You Look Like You’re Made of Money

Chapter 32: Part 3 — Since you didn’t want this marriage, I don’t want that even regarding the issue of giving birth to a child, you can't follow your feelings.

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Editor: Chiyo


“Good question.” Like coaxing a child, Jiang Jingchuan patted her head softly, “In fact, when I got married, I wasn’t confident that I could manage this marriage with you. It can be said that it was a gamble, I was forced but not by my grandparents.”

“What do you mean?” Su Yan questioned minutely.

“When I came to know that my grandparents had this idea, this news had already spread in the business circles. Your family circle also came to know that you were going to marry into the Jiang Family. Afterwards, I sent someone to look into this. All the people whom you knew thought that you wanted to marry me. Sorry, at that time, I wasn’t aware that you also didn’t want to marry me. I mistakenly assumed that you had agreed to this marriage. I have to say, my grandparents were too impatient and also understood me all too well. Since the news had already been released, and I also didn’t have a girlfriend, so in those circumstances, do you think I would or would not have accepted it?”

“If I accepted it, it was only a 50 percent possibility that I would have a happy married life with you, if I didn’t accept, supposing that you were filled with grief and indignation for a while but what after then? Even if this is a new era, a girl’s reputation is still important.”

What Jiang Jingchuan didn’t say was that the reason why he couldn’t uncover her and Shen Peiran’s relationship, most likely had to do with the fact that the Su family and the Qin Family had joined hands to seal it. At that time, he also didn’t take the time and energy to delve too deep and investigate thoroughly, which was normal.

Only he didn’t find it necessary to tell this matter to Su Yan, since she would feel even more upset, that’s all.

At that time he had contemplated over many days and nights before coming to a decision. He wanted to get along nicely with Su Yan but he also was prepared for the worst. If they weren’t suitable for each other, and she wanted divorce, he would treat her well.

Su Yan felt all 5 flavors swirling in her heart as she looked at Jiang Jingchuan.

“Okay.” Jiang Jingchuan stood straight up and faced her with a light laugh, “So, since you didn’t want this marriage, I don’t want that even regarding the issue of giving birth to a child, you can’t follow your feelings. Xiao Yan, I’ll listen to you on this. You can do as you please.”

“You are really sparing no pains to show me how good you are.” Su Yan, tightening her small fist, hit him.

Really too scheming!

Jiang Jingchuan feigned helplessness and pinched the space between his eyebrows: “Coming to know that you really didn’t agree to this marriage and also had a man you loved, I really regret it. Anyway, I feel that my once in a blue moon goodness and kind-heartedness has gone to hell. Since then I have decided that in the future no matter what happens, and no matter how much my family forces me, I will not do anything I don’t like.”

The setting sun cast a layer of golden light on Jiang Jingchuan’s body, making his entire being sparkle, “It’s too much now. No matter who it is, they can’t force us to do things we don’t want to.”

Did he regret it?

Of course, he had regrets. Because he wasn’t careful, because of his damned false kindness, this marriage entrapped 2 people to a miserable fate. In the future, he won’t let anyone force him, even his closest relatives.

Su Yan considered it a little before standing on her tiptoes and kissed Jiang Jingchuan on the lips. She then gently wrapped her arms around his neck and softly said: “Thank you very much.”

This thank you was genuine.

Because of Jiang Jingchuan’s words she has decided that she would have a child. Yes, she must muster her courage.

The next day, Jiang Jingchuan really didn’t go to the corporation. He had already brought the plane tickets for tomorrow afternoon. He felt worried that Su Yan wasn’t accustomed to the food and drinks of where they were going and so made up his mind to take her outside to eat wantonly and buy some necessities. Since it is possible that they won’t sell some things on that island.

In the past whenever he went out on business trips, his assistant arranged for these things. After they both had lunch, they left for a large family shopping mall nearby. Jiang Jingchuan took Su Yan to the counter area where they were selling sunglasses, “Do you want to buy sunglasses?”

Su Yan felt these dark glasses were very strange and she also didn’t know how to select one so she shook Jiang Jingchuan’s arm, “You help me choose.”

