Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 32 - Luo Lin appeared!

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Wu Gang lost his cool and panicked once Luo Lin sped up the count down: "I'll tell you, I'll tell you everything!"

After that, Luo Lin stopped counting down and just smoked while he stared fixated at the frightened Wu Gang.


Wu Gang swallowed a mouthful of saliva before breaking out into a  stutter, "Actually... Chi Shi only instructed me to take note of... your phone model Big Brother Luo Lin... that's all..."

'My phone model?'

Luo Lin's furrowed his brows and took out his mobile phone. This phone was a present from Qin Wanshu when he turned 17, it's the latest model from LG.

'Why does he want to know my phone model?'

'What was he planning to do?'

"I dislike dishonest people." Luo Lin shoved the phone into his pocket and spoke coldly.

"Big Brother Luo Lin, I didn't lie to you, that's all I know! I don't know what Chi Shi wants to do, he only instructed me to take note of your phone model. I did that and relayed the model to him. I didn't do anything else!" When Wu Gang noticed Luo Lin's face turn grim, he began to regret listening to Chi Shi's instructions.

He had zero clues what Chi Shi's plans were. Originally, he thought his task was really simple and unnoticeable. Now that he thinks about it, if Luo Lin realized Chi Shi's plans, then he would be doomed as well.

He looked at the pale and frightened Wu Gang who explained incessantly: "That's all that I know really!"

Luo Lin's brows creased. Wu Gang was a student and not an experienced adult so he should be telling the truth.

If that's the case then the problem might quite become troublesome. Wu Gang only carried out a simple task but he didn't know much so it's up to Luo Lin to guess Chi Shi's plans... out of nowhere, his right eyelid jumped again, this was the time to test his IQ...

'Checking my phone model?'

If Chi Shi wanted to harm him, then he would resort to some evil tricks.

If he wanted to use someone to threaten or take vengeance on him, then the person who is closest to him in school was Lan Lan.

Liu Wanchuan and the other 4 brothers shouldn't run into any trouble. So he might be targeting Lan Lan.

However, Chi Shi didn't come to school today so that target might be someone outside of school, which was why he made Wu Gang take note of Luo Lin's phone model.


'If so, there's only one possibility. My phone model is the only clue, then he would use it to trick people related to me outside the campus.'

'Outside of school... phone...'

When Luo Lin thought about this, he could only think of Qin Wanshu.

After Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan sent him to school this morning. If nothing unexpected happened, then they should be busy at the internet cafe with renovation work at the moment.

Luo Lin called Qin Wanshu's phone, and as expected, her phone that she never turns off resounded with a stiff mechanical voice: "Hello, the person you are dialing is not available, please try again later..."

His heart skipped a beat, Luo Lin quickly hung up and dialed another number, Miss Song's phone. The results were the same, a stiff voice spoke: "Hello, the person you are dialing is not available, please try again later..."


Luo Lin hung up the phone, his complexioned turned worse and he thought, 'This is bad!'

Without an ounce of hesitation, he left the stunned Wu Gang and dashed toward the school gate. While he ran, he quickly dialed a number and soon, Liu Wanchuan's sleepy voice sounded: "En... Brother Lin..."

"Little Chuan! Don't sleep anymore! Hurry up and get out of bed, call Liang Zi, Jiadong, and the others. Gather here quickly, and get the other brothers as well! Be on stand by, wait for my call!"

Before Liu Wanchuan was able to respond, Luo Lin hung up the phone. He did not even get a leave of absence from school.

Upon rushing out of the school gate, the security didn't have the opportunity to stop Luo Lin, as he already disappeared from his sight.

Luo Lin rushed to the internet cafe that was in the middle of the renovation and noticed the workers all standing around like a bunch of fools. There were no signs of Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan in the shop!

"En, little brother, do you know this shop's boss?" One of the workers called out to Luo Lin, "We've been here for quite some time, we phoned the lady boss' phone but it had been shut off. When do we start working, you..."

Luo Lin did not continue listening to them. His heart sank and without saying anything, he rushed out of the store and looked around the intersection brimming with anxiousness.

Coincidentally, the breakfast porridge stall had not closed. The boss lifted a little wooden stool while greeting Luo Lin.

"Youngster, are you here for the beauties too? The news spread so quickly, but it's to be expected. My small stall has two rare beauties patronizing, it seems like they were capable too! I heard that they have bought one of the internet cafes around here, seems to be undergoing renovations recently!"

The breakfast porridge stall lady boss was a simple rural middle-aged aunty, she was a little gossipy but there was no malice behind her words.

This middle-aged-lady casual gossip gave Luo Lin an important clue, Luo Lin inquired: "Were there a lot of people coming to see them?"

The Auntie chortled and waved her hand: "Actually there wasn't a lot since students are all going to school, there were not many people in the afternoon. Most of the people would look twice, however, there were 2 guys that ran here just to look for the beauties specifically."

