You Look Like You’re Made of Money

Chapter 32: Part 2 — Since you didn’t want this marriage, I don’t want that even regarding the issue of giving birth to a child, you can't follow your feelings.

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In the Jiang Villa, Su Yan had just finished eating lunch and was resting on the sofa while savouring the succulent fruits. The butler had gone out for errands, and the other servants also weren’t in the Villa. When she turned on the TV intending to watch a show, Auntie Wang had a solemn expression as she came down, her figure quite imposing. Su Yan by now trusted Auntie Wang. After seeing her expression, she immediately put down the fork and asked: “What happened?”

Auntie Wang had a complicated expression as she hesitated before asking: “Madam, are you and sir using contraceptives?”

Su Yan was stunned for a short while, not knowing whether to reply honestly or not.

With one look at Su Yan’s face, Auntie Wang understood everything. She said: “Madam, You can be at ease. I won’t tell this matter to Venerable Madame. If you trust me, you can tell me if it is your idea or Sir’s.”

Su Yan trusted Auntie Wang to be on her side. These days Auntie Wang’s actions have been clear. She thought a bit before saying: “It was my idea and husband also agreed to it.”

Auntie Wang heaved a sigh of relief. If it was Sir’s idea then it would have been anything but reassuring.

“Madam, we are both women. Can you tell me why don’t you desire a child?” In her heart, Auntie Wang was a warm-hearted middle aged woman. At present, the young couple before her didn’t wish to have a child, naturally she was full of curiosity. In addition, since she had become close with Su Yan as of late, hence she dared to ask such a brave question.

Su Yan picked up her fork and continued to eat the fruits. Her tone was normal, “My age is not that high, besides, giving birth to a child is very painful.”

Auntie Wang completely accepted this explanation. After all, in her opinion, Su Yan was younger than her children. She was still very young, who would want to become a mother very young? Her second reason was more true about not wanting to give birth to a child due to fear of heavy pain. Both of these reasons had nothing to do with the feelings between a man and wife. Auntie Wang relaxed and happily said: “Anyway, if one gave birth this early, they would be able to restore their figure.”

“Do not want to at present.” Su Yan shook her head, She intended to drag this out day by day.

Auntie Wang craned her neck to look around, then pulled Su Yan to go to the bedroom and closed the door behind her, only then she could feel at ease and boldly said: “Madam, you are right.”

Originally Su Yan was still puzzled, but after hearing Auntie Wang’s words she became even more confused. Was Auntie Wang not always hoping that she would quickly give birth to a child to gain a strong foothold in the Jiang family? Why was she speaking such words now?

“After getting married, in these 6 months you and Sir didn’t see each other that often. These days the feelings are slowly improving but how long has it been? It will be good to delay having a child until later when the relationship has become stabilized at least. Madam, my words may seem crude but they aren’t. Men can’t control themselves for the majority of time. Madam, if you get pregnant, then you wouldn’t be able to approach Sir that intimately for at least a few months. During this time, if there aren’t any other women, it would be fine. But you also know that due to sir’s status, many women were willing to deliver themselves to his doorstep. When a woman is pregnant, she is more likely to have accidents.”

Auntie Wang continued enthusiastically: “I will tell you of a matter, listen carefully and don’t mention this outside. I have worked in the Jiang Family for many years, is the relationship between your in-laws good? But when your mother-in-law was pregnant with sir, she almost had an accident. At that time, in the Jiang Family there was one newly recruited maid, who was charming in both looks and figure. With one look at your mother-in-law’s pregnant figure, ideas started popping up in her head. If your mother-in-law had not discovered it, who would have known?”

When Su Yan heard that, she was astonished, she did not expect such a matter to happen between her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

It seemed if Auntie Wang did not know a lot of gossip, she needed to unearth a lot.

She did not trust that father-in-law would betray mother-in-law, since they have been husband and wife for many years. Father-in-law turns into a fool upon seeing mother-in-law. But Auntie Wang’s words were not just holes to attract winds, it seemed that when mother-in-law was pregnant, something certainly did take place.

Seeing Su Yan astounded, Auntie Wang felt satisfied to continue: “Madam, your decision is correct. You and Sir are quite close. This isn’t the time to have a child. You and Sir are still young and don’t need to hurry. When your relationship has become a bit more stable, then it would be better to have a child, but delaying it for too long is also not good. Generally in a household, within 1-2 years of marriage if you don't have a child, then the complaints will come from the parents-in-laws. Madam, the ones in the Jiang Family who want a child urgently aren’t your in-laws but rather the Venerable Sir and Venerable Madame. You must be psychologically prepared.”

Su Yan also found that her father-in-law and mother-in-law love them a lot. But both of them were too busy touring around and making public displays of affection,

where would they have the time to give it a thought? The people who were really anxious about having all the 4 generations living under one roof were the 2 oldest people in the Jiang Family.

Of course, this was also understandable, after all they were humans. And as people get older, they love looking at their noisy and bustling home.