The counter employee was very excited. For sunglasses at this price, most people just look and very few people buy them. Majority of the people feel that spending this much money on sunglasses is useless, as a result, her track record was very bad. But looking at the way this couple dresses, she knew they were absolutely wealthy. It seems that there will be business today.

Jiang Jingchuan finally selected a pair of sunglasses, then the counter employee took them out and gave it to Su Yan to try.

Su Yan thought that after putting on the sunglasses, the sky around would appear black. But unexpectedly, not only could she still see, but her eyes also felt a lot more relaxed. She then looked at herself in the mirror, and immediately let out a laugh of joy. She tugged Jiang Jingchuan’s arm, “You look, does it or does it not suit my small round face?”

She put on a proud then fierce expression, while wearing those black glasses on her little round face, she appeared extremely cocky.

These two expressions were Su Yan’s favourite.

Jiang Jingchuan chuckled and patted her head, “It really stands out on your small round face. Do you like it? We can buy it if you like.”

Su Yan nodded, “I like it.”

Without blinking an eye, Jiang Jingchuan handed over his card to the employee to swipe.

The counter employee on holding that card felt crazy excited, she only thought that this person was rich, nothing else…...

Su Yan was reluctant to take off the sunglasses. She felt that putting them on made a person appear lofty.

“Ms. Small Round Face, shall we go buy sunscreen lotion?”  Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t so meticulous before. He had specifically searched on the net then he came to know that it was quite essential to buy sunscreen. Although sunscreen was there on Su Yan’s dressing table, they were staying on that island for a week, it wouldn’t last. So sunscreen was added to the detailed list for purchases.


Buy and buy! Buy everything!

After buying sunscreen, on leaving that shop they noticed an ice cream store. Su Yan shifted from one leg to another.

When she had gone with Jiang Jingjing, they had eaten ice cream. And until now Su Yan couldn’t forget that ice cold pleasant flavour. It was extremely cool and comfortable.

One look at Su Yan’s expression, Jiang Jingchuan understood. He stepped forward and put a hand on her shoulders and whispered: “Want to eat it?”


“Do you have a card?” Jiang Jingchuan asked.

Su Yan felt that Jiang Jingchuan was behaving oddly. She had come together with him so what purse! Therefore, she shook her head, “Did not bring my purse.”

Jiang Jingchuan tapped a finger in his cheek, and said very seriously: “Kiss me and I’ll buy it for you.”

At first Jiang Jingchuan thought of pointing at his lips, but then remembered that this was a public place, so he still had to worry about the mood of all the single dogs there.

Last night when she had taken the initiative to kiss him it felt really really good. So he wanted to try it again.

“.....I do not want to eat.” In such a public place, doing these kinds of things exceed Su Yan’s range of acceptance. She expressionlessly replied.

“Are you sure? Let me see, there is vanilla flavor, sweet potato flavor, oh there is also the strawberry and banana flavors. Do you really not want to eat?”

“.....will not eat.” Next time she would buy it herself. In no way would she give him an opportunity to take advantage of her.

Jiang Jingchuan used an extremely sorrowful tone while speaking: “Okay then, you don’t eat but I want to eat so I will buy several scoops.” Saying that Jiang Jingchuan was in the process of taking a step with his long legs to enter that store.

Su Yan looked at him in disbelief and pulled him back, “Why are you doing this!”

Not buying for her okay, but buying intentionally for himself to tempt her? What in the devil’s land?

“Why am I doing this?” Jiang Jingchuan’s face was a picture of complete innocence, “I want to eat ice cream. What did I do wrong?”

…….she was defeated. Su Yan had no choice so she stood on her tip toes and quickly kissed his cheek. Jiang Jingchuan felt satisfied, and holding her hand entered the ice cream store.

Neither of them noticed that a person had watched this scene from afar.

Shen Peiran had accompanied his mother to go shopping in the same area. Since he intended to go abroad in a few days, he would get less and less time to spend with his parents. Mother Shen had gone to the restroom, so he was waiting outside for her. As soon as he looked up, he saw Su Yan. She was wearing sunglasses but he recognised her with one look.

He felt rather sour in his eyes.

