Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 318 - Loving My Love Rival(11)

Qiu Feng was twenty-eight years old today, prime age. Because he came from a pretty good background, after graduating college, he received some money from his parents to start up his own business. He was the owner of a small company right now and quite known amongst the people of his background.

Qiu Feng ignored General Su after seeing Su Rui and Su Wan. He smiled and stood up, giving his seat to Su Wan. “Su Wan, you’re here. Sit here. There’s an empty seat here!”

Su Wan was speechless.

Who are you?

Forgive the original body for not remembering anything about the man in front of her.

Qiu Feng wasn’t considered “handsome” but he was decent looking. However, his appearance didn’t suit the original body’s taste. Therefore, he was just a stranger in her memory.

Su Wan smiled politely but General Su didn’t bother.

“Woah, you’re quite polite. You even reserved seats for us!”

As he said this, he sat on Qiu Feng’s seat in front of him.


Qiu Feng couldn’t help but glare at Su Rui.

General Su was speechless.

Why are you glaring at me? Haven’t you seen a handsome man?

Cough. “Xiao Feng, sit here.”

Seeing the awkward situation. Luo Yan immediately smiled and pulled her cousin to her side and then smiled at Su Wan and Su Rui. “Xiao Wan, so he’s your boyfriend? He’s really handsome. What’s his name?”

“Yan Mubai.”

Su Rui nodded at Luo Yan.

“Mr. Yan, you have a nice name. It sounds really poetic and you look polite too. What’s your occupation?”

Luo Yan continued to smile, trying to get close to Su Rui.

Su Rui lifted his brows and smiled at her. “I’m not as cultured as my Xiao Wan nor am I a white-collar worker working in an office. I just sell goods at a stall on Jiulin Street.”

As he talked, his gaze swept over Luo Yan. “Ma’am, I also have stocks of this watch. It’s definitely more authentic than the one you’re wearing right now. If you zoomed the watch in, you can see the logo clearly. Speaking of, how much did you buy this watch for? The quality is meh. You didn’t get lied to, did you?”

Luo Yan didn't know what to say.

Everyone’s gazes landed on Luo Yan’s watch after hearing Su Rui’s words. Everyone knew that Luo Yan’s husband bought her the watch. Apparently, it was a Switzerland famous watch and really expensive. She had bragged and flaunted this in front of everyone when she first received it.

Detecting everyone’s questioning and mocking gazes, Luo Yan immediately tugged her sleeves down awkwardly. “Xiao Yan, you’re quite the joker. Someone gifted me this. They bought this from abroad!”


Su Rui purposely dragged his words and exclaimed, “Understood. Authentic products come from abroad, no?”

“Okay, food will be ready in a bit. Don’t talk drivel.”

Seeing that the situation was heading in the way Su Rui wanted to, Su Wan immediately tugged on his sleeves and then smiled faintly at Luo Yan. “Sister Yan, please don’t take offense! It’s just a shortcoming of his occupation. He thinks that all luxury items are counterfeit products.”

Luo Yan: Heh~

Company dinners were usually like this. Everyone would gather together to drink and eat, and gossip. After finishing dinner, someone suggested going to karaoke. Su Rui and Su Wan weren’t interested in the activity so the two found an excuse to head back home in advance.

Who knew that the moment they left the hotel, they saw a gray Benz parked there. They rolled their car windows down and Qiu Feng revealed himself. “You guys are leaving? It’s inconvenient to get a taxi at this time. Why don’t I bring you guys home?”


Su Rui immediately pulled Su Wan into the car happily after hearing Qiu Feng’s words. He couldn’t help but pat the leather seats in the back row after entering. “Your car is pretty nice. I like it!”

“It’s alright.”

Feeling the envy in Su Rui’s tone, Qiu Feng sat up straight and wore a proud expression.

Su Wan was speechless.

General Su, you’ve become more and more naughty~

“Right, Xiao Wan, where do you live? I still don’t know.”

Qiu Feng didn’t bother to act polite. Su Wan had forgotten who he was already, yet he called her “Xiao Wan,” a familiar nickname.

He was just trying to obtain Su Wan’s address slyly.

“I live…”

Su Wan was about to speak when Su Rui smiled and gave him an address. “Please send us there, thank you.”


Qiu Feng froze because the address was at a high grade villa neighborhood.

“What? You can’t find the route there?”

General Su couldn’t help but smile and add, “Do you need me to guide you?”

“No, I know.”

Qiu Feng snapped out of his trance and he couldn’t help but observe Su Rui and Su Wan. They didn’t seem like the type of people to live in that high grade neighborhood. Plus, he had asked his cousin about Su Wan’s background before too. Her family didn’t live here locally. She had rented an apartment and she wasn’t that rich either!

While Qiu Feng was still confused, Su Rui had pulled out his counterfeit phone and silently sent Xiao Qing a message.

That’s right. Su Rui gave Qiu Feng Xiao Qing’s address.

Right now, Xiao Qing was forced to drink a huge bowl of black-boned chicken soup by his mother, Jiang Min.

Speaking of, this was the first time Xiao Qing had experienced the feeling of home as an orphan. He replaced Xiao Qing so he naturally needed to do his best to be filial to her parents.

Jiang Min was the type of noble madam to pamper her children. She treated her only daughter preciously.

Xiao Qing felt like dying after drinking the soup and it was at this time that he suddenly received his good brother’s message. Xiao Qing flew into a rage after reading the content.

Damn. There’s another man interested in Su Wan?

Although Su Wan wasn’t his wife anymore, she used to be his wife!

Plus, who knows? She might become his good brother’s wife one day~

In short, after reading Su Rui’s text, Xiao Qing got out of bed and then ran downstairs after grabbing a jacket.

Jiang Min was downstairs drinking tea when she saw her daughter hurrying down the stairs. She immediately looked at Xiao Qing in concern. “Xiao Qing, are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable again? Why don’t I call Shuxing over to check on you?”

“I’m fine. I’m going to pick up two friends.”

Xiao Qing ran out of the villa while exclaiming this.


Jiang Min’s gaze flickered. Her precious daughter has been overly pampered by her. She always like mingling with unreliable friends. She finally calmed down after experiencing a car accident but why did she return to her normal state after being discharged from the hospital?

Jiang Min couldn’t help but call Gu Shuxing. “Shuxing, I think that Qingqing still isn’t acting right. If you’re free, why don’t you come to check on her?”

The Gu Family also lived in this neighborhood and they weren’t far from the Xiao Family.

Gu Shuxing had just come out of the bathroom and finished showering. He hesitated before nodding in the end after listening to Jiang Min’s words. “Aunt Jiang, I understand. I’ll come over in a bit.”

After hanging up, Gu Shuxing sighed and went to his bedroom to look for clothes.

At this time, Xiao Qing left the villa and was awaiting Su Wan and Su Rui...

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