Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 32 Part 1

Ah Jin really got lucky.

Otherwise, it would be up to her and Sanlang to find out something.

A roll of money was given to Mani, and he was asked to buy information on insects and birds.

After fifteen minutes, Mani came back.

He gave Ah Jin a piece of paper, on which it was written that both the "insects" and the "birds" were the underlings of a gang called "viper."

The leader of the "insects" was a man named Buster, about thirty-eight years old.

There was very little news about the "birds."

They only delivered to the "insects" and then disappeared.

Ah Jin made a mental note of the name "Viper" and asked Mani, "Did they tell you where this man named Buster is?"

Mani smiled mysteriously, then said, "The information dealer said, you are so generous, so he will give you a message for free. Your luck is really very good. That man is now in this alley!"

Ah Jin clinked glasses with him.

"This time, I really thank you. I have some urgent things to do, so I will leave first. The money for the drinks is on me, have a good time."

Mani was thrilled.

"Thank you, sir. It is not easy to walk at night. Try not to go out by yourself, be careful going out."

When he said "yourself," he obviously increased the tone, especially stressed that point.

Ah Jin led Sanlang out of the alley and hid in a corner.

The darkness of the night perfectly concealed their figures.

Sanlang asked, "Brother Zhou, are we going to catch that Ba-whatever? Will he bring a bodyguard."

"No, I was just hinted by Mani before we left. He came out on his own."

Ah Jin continued, "When he comes out later, you hide here and come out when I call you out."

Sanlang did not understand, "Why?"

"The thing is, you're in the way."

Sanlang immediately shut up and retreated to the corner to soothe his wounded little soul.

Was he that useless?

He hid in the back during the attack.

The bulletproof vest was only for him.

Now he was the last one to catch someone.

He was at least a big man and could carry and run the camera for a kilometer.

Sanlang felt very sad and a little aggrieved.

Ah Jin did not care about those.

She was free to die.

It was not suitable for those around her.

The two waited outside for more than two hours.

Sanlang had been bitten by mosquitoes countless times.

Finally, Buster slowly wandered out of the alley.

He was obviously drunk and walked unsteadily.

His mouth hummed an unknown native song.

He looked like he was in a good mood.

Ah Jin quietly followed him, as close as possible to keep pace with him.

It was then that Buster tripped over a stone at his feet.

He stumbled a bit, and just as he stood firm, he felt a heavy blow on the back of his neck, and then he was unconscious.

Ah Jin called Sanlang out, and together they carried him back to the car.

Then they drove him to an abandoned and dilapidated building.

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