Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 323 - Loving My Love Rival(16)

“What’s with all these noises?”

While Xiao Qing was arguing with the manager of the restaurant, a middle-aged man walked out of the private room and asked in an unfriendly tone.

Seeing the fat figure, Su Rui’s gaze flickered. This was the leader of the government local officers that tripped over Aunt Wang not too long ago. It seemed like the private room he was in was the officers’ private room. Mn. The fact that he came out first meant that he was of the lowest status amongst the people.

Su Rui smiled. They were really enemies on a narrow road. He was thinking about sending him a gift when they met each other again. Who knew that he’d come here already.

“I was wondering who it is.”

At this time, the middle-aged man saw Xiao Qing. He narrowed his eyes and smiled strangely. “Isn’t this Miss Xiao? Miss Xiao, this is a public place, not your company. It won’t look good on you if you influence people eating by yelling out loud. The boss sitting inside is the benefactor of your Ciao Family.”

Xiao Qing’s gaze flickered hearing his words. He wasn’t stupid. Even though he hadn’t received Xiao Qing’s memory, from the middle-aged man’s words, he knew that the person sitting inside must have a lot of power.

Xiao Qing shrugged his shoulders and admitted defeat as a result. Go against an influential figure for the sake of eating here?

If he was the male lead of the novel, he’d oppose them to death and make it game over for them. Unfortunately, he wasn’t.

“Nevermind. Let’s go eat somewhere else.”

Xiao Qing waved his hands and was about to leave with Su Rui and Su Wan when they heard a familiar voice from a private room upstairs. “Xiao Qing, I have space in my room. Why don’t you guys come over and eat with us?”

Saying this, Gu Shuxing couldn’t help but turn to Yao Shanshan. “Shanshan, you don’t mind right?”

“Of course not.”

Yao Shanshan smiled sweetly but her sharp gaze landed on Su Wan and Xiao Qing. Two young beautiful women?


Yao Shanshan glanced at Su Wan and Su Rui. Her instinct told her that the two were a couple?

Therefore, the girl that was arguing was her love rival?

Don’t mention how Yao Shanshan already treated Xiao Qing as her love rival but Xiao Qing was about to just leave when she heard Gu Shuxing’s invitation.


You’re everywhere!

Ever since Gu Shuxing left that day, Xiao Qing thought that he could never become friends with this wealthy and handsome guy. Therefore, he never contacted him. Xiao Qing naturally refused to admit defeat seeing that Gu Shuxing saw him in such a bad state.

He arrogantly lifted his head and was about to reject Gu Shuxing but when he looked up, he saw Yao Shamshan beside him.

Damn, a beautiful lady! An incredibly beautiful lady!

Feeling Xiao Qing’s gaze on her, Yao Shanshan couldn’t help but smile and reveal her outstanding side in front of him as she treated him as her love rival.

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Oh no, oh no. This is love at first sight for me!

Speaking of, ever since he accepted reality and planned on matchmaking Su Wan and Yan Mubai, he had always been with the two of them. Then...he suddenly realized that Su Wan was basically blind for being with him all those years. Look at the way she acted whenever she was with Yan Mubai. The two mutually understood one another and were compatible.

Xiao Qing felt tears dripping inside his heart. Not because they’ve become a couple but because he felt like he was living a failed life.

When he suddenly encountered the beautiful and elegant Yao Shanshan today, Xiao Qing suddenly felt like he could believe in love again.

“Since you’ve enthusiastically invited us, then we’ll reluctantly agree to the offer.”

Xiao Qing pursed his lips at Gu Shuxing and then his gaze landed on Yao Shanshan again. “Hey beautiful lady, what’s your name?”

Yao Shanshan: She’s doing it. She’s testing me now!

Before Gu Shuxing could reply, Yao Shanshan already placed her hands on Gu Shuxing’s arms. “I’m Yao Shanshan. I got to know Shuxing from abroad. This is my first time back and he dragged me here, wanting to host a welcoming dinner for me!”

Yao Shanshan’s smile grew even more splendid.

Damn~ Another lost sheep that has been fooled by Gu Shuxing’s facade.

Don’t be afraid. I’m specialized in saving sheeps~

Xiao Qing smiled faintly and then lifted her brows at Gu Shuxing. “Look at you. Old Gu, you actually got to know such a beautiful lady abroad? How come you haven’t told me?”

Xiao Qing then smiled at Yao Shanshan and exclaimed, “I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Xiao Qing, Gu Shuxing’s fiancee!”

Yao Shanshan didn’t expect this.

So she was Gu Shuxing’s fiancee!

“Miss Xiao, glad to know you. When I was in school abroad, I’ve heard Shuxing mention you to me before. He has a fiancee who he was arranged marriage to. I didn’t think it was Miss Xiao. You’re really beautiful. But in this modern time, arranged marriage and whatnot seems to be quite rare.”

The two women started arguing the moment they saw each other.

Mn. This was what outsiders think. But in reality, Xiao Qing enjoyed talking to Yao Shanshan.

As the female lead of this world, you’re actually interested in your love rival? You dare call yourself the female lead? Why did you abandon your treatment?

Su Wan watched as Xiao Qing entered the private room smiling and chatting to Yao Shanshan. She wanted to bang her head against the wall.

Not scared of god-like opponents but scared of sh***y teammates!

“Wife, you’re going to lose.”

While others weren’t paying attention, Su Rui brushed his lips against her ears.

Su Wan:  …

She knew that Su Rui had been with Xiao Qing the past few days and that he was up to no good. Xiao Qing had slowly gotten used to being a woman and adjusted to this new lifestyle. Yet, General Su kept on reminding him that he was a man and he should like woman~

The dishes were still warm by the time the five returned to the private room. Naturally, Yao Shanshan sat to the right of Gu Shuxing. She thought that Xiao Qing would sit to Gu Shuxing’s left but he chose to sit next to her.

Yao Shanshan: This love rival is quite calculating.

Xiao Qing: Damn. My goddess smells so good. I wonder if I can stay overnight at her house after we get to know each other. Just thinking about it gets me excited~

“Sister Xiao Qing, what’s your job?”

In order to get to know her enemy better, Yao Shanshan naturally tried to ask questions. Hearing his goddess ask about his profession, he immediately sat up straight and smiled humbly, thinking that he had done quite a bit for his career lately. “I don’t have a stable job. I’m just engaging in a brand with my friends.”

Su Rui and Su Wan had no idea what to say.

You guys haven’t even matched your eight characters yet. You’ve been quite enchanted by her.

Seeing that the two women were having fun chatting, Gu Shuxing sat there eating quietly like usual as if he hadn’t noticed anything strange.

Fine. It’s rare seeing people with low EQ like you too.

Su Wan suddenly felt like Gu Shuxing and Xiao Qing were a perfect match.

Although Xiao Qing used to be a man, he was a woman right now, and a young woman.

In the next few decades or so, he had to continue living like a woman. He might even get married and give birth to children in the future.

Wasn’t it pretty good to forget his past life and then treat the original Xiao Qing as a person from his past life? In this life, he’d only be Xiao Qing.

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