Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 317 - Loving My Love Rival(10)

Xiao Qing’s expression turned worse hearing Su Rui’s words.

Yan Mubai, you’re just here to add salt to the wound no?

Gu Shuxing was worthy of being a doctor. Hearing Su Rui’s words, he nodded. “She’s on her period. Xiao Qing, does it hurt this much every month? How long does it last every time?”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

What do you know?”

Gu Shuxing furrowed his brows seeing Xiao Qing staying quiet. “Why don’t you get in bed and lie down? I’ll take a look.”


Xiao Qing immediately jumped up and exclaimed, “Stay away from me, you pervert. Aren’t you a surgeon? What do you know?”

Gu Shuxing didn’t know what to say.

“I majored in surgery after graduating. When I was in medical school, I had to learn everything and I got a perfect grade for each subject.”

Gu Shuxing even explained after hearing Xiao Qing’s suspicions.

No culture, terrifying...

Xiao Qing remained quiet.

“In short, I, I am fine now.”

Saying this, Xiao Qing even straightened his back. The globes in front of his chest were quite eye-catching.


Gu Shuxing took a step back, awkward. “Then I’ll take you back and have Aunt Jiang get some brown sugar water for you.”

Aunt Jiang was in reference to Jiang Min. She was Xiao Qing’s mother and Gu Shuxing’s mother’s good sister.

Xiao Qing paused for a moment before exclaiming awkwardly, “You— wait a moment! I’m going to use the bathroom first!”  

Speaking of, how do you change pads? She didn’t remember anything from yesterday when Su Wan helped him.

Xiao Qing felt conflicted while walking. Why don’t I wait until I get home and ask my supposed ‘mother’ for help?

Would she think something is wrong with me?

Xiao Qing closed the bathroom door and carefully took out his smartphone. Um, if there’s an issue, baidu it~

He finally learned how to wear the pad and then after a while did he walk out awkwardly.

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Qing really didn’t like being with Gu Shuxing. He was like a moving rock, stiff and rigid. As a young and innocent man, Xiao Qing had no commonality with him.


Xiao Qing had been thinking on his own for a while. In Xiao Qing’s circle, he only knew Gu Shuxing!

Fine, it was better than not knowing anyone.

Su Rui’s gaze flickered as he brought the two downstairs and watched as Gu Shuxing drove his car away. Then he laughed to himself before grabbing some allowance to take the bus to Jiulin Street and open his business.

A beautiful day has begun again~

In the evening, Su Wan got off work as usual. The moment she entered, she saw Su Rui changing his clothes and doing chores.

He was known as the twenty-four filial husband as expected.

“Why are you so early today?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but narrow her eyes at Su Rui.

Su Rui snapped his fingers. “I’m just worried that I might end up holding up your gathering tonight. How do I look? Dongzi just got this outfit in stock at his store today.”

He wore a wine-red sweater with low-waisted casual jeans.

Su Wan looked at Su Rui’s outfit. General Su, great outfit there. You look young!

You’re no different from an university student with that outfit of yours! Even more, you would’ve been known as the school prince.

“You’re super handsome!”

Su Wan gave Su Rui a thumbs up. She was used to him wearing a suit and windbreaker. This was the first time she had seen him wear such a casual and ordinary outfit. Su Wan’s eyes brightened.

“You think I’m really handsome?”

Su Rui immediately smiled hearing his wife’s praise. “Dongzi found this for me. You don’t say but the quality of the outfit is really good. It’s really soft and comfortable for me. But it doesn’t seem any worse than the ones I wore in the past!”

Su Wan was speechless.

Nani. There’s a huge difference, okay. Just the fee to get it custom-made for you is in the seven digits okay! It’s enough to buy a whole room of ordinary outfits!

But he’s a true adonis. He could wear anything from Armani to ordinary outfits.

“Wait a moment. I’m going to change my clothes.”

In order to be a worthy match with her adonis, Su Wan fumbled through the original body’s drawer for a bit. Thankfully, the original body was rather cute and petite so she found a pretty nice dress. Then she applied some simple makeup and pulled her hair up. She then walked out with Su Rui wearing a smile.

Hengyun Investment Company wasn’t an important company in this local place but in private investment companies, it was rather popular. Naturally, the company dinner wouldn’t be at a small restaurant or some street stalls but rather a four-star hotel in the city center.

By the time Su Rui and Su Wan arrived by taxi, there were already many cars parked in front of the hotel door already.

The two were immune to the different car brands. They didn’t take another look before heading straight to the hotel. Who knew that they heard a delicate voice behind them at this time. “Xiao Wan? Su Wan, you’re here!”

Her voice was really delicate and sweet.

That voice only belonged to their office’s young miss, Kang Ya.

“Kang Ya.”

Su Wan smiled and turned to look at Kang Ya. She was wearing a luxurious evening gown with a really expensive diamond necklace. They didn’t need to look carefully to tell that it was authentic.

“Xiao Wan, he is your boyfriend?”

Kang Ya smiled at Su Wan before her gaze flickered. “Your boyfriend is really handsome. He seems really young. He’s not still in college is he?”

“What do you mean? He didn’t even graduate elementary school.”

Su Rui smiled while shrugging his shoulders. “This is Miss Kang right? Please don’t forget to take care of my wife!”

Kang Ya was speechless.

I thought you were an outstanding handsome guy but who would’ve thought that you were the opposite.


Kang Ya smiled at Su Rui before turning to wrap her arms around an elite man. “This is my boyfriend, Lu Cheng.”


Lu Cheng wore a brand suit and smiled before taking out his business card, delivering it to Su Wan and Su Rui. “This is our first time seeing each other. Please take care of me.”

“Oh, department manager? Does your company use * version bags? If you do, you can come to me. I’ll give you guys 30% off.”

Su Rui accepted the business card and lifted his brows, exclaiming.

Lu Cheng felt speechless.

A certain elite man felt awkward~

“Heh. Su Wan, your partner is quite humorous.”

Kang Ya smiled awkwardly before holding onto Lu Cheng’s hands and saying, “We’re going in now!”

General Su shook his head, bored. “The man is alright but the”

Lights should be extinguished~

General Su, do you want to consider being the host of a dating show?


Su Wan smiled and held onto Su Rui’s hands. “Let’s go in. It’s about time. It won’t look good if we’re late.”

Many were already inside the lounge of the hotel.

“Xiao Wan, over here!”

Luo Yan had taken her seat already. Upon seeing Su Wan, she immediately stood up and waved her hands. When Su Wan and Su Rui got closer, they saw a young man sitting next to Luo Yan. Right now, his gaze was on Su Wan.

He was naturally Luo Yan’s cousin, Qiu Feng.

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