Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 316 - Loving My Love Rival(9)

In the small bedroom, the two cuddled one another. This should be a really warm and comfortable night but Su Wan and Su Rui were woken up by the sound of the ringing of a phone.

Su Wan reached for her phone that she placed on the bedhead in a daze. Glancing at the flickering unfamiliar number on her screen, she hesitated before answering it.

“Su Wan!”

A frantic female voice rang from the phone. Though her tone was a bit off, Su Wan could still tell it was Xiao Qing.

“Miss Xiao, what’s the matter?”

“Su Wan, save me! You have to help me!”

Xiao Qing’s tone was anxious through the phone. He was at a noisy place as well. Su Wan couldn’t understand his words for a moment. “Miss Xiao, where are you? Just what happened to you?”

“Blood, so much blood…”

Su Wan didn’t know what to say.

Nani. There’s no way that he ended up killing someone at a nightclub right?

Truth proved that Xiao Qing wasn’t as violent as Su Wan imagined him to be but...he just got his period~

He could’ve solved all this problem using a hand warmer but she had to go through all of this in the middle of the night. Su Wan felt stifled.

Brother, no, sister, you’re my real sister!

Xiao Qing didn’t know what to say.

Nani. Did I really become a woman? A real woman? I’m going to have to bleed every month?

Sniffle, I suddenly want to die now~

It’s scary being a woman!

It was still dark outside. Xiao Qing wore a pale face and carefully tugged on Su Wan’s pajamas. “Xiao Wan, I, I am a little scared. Can I live here? Can you sleep with me?”


Su Rui rejected coldly before Su Wan could say anything.

Don’t think that you’re a woman just because you have a chest and butt. This general has seen through your ulterior motives.

Xiao Qing was speechless.

“Mubai, I’m asking Xiao Wan. I’m not sleeping with you!”

Xiao Qing couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Su Rui. When I was a man, I didn’t even get to sleep in Su Wan’s bed. Now that I’m a woman, I don’t get this benefit?

“No one is willing to sleep with you.”

Hearing Xiao Qing’s words, General Su’s expression coldened. He dragged Xiao Qing by the collar and pulled him into a bedroom. “You’re sleeping here.”



Before Xiao Qing could ask anything, General Su closed the door without hesitation.

Xiao Qing was speechless.

You really treat this place as your home?

Yan Mubai, fine! You clearly don’t mind stealing your friend’s girlfriend!

Xiao Qing cursed him out in his heart before sitting on the bed, dispirited.

I’m already a woman so how can I steal her from you?

Xiao Qing’s heart shattered thinking about this.

He was finally enlightened and decided to flirt with some girls at a nightclub. Who knew that before he could find someone he liked, this happened to him. When he saw his pants covered in blood in the bathroom, Xiao Qing was really dumbstruck. The first thing he thought was whether it was game over for him in this body as well. Under a moment of panic, he hurriedly called Su Wan as hers was the only phone number he remembered.

Forgive Xiao Qing for her had only been a woman for a few days. Periods and whatnot was a new concept to him.

He subconsciously touched his abdomen. It was a bit cold and he felt some cramps.

It was indeed really hard to live as a woman.

Lying on the bed, Xiao Qing subconsciously fell asleep.

Xiao Qing walked out with a pale face and bags under his eyes. He saw Su Rui sitting on the sofa calculating the accounts. “Xiao Bai, look at the time. Why haven’t you gone to Jiulin Street to sell goods?”

Xiao Qing was in a daze, still thinking that he was in the past so he asked in a familiar tone.


Su Rui lifted his head and shifted his gaze to look at Xiao Qing confusedly. “Miss Xiao, you seem to be familiar with me and Su Wan’s lives? You investigated us?”

Xiao Qing didn’t know what to say.

“Cough, um, I was just casually asking. Why would I investigate you guys?”

Xiao Qing smiled awkwardly at Su Rui before his face turned pale and he patted his abdomen. Nani. It started hurting again.

Seeing Xiao Qing’s conflicted yet pained expression, Su Rui furrowed his brows. “What’s up with you? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. What’s the point of telling you? It’s not like you’ll understand anything!”

Xiao Qing murmured to himself. After saying this, he wanted to slap himself.

I’m not a woman. I’m a man too okay!


The doorbell suddenly rang now.

The two people in the room looked at each other. Xiao Qing glanced at Su Rui and exclaimed, “Could it be that Xiao Wan left something at home and came back to pick it up?”

Su Rui was speechless.

You think that everyone loses things easily like you? She left for a few hours already. Even if she really lost something, she would’ve called him to bring it there.


Su Rui stood up and narrowed his gaze. He had a guess who was outside.

He hesitated before he walked to the door and opened it.

Gu Shuxing wore a beige thin sweater wearing a cool expression as he stood outside. “Mr. Yan, Xiao Qing is here right?”


Su Rui moved to the side and revealed Xiao Qing.

Xiao Qing froze seeing Gu Shuxing. “Why are you here?”

Is he here to demand payment? Nani. Do I look like someone that won’t return debt?

“Gu Shuxing, it’s just a meal. You don’t need to chase me all the way here. It’s not like I can go MIA!”

Xiao Qing stared at Gu Shuxing’s cold face and he rolled his eyes. “I’ll transfer the money to you later, and interest!”

Gu Shuxing: What meal money? He already forgot about it.

“Miss Su called me and told me that you were sick and feeling uncomfortable. She wanted me to send you home.”

Gu Shuxing remained expressionless.

“Xiao Wan called you here?”

Su Rui’s gaze flickered. He knew her motive obviously. He didn’t feel good recalling his situation. “You, don’t come over! I, I’m really good. Just ignore me. Shouldn’t you be really busy as a doctor? Why are you here attending to me?”

Gu Shuxing was speechless.

Fine. He was indeed really busy and he already delayed a surgery.

Gu Shuxing didn’t know what was up with him. He disliked Xiao Qing but if he left her on her own, it was unclear what trouble she might end up causing. He hesitated as a result.


Xiao Qing suddenly hissed at the intense pain in the living room. He bent over and subconsciously moaned.

Gu Shuxing immediately took a step forward hearing his voice. Maybe out of a doctor’s instinct, he walked over to Xiao Qing’s side and placed his arms around his waist, his hand on his abdomen. “Where does it hurt? Here?”

Xiao Qing was flabbergasted.

Feeling the warm palm on his abdomen, Xiao Qing’s face flushed.

“You, you— put your hand away!”  

I’m a normal person. I’m definitely normal. Don’t look at me this way.


Su Rui couldn’t help but chuckle. “Um, Doctor Gu, Miss Xiao, she...that came. It’s normal for her to have stomach pains, no?”

Gu Shuxing: ...

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