Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 324 - Loving My Love Rival(17)

Yao Shanshan and Xiao Qing had become best friends halfway through lunch. Su Wan was speechless seeing how happy Yao Shanshan was.

Do you know what your love rival is thinking about?

If you can read minds, there’s no way you’ll be smiling this happily!

“I’m going to use the bathroom.”

Su Rui suddenly stood up and exclaimed before leaving his seat. When he opened the door, Su Wan happened to see a middle-aged man from the private room next to them walking past them.

General Su, so what are you planning to do?

A few minutes later, Su Rui came back relaxed. Seeing his calm expression, Su Wan couldn’t help but ask, “He didn’t die did he?”


Su Rui smiled softly. “Dear, this is a lawful society. I’m a good citizen.”

Fine. There are no criminals in this world~

Yao Shanshan also stood up seeing that Su Rui and Su Wan were talking together quietly. “I’m going to use the bathroom too.”

“Hold up, let me come with you.”

Seeing that his goddess was going to use the bathroom, Xiao Qing planned on following along.

Xiao Qing: Don’t smile that sinisterly. I’m just purely following my goddess to the bathroom~

Su Wan had no words.

I didn’t know going to the bathroom was infectious too.

Yao Shanshan had a hunch in mind seeing Xiao Qing wanting to follow her to the bathroom.

Yao Shanshan: Is my love rival finally going to make a move in the bathroom? Go ahead. I’ll be here to play with you~

Girls’ bathroom.

After coming out of the stall, Yao Shanshan went to wash her hands and then calmly applied makeup looking at the mirror.

After a while, Xiao Qing slowly came out. Dang. Women’s clothes were hard to wear. It was too much work to even use the bathroom. Thinking back…nevermind, I’ll only want to cry if I think about the past.

Xiao Qing looked up to see his goddess applying makeup while looking at the mirror. She was gorgeous.

He couldn’t help but walk to Yao Shanshan’s side. While washing his hands, he said, “You’re really beautiful. There must be many guys pursuing you. Do you have a boyfriend?”

Xiao Qing: Please say no, say no~


Yao Shanshan placed her makeup box away and then smiled charmingly at Xiao Qing. “But I have a target. He used to like me and I believe I’ll be able to pursue and get him.”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Damn. She’s not talking about Gu Shuxing is she?

Damned young handsome man. No. I don’t think I should be calling him that anymore now. But...ugh, he stole the woman I like.

Noblemen shouldn’t do that~

Seeing Xiao Qing standing there with a pained expression, Yao Shanshan let out a sigh of relief. “Miss Xiao, you know about him too right? Although you and Shuxing have a wedding contract, he doesn’t feel anything to you. You guys aren’t suitable either.”

After the inspection earlier, Yao Shanshan figured out that this Miss Xiao was just a pretty face. She didn’t know how to fight back at all.

Therefore, Yao Shanshan didn’t mind revealing everything. There was nothing wrong with love between a man and woman. Plus, it was fair competition.

Xiao Qing’s last piece of hope was also crushed hearing Yao Shanshan’s words.

Though he didn’t like Gu Shuxing’s aloofness, he couldn’t compare to him at all~

“Mn, okay. Old Gu is a pretty good choice too. I hope you guys will be happy.”

Saying this, Xiao Qing quickly walked out of the bathroom. Don’t call me. Let me have a moment of silence.

Ugh, I’ve lost my love again.

Xiao Qing hurried out of the bathroom and then entered a private room according to her vague memory. Xiao Qing was dumbstruck upon opening the door.

Damn. This is the wrong place!

Miss Xiao! Can you be any more unreliable?

When Yao Shanshan returned to the private room, she saw Gu Shuxing chatting with Su Rui. Yao Shanshan was surprised seeing Xiao Qing’s seat empty.

“Miss Xiao hasn’t returned?”

“Wasn’t Sister Xiao Qing with you?”

Su Wan froze hearing Yao Shanshan’s question too.

“She, she came out first! Could it be...she went somewhere to take a call?”

Gu Shuxing suddenly stood up and walked out without another word.



Yao Shanshan froze and then subconsciously chased after him.

Ohh, is there a show to watch now?

Su Wan tilted her head and looked at Su Rui. “Where did Xiao Qing go?”

With Su Rui’s power, he was able to obtain information within this restaurant quickly. She believed that nothing could escape General Su.

“He ran into the wrong private room. It’s fine. Gu Shuxing can handle it.”


Su Wan’s gaze flickered. “Then why didn’t you stop him? Don’t you know that scenes like this are what catalyze the relationship between male and female lead?”

“Sometimes, it’s better to go with the flow, especially people’s relationships.”

Su Rui looked deeply at Su Wan. “I know why you want to switch missions with me. You want to help me gain some more points. Wife, I understand. Plus...I think Xiao Qing is quite interesting. Really. No matter whether he’s a man or woman, he’s a pure person.”

A pure person. He might not be that smart or be that lucky; he might blame the world or himself, but he was able to survive in any kind of environment

Because their hearts were full of hope and kindness.

Needless to say, General Su had experienced hard work and the happiness that ordinary people experienced being with Xiao Qing.

Life is about tasting all sorts of feelings.

Su Wan smiled mischievously. That’s right. She knew she was going to win not because she was sure about Xiao Qing and Gu Shuxing but because no matter the process, Su Rui will let her win in the end.

That’s right. That’s how good my man is. There’s no point being envious.

“You’ve seen through this too?”

Su Wan moved over and leaned against Su Rui’s arm. “Before entering the mission world, Ye Xin asked about our relationship. I think she wants to seal any memory I have about you during this examination to prevent any accidents. Su Rui, I’m actually a bit afraid…”

“Afraid of what? Afraid that you’ll win me? Or lose to me?”

Su Rui looked at Su Wan. He rarely got to see her being so afraid.

“I don’t know. I’m just a bit scared.”

Su Wan shook her head and subconsciously held onto Su Rui’s shoulders. “You’ve done too much for me. These points don’t count as anything. I’m thinking that when you have enough points and the examination is over, we should...retire from our positions.”

Escape this kind of lifestyle and start our own. Stop changing other people and being changed.


Su Rui caressed Su Wan’s long hair gently. “Su Wan, you have to remember. If I forget about you one day and you too, as long as we can meet, we’ll definitely still love each other. This is fate. There’s no escaping it.”

Fate decided that I’ll love you.

For no reason.

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