For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 32 - The Popular Guys, Food Porn, and Gap (リア充と飯テロとギャップ)

I could feel the strained atmosphere tingling on my skin.

This should be the so-called sense of tension. I watched Kenichi, holding my breath.

I only had regrets for creating this situation. Why did we end up like this, I wonder...

"...Explain what you mean. What is this?"

"Um, Kotone… It's just as you see…"

Kenichi listened to the freezing voice from the phone. Kenichi was tall, but now he looked small like a dwarf.

"...This is betrayal. Pay this back by dying a thousand times."

I even trembled at her angry voice. Wakamiya didn't seem to be bothered at all, tidying the tableware with a hum. She was in a good mood like a child. When I saw her like that, my face unconsciously relaxed.

Kenichi stared at me with a blaming look. Well, I guess this was kind of my fault, so I understand why he glared at me like that…

"Hey, hey. You don't have to go that far, right! Do you need to be that angry?"

"...Kenichi, you don't understand the serious crime you've done, huh."

"I only sent you a photo, right? There's nothing you should get mad abo… ah."

Kenichi realized that he made a slip of the tongue and made a stupid voice. His face distorted as he muttered, "Oh no."

"I want to eat Rin's food too!"

Fuji-san sounded like a whining kid, utterly different from her usual calm self.

Kenichi glared at me with a bitter smile again.

By the way, it's me who took a picture of Wakamiya's cooking with Kenichi's smartphone and sent it to Fuji-san. I added a message that said, "Kenichi ate more food than Fuji-san…"

As a result, she replied angrily, "...I won't forgive him for sending me food porn when I'm on a diet."

No matter how I thought of it, this was responsibility. I never thought that my small revenge would become this serious. My heart hurt since my plan had gone wrong.

"But you don't have to get angry about food."

"Kenichi, you don't understand! Rin's food is so delicious!! Eating it secretly without me… Not to say, it's my favorite french toast!!!"

"I'm not the only one who ate it…"

"It's fine if Tokiwagi-san ate it… Kenichi is not allowed."


Why is she okay if it's me…? Also, it turns out Fuji-san likes french toast.

Kenichi looked at me to ask for help, so I looked at Wakamiya to hand over the baton. Wakamiya noticed my line of sight and laughed a little. Then she went closer to Kenichi's smartphone.

And Wakamiya, who dispatched a ship to help him, said——

"Kotone-chan, should I make it for you if you want to eat it? We still have the ingredients here."

It's the perfect response.


"Of course. But it'll become your lunch. Are you sure about that?"

"Yay! Rin, I love you!"

Then she hung up.

The last voice was so cute that I wondered if it was Fuji for a moment… Let's pretend I didn't hear it to honor Fuji-san.

By the way, it means Wakamiya would be here at noon… Well, I'm grateful for that.

I glanced at Kenichi, who was left out in the cold. He was shaking, banging on the desk.

"Kenichi, I'm sorry… I got ahead of myself."

I bowed my head to Kenichi. I butted into the affairs of a dating couple and caused them to quarrel. Even if it didn't turn into a severe fight, what I did was the worst.

Kenichi grabbed my shoulder.

I reflexively stiffened, preparing my body to the impact I expected to come.

"Towa, you're the best!" Those unexpected words made me dumbfounded. "Really~ Thanks to you, I could see Kotone's rare side. I can't thank you enough! She usually doesn't show it to anyone because she's too shy~"

"Eh? But… Weren't you quarreling?"

"Hm? We're not, though? We don't think much about something like that. Rather, it's kind of charming. That's why Kotone and my relationship won't crumble."

"Kenichi, you're cool."

How handsome. Be it his personality or his appearance. Together with his confidence to say that.

He's really cool. To be honest, I was envious of him. But wishing for impossible things was useless…

However, Kenichi was really irritating when he raised his thumb and said, "Gap moe is the best!"

He also smiled pleasantly all the time, so annoying...

"Katou-san. I have been thinking about this, but does Kotone-chan know Tokiwagi-san's apartment?"

"Ah… She definitely doesn't…"

After this, Kenichi received a phone from Fuji, who was lost, and he rushed out to pick her up.

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