Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 325 - Loving My Love Rival(18)

Gu Shuxing came out of the private room and subconsciously glanced at the security cameras in the restaurant. He planned on asking the manager to pull the tapes when he heard noisy sounds from the private room not far from him. His gaze darkened and he immediately ran over while Yao Shanshan followed closely behind.

“Damn. I’m going to fight you guys!”

Before he walked there, he heard Xiao Qing’s voice. This woman just has to worry him!

Bang. The door was kicked open. Gu Shuxing’s expression turned gloomy seeing the scene in the private room.

“Xiao Qing!”

Uh. Xiao Qing was fighting and vaguely heard someone calling him. He turned to see the stinky expression on Gu Shuxing’s face.

Damn! Why aren’t you here to help me yet? Are we still brothers?

“Old Gu, quickly. Beat them to death!”

Gu Shuxing was speechless.

Yao Shanshan had no words.

I must’ve opened the door the wrong way.

Yao Shanshan watched as a man was lying on top of the flipped table. Xiao Qing’s clothes were messed up yet he was still gesticulating about it. Yao Shanshan was speechless.

As it turns out, Xiao Qing went to the wrong private room and there was a group of young men hosting a gathering offline and gaming online in this private room. They suddenly saw a beautiful lady coming in so a few drunk ones couldn’t help but tease him. Xiao Qing always thought of himself as a man!

How can a man allow himself to be teased?

Therefore, Master Xiao rolled his sleeves and beat them up without another word.

After beating them up, he remembered that he was a lady. He shouldn’t have the strength to beat them up, okay?

Sniffle. Screw this weak body. He wants to learn karate~


While Yao Shanshan was flabbergasted, Gu Shuxing kicked the man on top of Xiao Qing off without another word. Then with a few kicks, he handled them all. In the blink of an eye, they all fell on the ground but it wasn’t fatal. They couldn’t even tell that they had suffered external injuries.

That’s right. He was a doctor that knew karate~

Yao Shanshan was speechless.

This was the first time she saw Gu Shuxing using karate. Because he was afraid of trouble and didn’t like meddling in people’s businesses, he didn’t easily make a move.

“Damn. Old Gu, you’re amazing!”

Xiao Qing got off the ground and blinked at Gu Shuxing. While limping, he walked over to the man that had hit him and kicked him violently. “That’s what you get for bullying me! That’s what you get for pulling my hair!”


Gu Shuxing stopped Xiao Qing and removed his jacket, forcibly draping it over Xiao Qing.

“What are you doing?”

Xiao Qing turned to look confusedly at him.

Gu Shuxing said nothing but stared at him with a cold expression. After a while, he gradually said, “Qingqing, don’t mess around like this in the future okay? I’ll be worried about you.”

Xiao Qing was speechless.


There’s too much information to process. Let me think about this.

“Old Gu, you, don’t do you?”

Xiao Qing felt his voice trembling. Ugh, I’m a male! Male! Male! Repeat important things three times!


Gu Shuxing thought that his feeling towards Yao Shanshan back then when they were abroad was “like.”

He liked Yao Shanshan. He enjoyed the feeling of mutual understanding. He liked her elegance and generosity, beauty and intelligence.

Right. That was like.

He was really sad to find out that Yao Shanshan got a boyfriend. That was his first time getting drunk. He drank a whole bottle and got drunk the entire night.

The next day however, Gu Shuxing was able to calmly call Yao Shanshan and bless her.

That was because he realized he only just liked Yao Shanshan, and that was it.

He didn’t love her. In different phases of one’s life, they would like different types of people. But there was only one person in their life that they were unable to forget.

Gu Shuxing never knew what love was but seeing Xiao Qing’s battered state, his heart ached a lot.

It was difficult for him to breathe.

Maybe this was love?

“Xiao Qing, I love you.”

As if the clouds had dispelled and he had seen the sun, he suddenly understood his feelings. He had broken his rules time after time because he loved her.


Hearing Gu Shuxing’s words, Xiao Qing immediately took a few steps back and looked at him in alarm. “Don’t, don’t come over. I don’t like you. women!”

Gu Shuxing was speechless.

Yao Shanshan had no words.

Right. Yan Mubai already told him that it was normal for women to value women. This wasn’t a sickness. This was the freedom of love!

Right! That’s right~

Xiao Qing couldn’t help but straighten his body. “Old Gu, you’re a doctor so you should know even more that love has no boundaries. However, you can’t force a person to change the sexuality they like. You’re really handsome and cool but problem is, you’re not a woman~ If I happen to like men and not women one day, then I’ll consider you. you understand after all of this?”


Gu Shuxing answered. “I understand. Let’s go back.”

Xiao Qing: That’s it?

Didn’t the novel say that he would pester him endlessly and say that he didn’t believe this? Where was that?

As expected, the world of genius was hard to understand.

“Okay, okay.”

Xiao Qing smiled awkwardly. Ge tugged on Gu Shuxing’s jacket. Although it was a bit awkward, thinking of how his clothes were a bit distracting, he slowly walked outside with Gu Shuxing’s jacket draped over him. He smiled faintly at Yao Shanshan while passing her.

Yao Shanshan was speechless.

Let me calm for a while. I have too much on my mind~

Everyone hurried to finish their food. While separating at the door, Xiao Qing folded Gu Shuxing’s jacket and then handed it over. “Thank you, Old Gu.”


Gu Shuxing quietly received the jacket and then wore it again, not minding.

Su Wan: ...

People say that male lead truly loves the female lead. Where was the mysophobia that the male lead has? Are you blind? The clothes are so dirty.

On the way back, Xiao Qing drove the car but he kept getting distracted. He almost ran through a red light twice. Thankfully, Su Rui had been sitting on the passenger seat so he prevented an accident.  

“You still want to get into a car accident, huh?”

Xiao Qing stopped hearing Su Rui’s voice. “Xiao Bai, what have I done? Wasn’t it just a car accident? How come my life completely changed after waking up? Xiao Bai, is heaven playing games on me?”

“Play games on you? Be happy that you’re still alive.”

Su Rui couldn’t help but pat Xiao Qing’s head firmly. “Wake up! Living is the most important thing. Everything in the past can be forgotten and will pass. Xiao Qing, remember that you’re Xiao Qing right now.”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Right, he was Xiao Qing, no she was Xiao Qing.

Xiao Qing was consciously aware that he was a woman after being teased by a group of strangers in the restaurant today.

No matter how much he wanted to deny this, physiologically, he was a woman.

Maybe Xiao Bai was right.

Xiao Qing was already dead, dead in that car accident.

The person that survived was Xiao Qing.

It wasn’t important whether he liked women or men. The important thing was that he needed to live an amazing life as Xiao Qing.

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