“Auntie Wang, what do you think I should do? At least for half a year, I do not want to have children.”

Su Yan knew that Auntie Wang had pointed out the essence. On one side, she truly rejected the responsibility of bearing children, on the other side, it was also because currently, Jiang Jingchuan’s feelings were still not stable or deep enough. It would be too dangerous to have a child now. Regardless to what extent Jiang Jingchuan had the sense of responsibility, what if some accident happened? Who could be so sure?

Auntie Wan gave it a thought before speaking: “Venerable Madame and Venerable Sir do dote on you. Actually, it’s easy to solve this matter, but I still think that it will be better to ask Sir to personally come forward.”

Although these words were said in a roundabout way, Su Yan understood. It meant to make Jiang Jingchuan carry this black pot on his back.

In fact, it was always Jiang Jingchuan who was the scapegoat.

Su Yan nodded to indicate she understood.

Auntie Wang glanced at Su Yan and pretended to carelessly say: “Actually Madam, if you had married into an average family, you could have had a child anytime you wanted. But you mustn’t delay this for long. I am a person who has seen everything. It is all the same between a husband and wife. When two people spend time together, they  get bored. While dating, they are intimate but then they could also get fed up. After marriage, if there are no physical problems in both parties, then after having a child, their relationship gets a bit better.”

Su Yan knew that Auntie Wang’s words made a lot of sense. When their feelings become more secure, then it would be the appropriate time. And it was not like Jiang Jingchuan did not want children, since there would not be any obstacle for childbearing, naturally he would want to become a father. Once they had a child, the relationship between them would also become even more stable.

“I understand.” Su Yan nodded.

Indeed, she understood it very clearly. It was impossible to drag this matter on for 5 years, as by that time, the day lilies would have already gotten too cold. But at least give her some time, so she would have more courage to welcome her child.

“Before pregnancy, there is a long period of time to prepare for pregnancy. Madam, if you wish, I could help you and Sir by designing a new food plan, and guarantee that when the time comes when you will give birth to a baby, it will definitely be a strong and healthy child.” Auntie Wang had spent many years in the Jiang Household. She knew that Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan could at most delay it for 6 months. 6 months’ time was suitable enough to nurse the both parties’ health and body.

Su Yan hesitated a little before nodding.

“Madam, don’t think that it would be painful while giving birth to a child. Actually, after the prolonged period of pregnancy, when you give birth to a child, your feelings to your child will have unimaginable depth. You will think that your little baby is so very adorable. Mothers are mighty. Looking at your baby, you will feel that all the pain was worth it. The baby will be your most dearest one in the future.”

She felt that Auntie Wang was suitable for negotiating. She was wavering somewhat now.

Seeing Su Yan listening intently, Auntie Wang felt satisfied as she came downstairs. After staying at the Jiang Household for many years, her thoughts weren’t old fashioned. She also didn’t feel that like in ancient times, women now have to give birth to a child to have a steady place in the household. But the rich and wealthy families were different from the ordinary families. She read all the news and knew which family’s daughter-in-law wanted to have another son in quick succession. It’s not enough to have one, you have to have two.

Did a person’s character not matter anymore? Which family’s consciousness still stayed in the Qing dynasty?

No. One just couldn’t help themselves.

It was the most cruel aspect. Children are not the foundation of getting on in life, nor does giving birth to a son sets one’s mind at ease. But how many people can have a standing without a child?

In the late evening, when Jiang Jingchuan came back, he found that Su Yan’s mood wasn’t good. He thought, did that Shen Peiran stir up trouble again? Not possible.

After eating dinner, when they went for a stroll as usual, Jiang Jingchuan asked: “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Su Yan hugged his arm and sighed: “I am thinking of a very serious and profound matter.”

Su Yan’s manner caused Jiang Jingchuan to smile, “Let’s discuss this serious and profound problem.”

“Jingchuan, if grandpa and grandma urge us to have children. What to do?” Su Yan felt very conflicted in her heart. She knew she could not avoid this, she also knew that she wanted to have children with Jiang Jingchuan, just that she thought it was better to have them later than earlier.

“Xiao Yan, I will say it again. I will not force you.” He stopped and then turned towards her, bending slightly as he stroked her face and smiled: “You are usually very intelligent, how come in this sort of matter you become foolish? We should be filial to our grandparents and respect them but we shouldn’t also be blind. Blind filial piety is worse than being unfilial. We should undertake their expectations but within our limits. Trust me, my grandparents are the ones without common sense.”

Su Yan left his arm and pursed her lips, “You are saying such glib words. Did you not want to marry me at that time? Why did you not resist the pressure then?”

Her tone was like a spoiled child. Naturally, she felt uncertain about this. In her impression, Jiang Jingchuan was a very independent person, if he did not want to do it, no one could force him. Since it was so, then why did he accept this marriage which did not go with his heart?


Barb Notes:

The day lilies would have already gotten too cold- An idiom which means to be too late.

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