His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 32 - Nature

For a few days, Shen Ziqiao didn’t chat with anyone else but Lady Li. Though Lady Meng was incredibly respectful towards her, she wasn’t that close or friendly, still holding resentment towards Shen Ziqiao.

From Hong Yu’s words, Lady Meng originally was going to marry someone and be their proper wife. But because the Madam wasn’t feeling well back then, she gave up on the thought of marrying, scared that no one would be able to look after her young master. Therefore, she was willing to stay by Shen Ziqiao’s side and be a mama, protecting her for life.

Who knew… Shen Ziqiao insulted and humiliated her in front of everyone.

How disappointed and upset should she be?!

Shen Ziqiao didn’t know how to to comment on the original owner of the body. Were female side leads born brainless? She didn’t know how the author wrote this book because there was no logic to this at all. Lady Meng was clearly Shen Ziqiao’s mother’s trusted aide, and someone Shen Ziqiao could rely on heavily in the future. Yet, the latter still kicked her out regardless. Wasn’t she seeking death at this point?

There was no way to cure such a wastrel and a moron!

Shen Ziqiao dismissed Hong Ying and Hong Yu, instructing them to help Lady Meng organize the goods that they had just collected. In the yard, there were only two maids sitting on the steps of the corridor chatting. Seeing Shen Ziqiao coming out, they hurriedly stood up and greeted, “Third Miss.”

Shen Ziqiao smiled at them and asked, “You two grew up here?”

The two maids hadn’t let their hair grow long yet and they seemed to be in their teens. Although they didn’t have as fair-white skin and looked young and tender, they were quite cute and looked refreshing. The two wore lotus cyan-colored clothes, and they seemed to be quite nervous.

They were originally picking fruits in the garden, but because Shen Ziqiao came suddenly, they were called over to serve her. The two girls had never served a master before, so they naturally lacked manners.

“What’s the matter? Why are you guys so nervous?” Shen Ziqiao laughed, amused.

“Report… Reporting to the Third Miss, this maid grew up here.” They were maids that were sold to the Shen Family by nearby tenant farmers, having life-long contracts.

Then they should be very familiar with the surroundings. Shen Ziqiao asked, “Where are your parents?”

The two maids only heard of the Third Miss being someone extremely hard to get along. Now that the maids heard Shen Ziqiao asking about their parents, they thought that the Third Miss wanted to punish their parents because they had been chatting and not serving her. Their tears were about to fall down.

“This maid… This maid’s parents are working in the fields.” One of the maids with a round face cried after saying this.

Shen Ziqiao was startled and widened her eyes, asking, “What are you crying for?”

“Third Miss, this maid doesn’t dare, doesn’t dare to cry. Please don’t punish us.” The two maids kneeled down and suddenly kowtowed her.

“What is this…?” Shen Ziqiao hurriedly helped them up and said, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Stand up and talk. I didn’t even yell at you, so what are you crying for?”

“This maid doesn’t dare to gossip anymore.” The other sobbed as she said this.

Shen Ziqiao couldn’t help but laugh. “Why are you two being so serious? You were just chatting. Who doesn’t chat? I was just asking if you are familiar with the surroundings here. If you are, take me around. I’m so bored from staying inside my room all the time.”

The two maids stared at her with teary eyes.

“What are your names?” Shen Ziqiao smiled and asked.

“This maid is Zhao Di.” The round face girl said.

“This maid is Yin Hua.” The other one followed, but the two were still nervous.

Shen Ziqiao nodded and stretched her body, saying, “Is there anything fun nearby? Take me around. I feel lethargic from always staying in the room.”

Seeing that Shen Ziqiao was really not angry, Zhao Di and Yin Hua burst into laughter and pointed at the mountain behind them, saying, “Third Miss, there is a Daoist temple over there and someone donated money to have the temple renovated. Now, they invited people to perform an opera up there. Lots of people from nearby villages went to take a look for themselves. It’s very lively and bustling with noises.”

“Have you guys gone to check it out before?” Shen Ziqiao smiled at them. Someone actually invited people over to perform as if they were in an opera? Who did this bizarre thing?

“No.” They were called here to work, so where would they have the time to check it out?

Shen Ziqiao could see the desire in their eyes. During this time period, there were no TVs or video games for children. Therefore, it was really rare that they would be able to watch a show. No wonder they desired to go to the temple.

“Is that what you were talking about before?” She asked.

Zhao Di and Yin Hua were less afraid of Shen Ziqiao now, so they nodded and smiled. “The temple is very lively and it has never been that lively before. At the top of the temple, we can even check out the fruit garden. It looks amazing.”

Shen Ziqiao was interested and she pulled on their hands, saying, “Go, go, go. Let’s take a look too.”

The three walked out happily and they didn’t notice a woman standing by the entrance hall of the corridor wearing flowery clothes watching them.

She clutched her hands tightly and bit her lips, holding back her tears. In the end, she covered her mouth with her hands, afraid that the three might hear her crying.

In the recent days, not only Lady Lin, but also Hai Tang and the others were saying that the Third Miss was different and not the unruly and crafty young miss that hit servants casually anymore. When she heard this, she snorted. She believed that one couldn't change their nature easily.

Lady Meng never held hope for Shen Ziqiao since she was kicked out of the Shen Family like a dog. The unforgettable pain and resentment was etched in her heart.

She was passing by when she saw Shen Ziqiao chatting with Zhao Di and Yin Hua. She originally thought that she was scolding them, and Lady Meng knew that Shen Ziqiao never held back while scolding people, so she wanted to come over and help the maids, afraid that they would be scolded badly.

When she saw the maids crying and begging for mercy, Lady Meng seemed to see her past self.

That year, the Third Miss was just three years old and the Madam had just passed away not long. To take care of the Third Miss, Lady Meng had abandoned the thought of marrying anyone, but who knew that the Third Miss had her beaten up in front of everyone when she accidentally smashed a vase that the Old Madam had gifted the Third Miss. Even more, the Third Miss said that she was just a dog raised in the Shen Family, and kicked her out.

During that time, she even had the thought of killing herself.

While being alive, nothing could surpass the despair of being sincere to the wrong person. If it wasn't for the Elder Master, who knew where she would be sold to.

Even so, Lady Meng was still loyal to the Madam, so she would secretly ask around for news about the Third Miss while she was in the capital. Everywhere, she heard about how the Third Miss was unreasonable and arrogant, dominant and crafty. She never heard anything nice about her.

She was really disappointed in the Third Miss.

If the Madam was still alive, she would definitely teach the Third Miss to become a gentle and virtuous daughter of an affluent family. What a pity...

However, Lady Meng seemed to have seen a completely different Shen Ziqiao today! She had never seen the Third Miss smile so warmly towards a servant! She had never heard of the Third Miss talking so gently to a servant!

So this is the truth!

The Third Miss was really different.

Lady Meng covered her face with her hands and tears fell down her face. Thinking about Madam Pan, who had died a decade ago, she cried even louder.

No matter who helped change the Third Miss’s personality, she was really grateful towards them.

Madam must’ve heard her prayers.

“Shaoyao, what are you doing here? Where’s the Third Miss?” Lady Lin’s voice rang from behind. She walked closer to notice Lady Meng’s face covered in tears. She couldn’t help but jump and ask, “What’s the matter? Did the Third Miss scold you again?”

Lady Meng laughed and cried. “Does the Third Miss scold people that easily?”

“Of course not. The Third Miss has a very nice personality now. But what happened to you?” Lady Lin asked in concern.

“Well… I miss Madam.” Lady Meng glanced at the blue sky and said in a low voice.

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