In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 32 - Jam-Packed

Only the light from their phones lit up their gloomy expressions.

“Can we really go through this place…?”

A small rectangular hole in front of Daiki blocked their way.

They could advance by crawling, but, they’d definitely get wet that way.

Besides, it seemed suffocating.

“There is only here.”

Takumi took out raincoats from his backpack and tossed one to Daiki.

Daiki expressed his grievance as he put it on,

“The shopping district is straight down this path, but if we’d use this way to escape, it would be very packed.”

“It’s better than to be knocked down by zombies and be molded like sushi rice.”

“Yeah… I’m there after all…”

Daiki had more strength than the average person, and so, his body was thereafter.

He wondered if it was possible to pass him with his broad shoulders.

Daiki crammed himself in the rectangular hole.


Daiki forcibly pressed himself inside.

And by doing that, he couldn’t move an inch.

Worried, Takumi asked,

“Are you okay…?”


“Yeah? What?”

“In short… it’s better…”

The flashlight in Takumi’s hand fell to the ground.



Ryou made a triumpthant pose.

Tooru turned back at the sound.

“R-ryou! What did you do!?”

“Well, since it’s a hassle to break it, I wondered if it would be pretty if I blew it up instead… or something.”

The glass windows in the miibus had shattered into pieces, and smoke came out from the inside.

And there were even flickering flames slipping in and out of his view.

“P-put out the fire!”


Ryou pulled the hose from a fire hydrant and sprayed toward the bus windows.

The fire hydrant of this school was called Fire Hydrant Nr. 2, and it was even the type that was possible for people to digest.

After a few seconds, he finished extinguishing the fire.

“Just how did you make something like a bomb…”

“Look, I looked it up before, right? I also experimented with it.”

Looking into the bus, he saw the the center of the aisle being charred to the point of burning, the seats blown off, and only the frames being left.

“See? It’s flawless, right?”

“No, well, the aisle is already no good…”

When Tooru only lightly touched it with his foot, the aisle crumbled and collapsed.

“Well, it’ll be fine if we cover it with wood or something.”

“How perfunctory…”

He threw the debris of the seats out from the hole of the window.

As he did that, Shinji came running, holding a tool in his hand.

“What!? What was the explosion right now!?”

He had a a terrible expression like a demon.

“Well… we were only removing the seats…”

“Don’t screw around! This isn’t for fun!”

“Please don’t be so grumpy.”

“How can you be so calm!? If you made a mistake, the gasoline would ignite and end up in a big explosion! Even the school could be hit! And the bus, which is valuable…!”

“Isn’t it fine since that didn’t happen? Since it didn’t happen, we don’t have to keep talking about it…”

“Are you a moron? Is your stomach full of something slowing your brains!?”

“What!? There are only dreams and hopes…”

“Please stop it!”

The two’s fruitless dispute stopped at Tooru’s voice.

The two kept silent.

“Both of you, restrain your emotions. Ryou, making bombs isn’t bad, but experimenting with the bus is dangerous. Senior Shouda, what you said was a sound argument, but I don’t think it’s right to keep nagging and blaming Ryou.”


The two shrunk from his words.

“... Let’s do our jobs.”

As Tooru began inspecting the welding tools, the two stood shock still, looking at his back.

“Phew. It’s finally done!”

Hazuki threw away the mop and sat down.

The usual color of the hallway met her demands.

There was nothing red alarming her asides from the fire extinguisher.

“Even if you say that, it’s only the half…”

Yuuki muttered, and Hazuki sunk to the floor.

“However, isn’t this enough for today? We still have to sort out the materials too.”

Miu said, and poured the water from the bucket out the window.

There was obviously no one that wanted to continue cleaning, so each of them started putting away the tools.

However, Sakura wasn’t among them.

“I wonder where Sakura went… She can’t be with Senior Kazuma, right?”

“Ahaha. I think it’s fine. There’s also a demon of illcit sexual relationships here.”


Hazuki tilted her head, and Yuuki released a terrible aura.

The aura was excessive enough to shatter the glass windows.

“Is the student council…”

Yuuki turned around and looked at Hazumi.

“There is a heavy punishment for illicit sexual relationships.”

“I-i-it’s not me! Maybe with Senior Kazuma she has a… No, a very pure association…”

“A pure association with that frivilous guy?”

“Nonono! It’s not like that’s for sure!”

“Is that so. It seems like I will have to make sure.”

Saying that, Yuuki left, carrying a dustcloth in her hand.

After that, Hazuki was tormented with worry over having done something bad.

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