The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!

Chapter 32 – Get some sleep? (もういったん寝よう?)

Before the crack of dawn, a loud voice echoed throughout a single room in the lodge.


"Good moooorning─!! Food's ready~ Get up and come downstairs while it's still hot!!"


A large man with dark skin and braided hair came bursting into the bedroom.

His name is Mr. Marcus Jefferson. He's an employee of the Schneiver Company's material gathering department (?), and also a C Class adventurer.

He had received a call from the Schneiver Company and was alone here waiting for us when we arrived late at the lodge last night.

There are currently seven staff members at the lodge, including Marcus-san.

The other six were out collecting a plant called "Lamp Grass" which is said to glow at night, so I haven't met them yet.


Incidentally, the room that Marcus-san entered was the bedroom Allis-chan and I were using.

Yes. The room the daughters of a Duke and a Marquess was using.


I'm fine with it, you know? Even before I regained the memories of my past life, Brother Daemon sometimes entered my room to drag me out of bed before sunrise, so I'm not particularly bothered by it.

However, Allis-chan was raised as a "proper" young lady.

She wasn't given this treatment like I was. What am I, Brother Daemon's younger brother? His subordinate??

No, she was treated like a lady. In the mornings after sunrise, a female maid would gently wake her up as that was the norm....


After being startled by Marcus-san's loud voice, Allis-chan was left completely frozen.


Just like when a small animal gets startled and stops moving.

Maybe this is the true form of what a proper noble lady should be like.

As a noble lady in the same position, I'm embarrassed at my own nerves of steel for being fine in this situation!!


Not caring that Allis-chan was completely frozen, Marcus-san strode into the room and opened the curtains.

Wait!! Allis-chan hasn't changed her clothes yet, so don't open the curtains just yet!!


Hm? Me? I can equip anything from my 【Closet】in an instant so I'm fine!!


After opening all the curtains in the room, Marcus-san then left to the other rooms, bursting in and greeting them just as loudly.

It seems that while staying at this lodge, we'll have to wake up before sunrise.



Once Allis-chan broke out from her frozen state, she went into full panic mode. While calming her down, we got ready and went downstairs to find three staff members, including Marcus-san.

We each introduced ourselves and exchanged greetings.


"I apologise for visiting so late last night. We will be in your care for the next few days."


"Not at all. Please pay it no mind."


"In fact, we should be the ones apologising. There isn't much to see here, and we are unable to offer a lot either."


With our arrival at the lodge, the current food reserves are thought to be lacking. Thus, the other four had left the lodge 2 hours ago to go shopping and hunting.

I don't know what time you guys came back from gathering those "lamp grass", but are you sure you're getting enough sleep?

I'm really sorry for imposing on all of you on such short notice.


"Huh? Where's Ursch-kun?"


My question was answered by Marcus-san.


"If it's the young master, he's been in the workshop out back for the past two hours, making something."


Ursch-kun, you're a growing boy, so I really think you should be getting more sleep.

After thanking Marcus-san, I decided to check on Ursch-kun after having breakfast.

By the way, breakfast was made by Marcus-san, and looked just like a kid's meal.

I just can't imagine this big muscly man cutting carrots into stars or making the sandwich bread into the shape of a bear.

....I would also like to know how to cut bear-shaped bread.


The second prince hasn't woken up yet, but that's because we decided on not waking him up.

Reason being that the prince has had insomnia all this time because of his skill, so if he's sleeping peacefully, it'd be best to leave him be. That, and also because there were things we needed to do before he wakes up.


After we ate, Allis-chan and I went to the small shed that Ursch-kun was working in to check the progress on said things we needed to do.


"Good morning, Ursch-kun!! Did you sleep well?"


"Good morning~ I slept soundly for three hours~"


.......Three hours.

It's great that he slept soundly, but is it really okay for a 6-year-old to think that it's A-okay just because he slept soundly for 3 hours?

Doesn't that um, kinda sound like a salaryman who's so overworked that he's just numb to it now?


"...Well, Ursch-kun, once you're done with that, please get some more sleep, 'kay?"


"Okay~ I think I'll have the finished product before noon. The second prince probably won't wake up until after noon, so I should barely finish before then."


Ursch-kun is currently modifying the "Tartar's Arrow" to make a version that can be equipped to seal off skills.


"For what it's worth, it's finished, but... It's a bit too plain for a prince to wear. I'm trying to decorate it, but I can't seem to get it to look right."


So it's already complete.


"Ursch-kun, I don't think that's where you should be struggling. If its done already, why don't you put the design aside for now and get some sleep?"


Completing the Item in two hours is a feat as expected of Ursch-kun, but his perfectionism is showing in odd areas.

You don't have to worry about the design so much to cut down your sleep... you're still a growing boy...


"Hmm... I think I can finish it before noon, but..."


You say "before noon", but it's not even sunrise yet, okay? Just how much more time do you plan to spend on decorating it.

I'm just guessing, but I bet Ursch-kun acts like this on a regular basis, cutting down on meals and sleep to work.

At this rate, it's going to take a while to get him to stop working and sleep.


"Ursch-kun. Even I, your fiancée, have yet to receive your handmade accessory. It's not fair that you would make such an elaborate gift for the second prince."


"Guess I'll wrap it up around here~"


Oh, he gave in pretty easily.


"Then since I've got some extra time now, I'll make something for you, Isabella~"


"No, you don't. You don't have to make anything, just go to bed already."



After that, Ursch-kun kept insisting on making something for me, so I dragged him out of the workshop, princess carried him to the bedroom, and made him sleep using one of his anesthetic needles. I then went out to the front with Allis-chan.


"Now then, Allis-chan. There is something you need to do before the Second Prince wakes up."


"Eh?! What is it?"




That's right. Allis-chan actually has a lower level than the Second Prince.

In other words, she's likely the only one in this mountain lodge whose thoughts can be heard by the "Pride King's Ears".

Since Ursch-kun has already completed the Item, there was no need to rush, but there will come a time where His Highness would remove the item to practice with his skill.

If Allis-chan is nearby then, there's no hiding her thoughts from the prince.

As a girl in love, Allis-chan would definitely find it undesirable for the person she likes to hear her thoughts.


And with that.



"By noon today, I'll have you able to hunt horned rabbits on your own."



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