Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 322 - Loving My Love Rival (15)

A City International Airport.

Yao Shanshan took off her sunglasses and glanced at her homeland. There was a longing smile on her exquisite and beautiful face.

Gu Shuxing, I’m back.

A City Center Hospital.

Ever since Gu Shuxing left Xiao Qing’s home last night, he hadn’t seen his unreliable fiancee in a while. A few days ago, Gu Shuxing encountered Jiang Min in the neighborhood and from then, he found out that Xiao Qing and Yan Mubai had been together every day. It seemed like she had bought shares into Yan Mubai’s store and wanted to help out his business.

Didn’t they know that they would garner enemies from selling these goods?

To this, Gu Shuxing was speechless but whenever he thought of Xiao Qing and Yan Mubai being so close together, Gu Shuxing felt a bit uncomfortable.

After all, they had an arranged marriage. Though he didn’t have much feelings towards Xiao Qing, the two didn’t openly talk about their marriage either.

Of course, what made Gu Shuxing toss and turn restlessly in bed had to do with something else.

Xiao Qing and Yan Mubai, and Su Wan.

Gu Shuxing thought that Xiao Qing’s attitude towards the two of them was really strange and she seemed to know them really well. Even if she hired private investigators to investigate the two of them, there was no way that she’d know about the details of their lifestyles.

Xiao Qing, just what...sorts of secrets have you hidden?

It was evening by the time he got off work from the hospital. Like usual, he changed his clothes and went to the parking lot to get his car. Who knew that he just walked out of the hospital when a pleasant female voice stopped him.

“Gu Shuxing!”

He paused hearing the voice and then quickly turned around. Under the sunlight, Yao Shanshan smiled splendidly at him wearing a faint blue overcoat.

“Gu Shuxing, I’m back!”

Saying this, she quickly ran to him and tightly hugged him.

They got to know each other from abroad seven years ago. At that time, everyone was a foreign exchange student. After finding out that they were both from the same city, the two immediately got closer to one another.

At that time, Yao Shanshan already knew that Gu Shuxing liked her but it was a really difficult thing to have an old-fashioned and slow man take the initiative to confess.

Yao Shanshan was a beautiful lady and there were many admirers too. On her birthday banquet, she had hinted to Gu Shuxing to confess to her but he didn’t understand.

In the end, under a whim of anger, Yao Shanshan found a foreigner to be her boyfriend. She just wanted to anger Gu Shuxing. She didn’t plan on actually having a relationship with him but who knew that after Gu Shuxing found out, he even called to bless her.

Then the two lost contact.

Yao Shanshan was a really proud woman. She thought that Gu Shuxing wouldn’t compromise at all, then they might as well break off relations for good.

Up until two years ago, Yao Shanshan encountered a foreign exchange student that she used to play with back then during a company dinner. Through him, she found out that the day she announced she had a boyfriend, Gu Shuxing drank until daylight in his dorm all alone.

As a man who claimed he’d become the most outstanding surgeon, he wasn’t allowed to drink at all.

But that day, Gu Shuxing got drunk. Only himself. He endured all of this silently and quietly.

This might be how he dealt with things. Back then, Yao Shanshan didn’t understand. But now, she did.

That’s why she came back.


Gu Shuxing revealed a rare smile seeing Yao Shanshan who hadn’t changed much. “When did you come back?”

“Today. As soon as I got off the plane, I arranged everything and then came straight to you. Do you feel touched?”

Yao Shanshan let go and then looked at Gu Shuxing with a sparkling gaze. Before returning, she had arranged everything and asked many people about Gu Shuxing’s matters. She found out that he was still single.

Therefore, this time, she was going to take the initiative. She can’t lose this man again.


Gu Shuxing smiled faintly upon hearing her words. “It just so happens that I got off work. Let’s go eat. I’ll host a welcoming dinner for you.”


Yao Shanshan smiled and walked to Gu Shuxing’s side, naturally holding onto his arms. “Before I came back, I heard from May and the others that a new Yi Jiangnan has opened in A City. I heard that their signature dishes are delicious. Let’s go there!”

Yi Jiangnan...

Gu Shuxing couldn’t help but think of Xiao Qing. He smiled and nodded. “Okay, then let’s go to Yi Jiangnan!”

The restaurant just so happens to be the busiest when people get off work. Because they hadn’t reserved a spot in the restaurant ahead of time, Gu Shuxing and Yao Shanshan had to wait ten minutes before they got a private room.

“I have no idea what you like to eat so you can pick.”

Gu Shuxing pushed the menu to Yao Shanshan like a gentleman. Yao Shanshan pursed her lips and smiled faintly. “I actually...haven’t changed my taste all these years. I...still have the same taste.”

No matter what, women can’t say things too straightforwardly. Plus, this was their first meeting after the reunion.

Yao Shanshan had given Gu Shuxing enough hints. Unfortunately...

Doctor Gu didn’t seem to detect the hidden meaning in Yao Shanshan’s words.

He waited until Yao Shanshan finished picking before the two started chatting mindlessly. There weren’t many people in his friend circle that could chat with him because of his aloof personality. Yao Shanshan, however, belonged to the group of people that appealed to Gu Shuxing’s liking.

This might be why Gu Shuxing ended up liking Yao Shanshan back then.

It was hard to find someone in the world that could understand you.

But lovers and intimate friends were different concepts.

Gu Shuxing looked at Yan Shanshan. He had gotten over his first love. Maybe his first love really didn’t know love?

Yi Jiangnan brought the dishes over quite quickly but before Gu Shuxing and Yao Shanshan could start eating, they heard noises outside.

“I’ve reserved a private room in the afternoon but now you’re telling me that’s gone? What do you guys mean? Do you think I can’t afford the money?”

There was an angry female voice. Gu Shuxing could tell that was Xiao Qing’s voice right away.

It was unclear why but he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Shuxing? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. There’s a friend downstairs. I’m going to take a look.”

Saying this, Gu Shuxing immediately started walking out while Yao Shanshan followed along confusedly.

Right now, Xiao Qing, Su Rui, and Su Wan were in the lounge. This was quite a coincidence. Su Wan had quit her job here a few days ago and now the three focused on handling their store at Jiulin Street. The three planned on clearing the goods in the store and then finding a reliable manufacturer to work with, and creating their own brand. The three had been dealing with this for several days and they finally found a good factory. They just had to sign the contract.

Xiao Qing couldn’t resist the urge to reserve a table at Yi Jiangnan because of this happy event. The three planned on getting drunk tonight.

Who knew that before the three came, there just so happens to be some officials within this area coming here to treat their bosses. At this time, only Xiao Qing’s reserved private room was empty so the friendly and approachable boss decided on this private room. So what if it was a bit small? We can’t add onto someone’s burden for our convenience!

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Screw you~

“Miss Xiao, I’m really sorry. Why don’t you wait for a bit? A room’s going to be available soon. and your friends can eat here for free today.”

A manager at the reception desk kept on apologizing to Xiao Qing but she felt upset still.

When I used to be poor, I kept getting bullied by rich men. Now that I’m finally a rich and beautiful woman, I’m still getting bullied?

This makes no sense~

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