The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 32 - A Chance Encounter

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Jiang Zihan ruthlessly threw the data on the table during the meeting. “I had confidence in you guys, but you tried to cheat me instead.”

“Take a look! Take a good look at the data.”

The market division and tailors couldn’t help but break out into a cold sweat.

“Does every outfit need to use an extra .03 meters? Are you colluding with the supplier to raise the price of cloth? What else are you guys doing behind my back?”

“I had trusted in you guys for so many years, and you guys repay me like this? A loss of over 10 million each year? Whose stomach is it hiding in?”

“I’m letting you guys know, the smart ones better spit it out now or else I might go tell the police. I’m giving you guys a week to let you carefully think over what you've done for the past few years and what you're going to do now. I’m giving you guys one last chance, don't force my hand.”

Jiang Zihan finished talking and angrily went back to his office. He sat down and said, “Call over Wang Ke from the sales department.”

Wang Ke quickly came in. The chairman was angry today so it made Wang Ke a bit more cautious.

Jiang Zihan asked, “How is Cheng Jinyu?”

Wang Ke responded, “Very good. He works very seriously. He’s an eager study, modest, smart and a youth with huge prospects.  He did all of the follow-up for Hisense company himself and did it very well. The current project is progressing smoothly, his contribution is very large.”

“He said before he never did anything in this kind of field. This is proof that he is extremely capable. It is very rare to find a person this smart and steadfast. It is worth it to train him.”

Jiang Zihan nodded his head. “Then the data that he gave you, you’ve probably already seen it.”

“Yes, I also did not think that 0.03 meters all together would be that much money. Cheng Jinyu is an extremely meticulous person.”

“Your evaluation of him is this high?”

“Yes, I care a lot about this person. The business with Hisense Company is coming to an end soon. Now, we are waiting for the clothes to be made. You don’t need to worry about him anymore. Currently I gave him a new project. He has already made a lot of progress. Perhaps he can get it signed soon.”

Jiang Zihan nodded his head. “Very good.”

Cheng Jinyu did not expect that the project Wang Ke gave him was actually involving the company Yang Chenglin was at.

Seeing Yang Chenglin again, Cheng Jinyu felt a bit awkward. When Mama Cheng was ill, Yang Chenglin’s mother was also hospitalized. The two older people lived in the same ward together.

The important point was that Yang Chenglin’s mother was someone who likes to talk a lot. She kept wanting to introduce Cheng Jinyu to a boyfriend, and ultimately she wanted to introduce him to her son, Yang Chenglin.

Although both people liked men, when meeting, it was hard to avoid the awkwardness. Especially for Yang Chenglin. His mother kept persistently telling him to chase Cheng Jinyu, to the point that in front of them, she talked about how great homosexuality was and how great the two were suited for each other.

Two young people like this were endlessly embarrassed by this enthusiastic elder. Yang Chenglin apologized to Cheng Jinyu many times privately.

This time the two people were meeting, and it just so happened that Cheng Jinyu was in charge of the project for Yang Chenglin’s company. For the two people to meet again, it was a bit unexpected and cheerful. And Yang Chenglin was even more astonished.

“A scholar who has been gone for three days must be looked at with new eyes (1). I really am convinced. It's only been a few short months, but you’re like this now.” Yang Chenglin said.

Cheng Jinyu wearing the suit, appearing slender and straight, sat across from him. His handsome complexion had a faint smiling expression. His entire person emitted the thriving vitality of youth. It was very different from the person in the hospital with their head always down.

Cheng Jinyu smiled and said, “I also didn’t know that Brother Yang would be working here as a manager, it is my good fortune. If Brother Yang wasn’t here, I’m afraid I wouldn't even be able to enter the company doors.”

“How is that possible? Even if I wasn't here, you would still be fine.”

“Brother Yang is joking with me.”

“No, what I said is true. The info you brought is very detailed. Your Zhuoyue brand is very good. Our company had wanted to cooperate from early on.”

“Then that's fantastic,” Cheng Jinyu smiled and replied.

Two people were sitting at a restaurant for lunch talking about the project. This was a six million dollar project. Although it can't compare to Hisense company, Cheng Jinyu treated it the same.


Cheng Jinyu turned his head around and saw Wei Hua with a hesitant expression looking over. Cheng Jinyu also did not expect to run into him here.

Wei Hua already walked over using big steps. He was very thin and pallid compared to before. His face was originally very skinny but now it was deforming. His eyes seemed a bit big and bulging, his entire person was a bit unsightly to look at.

Cheng Jinyu took a deep breath and made his appearance more tranquil.  “Didn’t think I would see you here. What a coincidence.”

Wei Hua walked closer before he realized it really was Cheng Jinyu. He did not look like anything from before. Last time he saw him, he had already changed a bit, this time’s transformation was thoroughly complete.

He turned into the form of a societal elite, wearing a good suit and dining in a good restaurant.  It was no longer that yes-man person.

