got through the crisis, Xiao Qing had stepped up and became the CEO of the company. Su Rui and Su Wan didn’t stay in the Xiao Company. Instead, they returned to Jiulin Street to start all over.

Ever since Xiao Qing entered the market, he got access to another completely unfamiliar world. Thankfully, he had his mother’s support as well as Su Rui and Su Wan’s assistance. Though he struggled here and there in the market, Xiao Qing finally sat on his position as CEO stably.

Right now, Xiao Qing was known as the new able woman on the A City market. Even more, many people knew that this new able woman seemed to like beautiful ladies. Apparently, she had been pursuing a deputy executive officer position in another company, Yao Shanshan.

Yao Shanshan had no words for Xiao Qing’s persistence.

She questioned his motive in the beginning but now, she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Xiao Qing and Yao Shanshan really became best friends who told each other everything.

“Shanshan, just accept me!”

Today, Xiao Qing came out from the beauty salon and went to Yao Shanshan’s villa. He couldn’t resist the urge to move closer to her.

Feeling the familiar fragrance in the air, Yao Shanshan closed her eyes and then pushed Xiao Qing to the wall. Then she pushed herself on him. “Little Qingqing, you’re beautiful.”

“Heh. That’s right. Do you want to kiss me?”

Xiao Qing winked at Yao Shanshan.

Yao Shanshan really did kiss Xiao Qing and left her red lip marks on him too. “Xiao Qing, do you feel anything?”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

“If you do feel something, it means that men and women don’t matter at all.”

Yao Shanshan suddenly smiled, staring straight into Xiao Qing’s eyes. “Your eyes are telling me that you’ve hidden many secrets. They also tell me actually don’t feel anything for me.”

Yao Shanshan believed that her guesses were always right.

To speak the truth, she had been abroad all these years and held an open-minded perspective regarding sexuality. If two people really felt something towards each other, their gender didn’t mean anything.

But she could feel that Xiao Qing did in fact like her appearance in the beginning but that was it.

“One’s appearance isn’t everything. You need someone who truly loves and treats you well. No matter what happens, they’ll be there for you. That person isn’t me.”

Yao Shanshan exclaimed this calmly.

She knew that there had been a person waiting for Xiao Qing for a really long time.

“I’m actually really jealous of you.”

Yao Shanshan turned and sighed. “Gu Shuxing treats you really well and he’s infatuated with you. Don’t wait to regret it after losing him. Xiao Qing, women can’t stand against time.”

Yao Shanshan missed Gu Shuxing but since she missed him, she missed him. There was really no way to go back in time because he wouldn’t be waiting at the spot for her.

But now...

Gu Shuxing had been standing there, waiting for Xiao Qing to turn around.

As long as he’s willing, he’ll find out that the best person has been waiting there for him. He never wavered.

This was what made Yao Shanshan most envious.

Xiao Qing also froze hearing Yao Shanshan’s words.

For the past few years, he hadn’t dated anyone because he still believed that he was a woman. Thus, he was determined to pursue Yao Shanshan. In the end however, they became best friends.

Maybe he had been a woman for too long that he almost forgot he used to be a man.

In the beginning, he would scream upon seeing blood but now, he could easily distinguish between women’s private products and its different brands.

In the beginning, he didn’t know how to wear the private garments but now all sorts of branded clothes filled his closet.

In the beginning, he didn’t know how to walk in heels but now, he wishes to go to work wearing heels every day.

In the past few years, she had been changing nonstop.

Coming out from Yao Shanshan’s house, Xiao Qing didn’t drive his car but rather walked aimlessly on the street. While walking, he, for some reason, ended up walking to the steps of Su Wan’s house.

“Sister Xiao Qing!”

Su Rui and Su Wan had just come back from Jiulin Street. The two rushed back and were still holding the fresh vegetables bought from the supermarket.

Xiao Qing snapped out of his trance hearing Su Wan. “You guys came back really early today!”

“The store isn’t busy today. Let’s go. Let’s go upstairs.”

At night, Su Wan was bustling around in the kitchen. Seeing the small apartment that hadn’t changed much in the past three years, Xiao Qing couldn’t help but look at Su Rui and ask, “You guys are wasting your talent by opening a store at the wholesale market. As long as you guys are willing, you can become millionaires in minutes!”

Now that Xiao Qing got a chance to interact with the market and got enough understanding about finance, he just then found out how miraculously and amazingly Su Rui and Su Wan had saved his company. It was A City’s typical method when dealing with opponents in market. Even now, there were many opposing companies trying to find information on them.

“There’s no way to earn enough money.”

Su Rui passed a can of beer to Xiao Qing. “Life is short. There’s only meaning to life when you’re able to work together with the person you love.”

There were always calculating schemes in business. Rather than participating within the schemes, they might as well open their own store and operate it together.

Su Rui sat on the other side of the sofa and looked at Xiao Qing. “Xiao Qing, what about you? Have you thought about your future?”


Xiao Qing paused before saying, “I don’t know. I don’t know what to do in the future.”

“Find a good man and just marry him.”

At this time, Su Wan came out of the kitchen carrying warm dishes. While walking, she said, “Back then, I never thought I would’ve been with Mubai. Life is like this. Full of unknown and mysteries. Sister Xiao Qing, if you encounter a good man, you have to seize the opportunity. Don’t be apprehensive and lose your chance.”

Xiao Qing then smiled a smile of relief.

Speaking of his past, he felt like it was indeed a dream.

Was Xiao Qing’s life a dream or was the current Xiao Qing’s life a dream?

Xiao Qing got drunk again today.

Seeing the motionless and drunk Xiao Qing lying on the table, Su Wan called Gu Shuxing without a doubt.

By the time he arrived at the apartment, Xiao Qing was already asleep, lying on the table.

Seeing him lying there without a care for his image, Gu Shuxing couldn’t help but smile.

As expected. Even though all these years passed, he still acted the same.

How could he be comforted knowing that he was unable to take care of himself?

“Old Gu, I’m leaving Xiao Qing to you.”

Su Rui and Su Wan both sighed after handing Xiao Qing over to Gu Shuxing.

The next morning before Su Wan woke up, she received news from the headquarters saying that she failed her mission.

Mn. Mission failed.

This was the first time she was happy that a mission failed.

Su Wan slowly turned over and leaned in Su Rui’s arms. The two cuddled one another and fell into deep slumber...

Gu Family.

“Gu Shuxing, get out! I promise not to beat you to death!”


The door to the bathroom was pushed open and Gu Shuxing walked out while drying his hair, a towel wrapped around him. “Qingqing, you’re awake?”

“Wake up your mother! You pervert! You’re despicable and contemptible! What have you done to me?”

Xiao Qing sat on the bed and covered his bare body tightly with the blankets, staring angrily at Gu Shuxing with his large, round eyes. “This is my first time!”

First time!

First time past and this life!

How could it be over just like that? I didn’t even feel anything! This makes no sense! That’s not how the novels describe it!

Uh, female lead, where’s your morals?


Gu Shuxing coughed upon hearing the words and his expression changed. “Um, last night, actually…”

I didn’t even do anything!

“I don’t care. In short, you have to take responsibility.”

Xiao Qing angrily cut him off and then threw the pillow on him. “You, turn around. I have to change my clothes.”

Gu Shuxing was speechless.

From then on, Old Gu became “husband”...

Life was amazing like this. Sometimes, we feel unhappy because we haven’t grasped our happiness, causing it to slip by silently. If from this moment on, we hold our hands tightly and feel with our hearts, happiness is still here with us.

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