Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 32-2: I’ll Stay with You

"Ming Ming, Mother knows you like children very much. At that time, no matter if you damage your body, you still stuck a Calming Spirit Talisman and came for a look.” [T/N: I’m not quite sure with my translation in this sentence] Madam Lou said with difficulty, “Mother is just thinking, if I explain everything clearly to Jiang Siqi and if she’s still willing, then why don’t you try? Even just having a child is okay, ah.”

“Mom!” Lou Ming’s voice revealed a deep pain, his fingertips holding the phone were white because of the force he exerted.

“You think about it again, Mother will hang up first.”

Listening to the busy tone on the phone, Lou Ming’s expression was complicated and painfully sad. He didn’t know how to comfort his broken-hearted mother, nor could he hurt Jiang Siqi.


The sudden sound made Lou Ming jerk back. He frowned as he watched potato chips rolling in from outside the door then half the head and the frowning eyebrows of an embarrassed girl peeked through.

“If I say… that I just came here, do you believe me?” Chen Yu asked cautiously, showing her head from outside the door.

“What do you think?” Lou Ming asked rhetorically.

“Then I won’t explain it.” Chen Yu saw that her beating around the bush wouldn't pass, so she simply squatted on the ground and picked up the fallen chips.

“…” this little girl really broke the jar, Lou Ming found it irritating but also funny, “It’s already fallen, don’t pick it up to eat again.”

“It’s okay, the floor is so clean, I can eat it once I pick it up.” Chen Yu said indifferently, “Besides, a couple of germs won’t do me any harm.”

Lou Ming didn’t say anything further when she said that. Chen Yu’s sudden appearance dilutes his sadness from talking with Madam Lou. Lou Ming put down the phone, looked at the half-drawn blueprint on the table, and picked up a pen to continue drawing.

Chen Yu picked up all the potato chips on the ground one by one then went out to find a broom to sweep away some fine debris on the ground. Seeing that everything was more or less done, she walked to Lou Ming’s desk while holding her picked up potato chips. She looked at the blueprint and asked in surprise, “Is this a rifle?”

Lou Ming raised his head in surprise, “You haven’t gone out yet?”

“Third Brother, are you angry?” Chen Yu asked cautiously.

“You…” Lou Ming really was disinclined to fuss about one little girl, it wasn’t a big matter but it’s just a bit embarrassing, “Don’t do this again.”

“En, en, I promise, if I accidentally hear it again in the future, I will turn my head and leave.” Chen Yu vowed solemnly.

“So, you eavesdropped on purpose just now?” Lou Min laughed in a bit of anger.

“Third brother, haven’t you guessed it already?” Chen Yu covered her mouth in horror, “You tricked me!”

“…” Lou Ming suddenly felt rather stifled, he didn’t want to talk anymore so he just bent his head and continued calculating datas.

After a while had passed, Chen Yu suddenly called out again, “Third Brother…”

“What’s the matter?” Seeing that she delayed and didn’t leave, Lou Ming guessed Chen Yu had something she wanted to say with him.

“I have a very powerful grandfather; he was the one who taught me all my skills. Although he’s sometimes very unreliable, his skills are undoubtedly good.” Chen Yu said all of a sudden.

“I know ah.” Lou Ming was a bit astonished, “You told me before.”

“Sometime ago, my grandpa suddenly contacted me. He gave me the way to deal with the living dead.” Chen Yu said.

“But I only have my grandpa’s penguin number, I don’t know why he keeps on not giving me his number.” Chen Yu was vexed, “But I left a message for him.”

“Left a message?” Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu suspiciously.

“I left a message asking my grandpa to see if there’s any way to solve the evil spirit in Third Brother’s body.” Chen Yu said, “I have never forgotten the things I promised Third Brother.”

Lou Ming was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect Chen Yu to mention this out of nowhere, but he nodded happily, “Thank you.”

“So, Third Brother…” Chen Yu remembered what she overheard, “Do you want to try and be in contact with the sister who has the noble aura now?”

Lou Ming’s expression became stiff. It took him a while before he said, “I can’t do anything until the evil spirit is completely resolved. I can’t hurt Miss Jiang, nor can I give my mother groundless hope.”

“Then, Third Brother, how about you?” Chen Yu asked with her eyes wide open, “You neither want to hurt the sister nor your mother. Everyone is worried about you but you’re not worried about yourself.”

Lou Ming’s hands trembled and the pen he held snapped off, leaving a black mark on the manuscript paper.

“Sure enough, you still have to rely on me!”

Lou Ming jerked his head up.

“Who told me to overhear you just now?” Chen Yu smiled, “I’ll take care of your evil spirit. I will definitely think of a way.”

Lou Ming’s heart warmed up and he smiled, “Don’t talk big, what if you can’t solve it?”

“Huh??” Chen Yu said while eating chips, “Third Brother’s mother wants Third Brother to have a blind date. She definitely doesn’t want Third Brother to be alone. If I can’t solve the evil spirit, then I’m just gonna stay with Third Brother, ah, I won’t let Third Brother be by himself.”

“Stupid girl.” Lou Ming flicked his fingers on Chen Yu’s forehead with a warm smile in his eyes.

Author’s NOTE:

Third Young Master: So, you’ll stay with me?

Xi Shi: I’ll stay.

Third Young Master: Alright.

Xishi: I feel like something’s not right…


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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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