“You, you’re currently doing well?”

Cheng Jinyu nodded his head. “Yes, I currently have business to do. This is my client, we’re currently talking about some work.”

“Ok, you guys talk. I’ll wait for you over there.”

“Wait for me? What did you need me for?”

“Nothing much, just wanted to find you and talk.”

Cheng Jinyu responded, “Sorry, in a moment I need to return to the company. I don’t have time.”

“Just give me five minutes. Can you give me just five minutes?” Wei Hua said in a quiet voice, like when they had first met.

Cheng Jinyu directly refused him. “I’m really sorry.”

Wei Hua’s complexion sank. “Ok, ok.” He said those two words consecutively, then turned around and left. Cheng Jinyu saw it clearly. That straight back, unexpectedly was a bit bent. Cheng Jinyu’s heart, for a split second, slightly shook. Originally he thought they were two people who would share their life together, but they parted ways early on.

“Ex- boyfriend?” Yang Chenglin smiled.

Cheng Jinyu also smiled. “It happened a while ago.”

“He doesn’t deserve you.”

Cheng Jinyu shook his head. “No, it was me that wasn’t good enough for him.”

“Because of your mother?”

“Not only my mother. My burden is a lot. But that’s my problem. I can deal with it myself.”

Yang Chenglin nodded. “Of course you can, you’re that amazing.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled and then continued to talk about the project.

During the hospitalization period, his mother spoke too much. At the time, Yang Chenglin also had wanted to find someone. Although Cheng Jinyu couldn't be compared to his previous boyfriend’s radiance, he was very well behaved and considerate.

Yang Chenglin attempted to get closer to this person, but Cheng Jinyu immediately refused him. Yang Chenglin had someone to be concerned about. Towards Cheng Jinyu, since he did not have any special feelings for him, he simply gave up the pursuit.

But meeting at this time, Yang Chenglin was a bit tempted.

The two people ate then Yang Chenglin said, “I’ll send you back to the company.”

“No need, you’re busy.”

“The scenery here isn’t bad, you can take a look. There is currently work that I have to do. Wait until I have time and I'll invite you out to eat.”

“It should be me treating you.”

The two people talking walked out of the restaurant. Yang Chenglin said goodbye at once. Cheng Jinyu was about to leave when he heard a shout from Wei Hua.


Cheng Jinyu turned around and saw that it really was him. “You’re still here?”

“I want to see you.”

Cheng Jinyu asked, “See me for what?”

Wei Hua lowered his head. “Jinyu, can we talk?”

“I really don’t have time.”

“We can talk in the car. I only need a very short amount of time.”

Cheng Jinyu saw that he really wanted to say something. “Fine, let’s go over there!”

The two people went to a corner of the park. “Just say what you wanted to say!”

“Wei Hua asked, “Jinyu, do you hate me?”

Cheng Jinyu stared at him. “What’s the point of saying this? We already ended things ages ago. Hate or not, what's the point.”

“But, but…”

“If you only wanted to say this to me, then I can only tell you that if I hate you or not, it's my business and it has nothing to do with you. I really am busy. I’m going first.”

That love had already vanished. Currently Cheng Jinyu wanted to throw all of his energy into work. Love or hate, these emotions were already considered a luxurious affair.

“Then why are you trying to harm me?” Wei Hua suddenly said.

“Harm you? How am I harming you?” Cheng Jinyu said.

“I’ve been kicked out by my company. These past few months I've been continuously applying, but every small and big company doesn't want me. I don’t believe that it has anything to do with whether I'm capable or not. Someone is definitely suppressing me. I haven’t done anything wrong to anyone. If there really is one, then it’s probably towards you.

But Cheng Jinyu, our separation was proposed by you, I only accepted. Don’t tell me that this is also my wrong? If you want revenge against me then you can just tell me. Hitting me is also fine. Cursing at me, I’ll bear it all.

But you can't break off my way of survival. I still have home loans to pay, I still have parents to take care of. Like this, you're just suppressing me into desperation.”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “I don’t know what rubbish you are saying. I’ve never wanted to target your work, I also don't have that capability. I hate you, but I don’t have that much energy.”

Cheng Jinyu finished speaking, and turned around and left. Wei Hua chased him from behind. “Jinyu, in any case we had loved each other for a bit. Don’t be ruthless. I was wrong, I’m willing to apologize to you. I’ll compensate you with money. Jinyu...”

Cheng Jinyu waved down a taxi, sat in, and quickly left.

Cheng Jinyu felt that it was very laughable. Wei Hua really had an imagination. Could actually think that he would target him? Suddenly he thought of Gu Bokai. Cheng Jinyu thought to himself, don’t tell me it's him!


  1. Scholar who has been away…: When you have not seen someone for a few days, they will have improved and you can no longer look at them with the same eyes. From “A Mirror for the Wise Ruler (or Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government).
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