Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 315 - Loving My Love Rival(8)

Xiao Qing stood outside Su Wan’s house and glanced inside. It was the same familiar arrangement.

He had been in this house many times in the past. To speak the truth, he had never stayed overnight here. Yet, Su Wan was letting Yan Mubai live here...

In short, Xiao Qing didn’t feel good inside. He did want to matchmake the two of them but seeing them in front of them acting intimate, it was two completely different feelings. That was why he hurried and filled out the documents to be discharged from the hospital and then withdrew some money from Xiao Qing’s card. He waited for Su Wan to get out of work and then come over.

“Miss Xiao, why are you here?”

Su Wan had gotten up from her seat at the dining table and walked over too. “Since you’re here, why don’t you take a seat inside? Have you eaten?”

“Uh, yes. You guys are eating? Don’t let me disturb you guys. I...I’ll just take a seat here for a bit.”

Xiao Qing walked inside and took a seat on the sofa. Nani. I’ve spent half my salary on this sofa in the past. Recalling the past, Xiao Qing felt extremely melancholic.

The furthest distance in life wasn’t life and death but rather, you thinking that I’m dead and me appearing in front of you with another identity.

Damn. With his identity right now, could he only be best friends with Su Wan?

He felt bad~

Seeing Xiao Qing sitting on the sofa and glancing up at the ceiling looking upset, Su Wan couldn’t help but clear her throat. She said to Su Rui, “Mubai, there’s a company dinner tomorrow. They want all of us to bring a family member. Do you have time tomorrow? How about you pretend to be my boyfriend? That way, you can even get a free meal.”

“Miss, Miss Su, that’s not good.”

Before Su Rui could respond, Xiao Qing who was sitting on the sofa quickly stood up and looked at Su Rui with a burning gaze. “Cough, what I mean is that if your boss finds out that you had someone pretend to be your boyfriend, it won’t look good.”

“What’s wrong with this?”

Su Rui placed his chopsticks down. “Does Miss Xiao think that I, Yan Mubai, is unworthy of her?”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Well, you have a handsome face. Unfortunately, it’s not like you’re asking to be kept for by a woman. Why do you need a handsome face? It’s not like you can use it to eat either~

Although he was roasting him inside his heart, Xiao Qing smiled at Su Rui.”Mubai, you’re handsome so naturally, you’re worthy of Su Wan!”

“Then isn’t that good enough?”

Su Rui leaned against the chair and lamented. “Life is hard right now. I’ll take all the free meals I can get. Plus, I heard from A-Qing that Xiao Wan’s company’s colleagues are all self-interested. They used to run A-Qing on a bank frequently in the past. This time, no matter what, I have to get revenge!”

Xiao Qing’s gaze brightened hearing Su Rui’s words. Right! How did he forget about this?

So Yan Mubai was indeed his close brother! Yet, he doubted him...

It’s my fault. I’m repenting. Mubai, I’m sorry~

Thinking of this, Xiao Qing immediately took out a stash of money from his purse and said, “Mubai, I’m sponsoring you this. Tomorrow, we’ll go to the mall to buy you a decent outfit as well as a watch. Men also need to make themselves look good. You just need to slightly do so in order to charm people!”

Su Rui seemed to have frozen hearing Xiao Qing’s words. Then he scratched his head awkwardly. “Miss Xiao, how can I use your money? No, definitely not!”

“Why not?”

Xiao Qing was unhappy that Su Rui rejected him. “My money is your money. Why are you being so polite with me?”


Even Xiao Qing thought his words were a bit off. Meanwhile, Su Wan blinked and then smiled. “Heh. Um, you two can go ahead and chat. I’m going to wash the dishes in the kitchen. Just act like I don’t exist.”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Su Rui also.

After Su Wan went to the kitchen, Xiao Qing looked awkwardly at Su Rui. “Mubai, I, I don’t...mean it that way.”

Damn. I’m only treating you like my brother okay?

“Miss Xiao!”

Su Rui suddenly stood up and walked over to Xiao Qing. Su Rui was a tall person in general and now that Xiao Qing transformed into a woman, he became even shorter than Su Rui. Seeing him in front of him, Xiao Qing subconsciously took a step back. “What, what are you doing?”

“Miss Xiao, you couldn’t possibly…” Su Rui narrowed his eyes and dragged his words out, “possibly like me, do you?”


Xiao Qing couldn’t resist the urge to swear. “How could I possibly like men?”

Uh, I think I said something wrong again?

“Cough. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t like you. Don’t misunderstand.”

Xiao Qing explained awkwardly. Hearing his words, Su Rui’s gaze flickered. “Hm? Miss Xiao, turns out you like women? There’s nothing wrong with that. Lesbians, no? Even they’re allowed to get married abroad. What’s wrong with this? Don’t worry. I would never discriminate against you. keep running here. Do you like Su Wan? Let me tell you. Su Wan likes men. She doesn’t like women. Give up!”

Xiao Qing: Sniffle, of course I know that she likes men!


Xiao Qing’s gaze suddenly brightened.

Why hadn’t he thought of this. He couldn’t become a man again but he could still get a girlfriend.

With his appearance and Xiao Family’s power, he’d be able to get models and celebrities as his girlfriend.

“Mubai! You’re really my good brother!”

Xiao Qing couldn’t help but pat Su Rui’s shoulders. “You’ve noticed despite me hiding this so hard? That’s right. I’m actually...a lesbian.”

Su Rui was speechless.

You’re great at going along what people have to say~


Su Rui smiled at Xiao Qing. “I knew it. When I first saw Miss Xiao, I knew that you’re not any worse than a man. Right. Do you have a girlfriend right now?”

“Uh, not yet. Thing is I have high standards.”

Xiao Qing brushed his hair and tried to act aloof but his heart had been soaring already. He had forgotten to ask Yan Mubai about his relationship with Su Wan as well. He chatted with him for a while before leaving.

By the time Su Wan came out of the kitchen, Xiao Qing was long gone.

“Where is Xiao Qing?”

Su Wan glanced at the money on the table and then at Su Rui.

“He left. Mn. He probably went to a nightclub to find a woman.”

“Him? And he wants to find a woman?”

Su Wan rolled her eyes. He wants to find a beautiful woman? The opposite may happen to you. Go and burn incense.

Su Rui naturally knew what Su Wan was thinking. He blinked at her mysteriously. “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to him. Right. You might as well take the free money. Why don’t I take you shopping tomorrow?”

“Save it!”

Su Wan placed the money on the table away. “We’re considered low-income right now. We’re poor and we’re dragging the motherland down. Let’s not spend things on luxury items. It’s shameful to waste, okay!”


Hearing his wife’s words, General Su nodded. Right. Ordinary person. He wanted to be an ordinary person.

“Then what should I wear to your company dinner tomorrow?”

Wear what?

Su Wan looked at Su Rui and said, “Hubby, you look good wearing anything. Of course, you’re the most sexy wearing nothing~”

Su rui was speechless.

Su Wan, you’re teasing me again. Here, come with me to our bedroom and we can talk about life~

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