"Two guys?" Luo Lin frowned, "Is one of them a student, small eyes, big mouth, and a little tanned, en... afro, around my height?"

The elderly woman pondered: "Well, once you said that, there seemed to be someone with an afro... was he a student? But there was one 30 something-year-old beside him with a buzz cut, with a big gold necklace, there was also a dragon or something on his arm... hm?"


"what's wrong?"

"Why did he walk off, he's not going to eat anything?..."

She looked at Luo Lin running away without even saying anything to her, this elderly woman muttered: "Students nowadays really do not understand manners..."

Luo Lin now had a goal, the two men the elderly woman mentioned were Chi Shi and Brother Dragon!

... He knows that Brother Dragon should be at the Pink Mummy bar, so he sped toward that place, and arrived there in a blink of an eye.

Usually, at this time, Pink Mummy Bar would have their shutter doors half-opened even if it wasn't open for business.

However, today was different. Pink Mommy bar had the doors tightly shut. Luo Lin who had keen senses seemed to have picked up bursts of shouting from within...

Luo Lin leaned against the shutter door and listened with his ear against it. He could faintly make out two words: "Help! Help!"

It sounded really familiar, he was not mistaken, it was Song Meiyuan!


Luo Lin felt the anger in his heart ignite. Instantly, he lifted his leg and kicked the door while shouting: "Chi Shi, fu*k your father! If you dare touch a single hair on them, I will let you die here!"

Even though he cursed, it did not mean that Luo Lin lost his sanity. He was angry, but he was also trying to exert pressure on the people inside, he wanted to give them a sense of oppression. If the tragedy had not happened, then he must try all means to delay it...




Every kick was stronger than the last, the door trembled under the force. Part of the shutter door caved in and dirt fell off in chunks but he did not stay idle.

Luo Lin's mind spun quickly, and he quickly called someone: "Liu Wanchuan, bring our brothers over to the pink mummy bar now! Hurry up! Gather as many people as you can, we must eliminate this scoundrel Dragon Dog today!"

After he hung up the phone, he made another call: "Ah Yao! Brother Dragon touched my loved ones, I'm going to tear down his place, some people might die today, help me arrange matters according to the situation!"

On the other side, Wolfdog jumped out of bed: "Fu*k, this Dragon Egg is tired of living! I'll go arrange for it now! I'll go there personally!"

In the bar, everyone heard Luo Lin's furious roars. Brother Dragon was alright, but Chi Shi who had personally experienced Luo Lin's majesty knows that he was not one to be trifled with!

Now that Luo Lin had found his way here, then it would be a face-to-face confrontation. Dogs can't change their habit of eating sh*t, once a coward, always a coward. Chi Shi's legs began to shake, he quickly told Brother Dragon in a flustered manner: "Stop stop stop! Brother Dragon, Luo Lin found his way here, let's stop!"

How would Brother Dragon pay any heed to Chi Shi's words? How would he easily let meat that's right by his mouth run away so easily?

The two ladies are almost out of energy, the drugs have been applied, it was just a matter of pulling them into a room. Who knew where Luo Lin got this news from and made his way here at this critical juncture...

From the sounds outside, it seemed like he was alone.

No matter how crafty and slippery Brother Dragon was, he was still the boss of this turf. He did not care about the matter of him instigating Chi Shi because it was the latter that got shamed, not him.

Now that someone had barged into his turf to cause trouble, he needs to take this person down.

Of course, since things have been exposed, he dared not go further.

Brother Dragon pulled out his phone and phoned his henchmen, trying to gather as many back-ups as he could.

Brother Dragon felt a burst of heartache when he looked at the ladies who were on the brink of collapsing.

If he does not handle this matter well, then the meat by his mouth will fly away...


A sonorous sound resounded, outside the shutter door, there was a hole in the door. No one knew where Luo Lin got a motorcycle from and with it, he smashed a hole through the sturdy metal shutter door!

At first sight, Luo Lin saw Song Meiyuan and Qin Wanshu laying pathetically on the floor. It seemed that they had been roughed up, but the clothes on their bodies were intact, so there should be no serious tragedy. When he realized this, Luo Lin heaved out a sigh of relief.

He noticed one detail, Qin Wanshu had tears all over her face like a tabby cat, but there were no injuries on her body.

Song Meiyuan however, was different...

Her hair was disheveled from all the pulling, there were bruises all over her body, blood seeped from the side of her lips, her clothes were torn and shredded. Thank goodness she wore a little vest inside, otherwise she would have been exposed!

Needless to say, Song Meiyuan must have shielded Qin Wanshu.

When he thought about this, Luo Lin's heart felt as though it had been tugged, he felt a burst of heartache and his eye turned red.

Song Meiyuan and Qin Wanshu were tossed to the brink of a mental breakdown. When they saw Luo Lin beside them with morning sun behind him through the hole in the door, they felt a lump in their throats, and tears poured down with happiness filling their hearts.

'H-he came to save us... '

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