When Su Yan was together with him, she never displayed such a face. He didn’t know why but when he saw this scene, he didn’t feel any irritation or any anger, except some  heartache, he felt relieved.

Really good, he had lost her unknowingly, and she had already found someone more fitting for her.

Anyway, at 20 years of age his wish finally came true. She had obtained happiness.

“What are you looking at?” Mother Shen had come out and on seeing her son gazing blankly at something so she couldn;t help but ask.

Shen Peiran shook his head and laughed, “It’s nothing. I’m going to leave soon so I just wanted to look more.”

Inside the ice cream shop, Jiang Jingchuan provided Su Yan a scoop of every flavor to taste. She was eating happily. Jiang Jingchuan just watched her.

“Will you not eat?” Su Yan asked.

Jiang Jingchuan smiled: “Too expensive so I won’t eat.”

“Pfft!” Su Yan almost spurted out everything. It was really unlike Jiang Jingchuan to say.

“Then I will reward you with one bite.” Su Yan with the help of the small ladle, scooped out the ice cream and held it out before his mouth, signalling him to open his mouth.

They finished the ice cream in a short time. Looking at the time, it was still quite early for dinner, besides Su Yan had obviously not shopped to her heart’s content. Jiang Jingchuan followed her as they continued shopping.

Since they had come to buy the necessities for the tour, they then went to buy light clothes and shoes.

“What other necessities do we need to buy?” Su Yan was holding the detailed shopping list handed over by Jiang Jingchuan, she read aloud each and every one of them, “Flip-flops? We need to buy this? Medical-kit, do not need to buy, we already have at home, will take one from there, hmm...bathing suit?”

“I had looked at your wardrobe and didn’t find a swimsuit nor do I know if you have misplaced it somewhere, if you have, we could buy another. I also need to buy swimming trunks to wear for swimming.”

Swimming? It should not be what she was thinking of right?

Su Yan turned pale with fright, “Would we go to the water?”

Jiang Jingchuan looked at her, “We’re going to an island so of course we are going to swim. Oh That's right, it is said that surfing was also enjoyable.”

“I cannot.” In her former life, while in the Imperial Palace, at most she soaked at the private hot springs, she absolutely never played in the water.

Don’t know what Jiang Jingchuan was thinking but he smiled twice. His expression really made a person wonder, “No problem, as it happens, I can teach you .”

Su Yan was actually really interested. When she lived in the Imperial Palace, although she had the most ice cubes in every summer, it was not sufficient. Each time she took a walk in the flower garden, she wished she could soak in water. She had also seen the people on TV swimming, it certainly looked fun.

“Then let’s go and buy the swimsuit.”

When Jiang Jingchuan brought Su Yan to the swimwear store, she immediately regretted it.

She unexpectedly forgot that the people here while swimming, wear practically nothing!

Jiang Jingchuan took the initiative to pick the swimsuit for her extremely carefully.

Su Yan didn’t follow him, she kept shifting from one foot to another. Her eyes trained on the floor, not at all looking at the swimsuits. She felt extremely uncomfortable.

A very short while later, Jiang Jingchuan brought two swimsuits enclosed in a cover. One is a red bikini with a white blouse on the outside and the other was a conservative one piece.

Jiang Jingchuan’s eye for selection was very good. The colours of his selection really matched Su Yan’s skin colour.

With one look at the two plastic covered swimsuits, her face turned red, her eyes evading and looking everywhere but there, also unable to speak anything.

Jiang Jingchuan’s tone of speaking was natural as if talking about the weather, “This set, you can only wear it when it’s only us both.”

He had held forward the bikini set.

“This one, you can wear when other people are present.” He pointed to the one piece conservative swimsuit.

Su Yan: “......”


Barb Notes:

When Su Yan calls her face to be small round face- which is said as Xiao Yuan Lian-the first two words Xiao Yuan sounds similar to Xiao Yan, so it can also refer to the fact that she is trying to act coquettish.

And when she said she felt all 5 flavors- Kinda like she felt a mixture of emotions. The 5 flavors are usually said to be sweet, salty, bitter, sour, spicy.


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