Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 319 - Loving My Rival(12)

The autumn nights were cold. Xiao Qing stood in front of the villa and he couldn’t help but shiver. A car gradually drove over at this time.

Oh hey, it’s a Benz!

Xiao Qing pursed his lips. I’m a Ferrari driver so who cares about your Benz that’s only worth a million or so?

The car stopped next to Xiao Qing. Qiu Feng also drove upon seeing the beautiful woman by the villa.

Xiao Qing’s appearance and figure were the finest.

“We’re here.”

Su Rui smiled and exclaimed seeing Qiu Feng’s eyes glued to Xiao Qing. He got out of the car first and then waved at Xiao Qing. “You must be waiting a while haven’t you? Are you cold?”

“What do you think?”

Xiao Qing rolled her eyes at Su Rui. From Qiu Feng’s perspective, her rolling her eyes was actually charming and pleasant to see~

Qiu Feng subconsciously got out of the car as well. He fixed his precious suit and politely stood to the side. His gaze swept over Xiao Qing from time to time. “Xiao Wan, Mubai, she’s your friend?”

Su Wan didn’t know what to say.

You really act like you’re familiar with us huh?

“Yeah, I’m Xiao Qing.”

Xiao Qing looked at Qiu Feng. Nani. He remembered now. Wasn’t this man Luo Yan’s cousin?

He had encountered Qiu Feng once during Su Wan’s company’s gathering. At that time, he already felt that Qiu Feng’s gaze on Su Wan was off.

Damn. I knew he had a conspiracy!

Thinking of this, Xiao Qing smiled more charmingly at Qiu Feng. “Handsome man, what’s your name?”

People say that men know men the best. Xiao Qing couldn’t help but brush his hair to the side and slide his fingers across his chest unintentionally seeing Qiu Feng’s gaze on him.

Qiu Feng was speechless.

I’m going to have a nosebleed okay!

A mature and sophisticated woman? What’s that? A mature sister? A woman with the appearance of an angel and a sexy figure?

Qiu Feng witnessed all of the following today. He had forgotten about his little angel, Su Wan.

Xiao Qing immediately gave Su Rui a secret gesture seeing that Qiu Feng’s attention was completely on him.

The two had come up with this gesture when they used to do bad things. Now, Xiao Qing was gesturing to Su Rui to quickly leave.

Su Rui understood and brought Su Wan into Xiao Family’s villa quickly.

Xiao Qing and Qiu Feng were the only ones outside.

“I’m Qiu Feng. Miss Xiao, you can call me A-Feng.”

Qiu Feng was looking at Xiao Qing with an enchanted expression. He hadn’t noticed Su Rui and Su Wan leaving.

Qiu Feng?

Nani. I’ll make you regret your decision to come here.

Xiao Qing narrowed his eyes and leaned against Qiu Feng’s Benz.

“Ah, why do I feel so warm suddenly?”

Xiao Qing tugged on his collar and Qiu Feng swallowed his saliva silently upon seeing the cleavage. So big~


Xiao Qing couldn’t help but cough, catching Qiu Feng’s attention. After that, he stood up. “Ah.”

It seemed like he twisted his ankle and Xiao Qing was about to fall on Qiu Feng. He naturally didn’t miss this heaven-given opportunity. He immediately reached over to hug Xiao Qing. From afar, it seemed like he already held Xiao Qing in his arms but in reality, the two were some distance apart still.


Xiao Qing suddenly slapped Qiu Feng hard.

Hmph. You want to take advantage of this lady? Hmph. I mean, this man!

You want to take advantage of me? No way!

“You damned pervert! You stinky hooligan!” Xiao Qing slapped both the right and left side of Qiu Feng’s face. He instinctively pushed Xiao Qing due to the sudden slaps.

Unfortunately, Xiao Qing had a weak body so he immediately fell back after being pushed. He thought that he was about to embarrass himself and fall when someone supported him from behind.

“Are you okay?”

Gu Shuxing’s voice was indifferent and inflexible as usual. It might be because he just showered and changed his clothes but he had a faint and nice-smelling scent on him.

Feeling Gu Shuxing’s hands on his waist, Xiao Qing immediately felt embarrassed.

He knew that every woman had a sensitive spot but why was Xiao Qing’s waist the sensitive spot for him?

“You...let go.”

Xiao Qing struggled to stand up and then turned to look at the battered Qiu Feng. “You damned pervert. You dare to push me? I’m going to sue and make sure you become bankrupt!”

That’s right. Rich people get to be unruly.

Qiu Feng was speechless.

“Nevermind, don’t mess around.”

When Gu Shuxing heard Xiao Qing’s words, he waved his hands.

“Gu Shuxing? You…”

Xiao Qing was angry that Gu Shuxing wasn’t on his side. “This is my matter. Why are you intervening?”


Gu Shuxing pulled his sleeves up hearing Xiao Qing’s words and then slowly removed his jacket. Then he threw that at Xiao Qing’s face.

Xiao Qing: F you...

Xiao Qing pulled the jacket off his face and was about to curse him out only to see Gu Shuxing beating the crap out of Qiu Feng. His teeth even fell out. Damn. It’s really it for him~

“Sometimes, using violence to curb violence works!”

Gu Shuxing turned to look at Xiao Qing. Then he kicked Qiu Feng harshly. “Get lost!”

Xiao Qing had no words.

Nani. I actually thought Gu Shuxing, this stiff-looking guy, is handsome?!

Fine. Seeing that you’re acting like a man, I’m going brothers with you~

I will never call you a young handsome man that wears a stiff expression.

Gu Shuxing fixed his clothes. He knitted his brows seeing the dust by his cuff.

“Woah! Gu Shuxing, you’re amazing! I didn’t think you would know close combat. Amazing!”

Xiao Qing suddenly ran over and nudged Gu Shuxing’s chest with his elbow. “Man, you hide things deeply! I had no idea that you’re that violent! Do you frequently work out? Do you have eight-packs? Here, let this brother, uh, me see!”

Saying that, Xiao Qing went to grab Gu Shuxing’s sleeves.

Gu Shuxing didn’t know how to react.

“Don’t mess around.”

Gu Shuxing’s expression darkened and he stared at Xiao Qing. “Do you feel uncomfortable? Why are you standing outside? And you’re barely wearing anything either!”

“Oh, right!”

Xiao Qing finally recalled Su Rui and Su Wan.

“I was just here to pick up Xiao Bai and Xiao Wan. That pervert is still thinking of my Xiao Wan. He’s like a toad wanting to eat swan meat!”

Saying this, Xiao Qing tugged Gu Shuxing inside. “Since you’re here, that’s great. We can go inside and have fun together.”

Yan Mubai and Su Wan were here too?

Gu Shuxing was bewildered but when he entered the courtyard, he saw the two figures.

Xiao Qing, she...when was she that close to the two of them?

“Doctor Gu?”

Su Wan’s gaze brightened seeing Xiao Qing tugging Gu Shuxing inside, smiling.

Could this be the legendary leading role’s halo?

No matter when and at what place, as long as the female lead was there, they would automatically attract male leads.

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