Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 313 - Loving My Love Rival (6)

By the time Su Rui hurried to Jiulin Street, he saw many people crowding around Aunt Wang’s stall. These people seemed to be arguing over something.

“Please move out of the way.”

Su Rui hurried and squeezed through the crowd. Xu Dong and Liu Ying’s gazes brightened seeing Su Rui’s figure.

“Brother Bai, Brother Bai, you’re here! Quick! Talk to them. They’re being too unreasonable!”

Liu Ying shouted after seeing Su Rui.

Su Rui nodded at her and Xu Dong. Then he swept his gaze over the scene. Aunt Wang was a lonely old lady who sold fruits. She didn’t have the money to rent an apartment so she set up a stall at Jiulin Street. Everyone knew that she lived a hard life so they would frequently go and buy fruits at her stall. She was also really honest and kind. The fruits at her stall were not only cheap for its price but she also gave the customers what they deserved.

At this time, Aunt Wang’s fruit stall had been destroyed. Apples and oranges rolled on the ground. As for her, she fell on the ground and moaned nonstop.

There were a few local government officers wearing their uniforms standing to the side. One of them was even taking pictures of the scene using his smartphone.

“Aunt Wang, are you okay?”

Su Rui moved forward and bent down, wanting to help Aunt Wang up. The young local government officer holding the phone snorted, “You’re also a merchant here? Don’t help her up. She had to say that we tripped her over. This is a lawful society and we all abide by the laws. I’ve recorded the entire scene with my phone. You look civilized so you must know the rules unlike those uncouth fellows right?”

“Heh, law?”

This was the first time Su Rui heard someone talk to him about law. He couldn’t help but laugh. He then helped Aunt Wang up and asked, “Aunt Wang, are you okay?”

“Xiao Bai, are you Xiao Bai?”

Hearing Su Rui’s voice, Aunt Wang looked over and lifted her turbid eyes up. She stared fixated at Su Rui’s face.

Su Rui didn’t know what to say.

Xiao Bai? Why did that sound so awkward? [A certain silver-white tiger made a congratulatory telegram from space-time].

“Aunt Wang, cough. It’s me. I’m...Mubai.”

Su Rui refused to admit that he was Xiao Bai.


Aunt Wang held his hands tightly and revealed an anxious expression. “I’ve lived for so long but I’ve never done anything to hurt anyone! They said that they had to tidy up the appearance of the city and had to put up my stall away. It’s not that I refuse to cooperate with the leader but I’m just slow and it’s hard for me to move around. That’s why I was slow at putting my stall away. But they didn’t say anything and started to destroy my stall! Where is the reason behind this?”

“Aunty, you need evidence if you’re going to blame us like this. You can’t just frame us!”

Hearing Aunt Wang’s words now, the young local government officer immediately waved the phone in his hands and exclaimed, “We always record things like this, just so that we can prevent old men and women like you guys from framing us.”

“Video? May I take a look?”

Su Rui suddenly looked up and asked coldly.


The local government officer was shaken by Su Rui’s cold aura. By the time he snapped out of his trance, he then realized his phone was in Su Rui’s hands.


“Don’t be nervous. I’m not deleting the video.”

Su Rui smiled and played the video from the beginning. When it was 31 seconds in, his gaze flickered and he paused it. “Can you tell me what happened to this scene?”

The video paused the moment just before Aunt Wang was pushed down. At that moment, the video was really chaotic. Because her fruit cart was pushed on the ground, Aunt Wang seemed to be bending down to support the cart. But a foot suddenly appeared behind her and tripped her. She lost her balance and immediately fell on the ground.

This was...

He carefully examined the scene in the video. The young local government officer was also confused when he saw the foot tripping Aunt Wang.

“How did this happen?”

“That’s right! Look! Look! Who’s the one lying?”

“You guys would even hurt elderlys! You’ve gone too far!”

After Su Rui’s reminder, the nearby people all saw the evil foot that had been ignored within the chaos. At this time, Su Rui’s gaze swept over the crowd and immediately found the owner of the foot. He was a thirty years old man who wore a pale face with a heavy figure. Just one look and he could tell he wasn’t a good person.

The person’s expression changed, noticing Su Rui’s gaze. But then he stood up stall and acted calm, exclaiming, “What’s all the noise for? Why are you guys arguing?”


The young local government officer glanced at the middle-aged man awkwardly. “Leader this…”

“What about it? What can the video prove? The scene was so chaotic back then. Even if someone did trip her, it may not be on purpose. Plus, it might’ve been a passerby who did that. You’ve only seen a vague foot within the video. Who knows what happened? Whatever. You guys can scatter. We won’t be harsh on you today. Hurry up and put your stall away and then go home! Otherwise, people are going to say that us government officers have no empathy!”

The middle-aged leader waved his hands and they hurriedly threw Aunt Wang’s cart and fruits to the side.

Seeing the rotten fruits, Aunt Wang teared up. Watching as they gradually walked far away, Su Rui’s gaze coldened. He was about to walk over when Xu Dong stopped him. “Brother Bai, don’t face them head on. It’s not worth it. Let’s help Aunt Wang pick up the fruits.”


Su Rui paused. At this time, the young local government officer that was holding a phone recording the scene suddenly turned and ran back. He quickly fished out two hundred dollars from his pocket and shoved it in Aunt Wang’s palm.

“Um, aunty, sorry for misunderstanding you. This money...I’ll use this money to buy the fruits here! There’s a huge inspection today so hurry up and put your stall away and then go home.”

Before Aunt Wang could react, the young fellow turned around and ran back to his teammates.

“Ah! This child!”

Aunt Wang clutched the money in her hands. She hesitated and then sighed.

The people watching the show mostly scattered. The neighbors as well as Xu Dong and Liu Ying started bending down and helping her pick up the fruits.

“Everyone has a difficult life nowadays!”

Xu Dong sighed. Liu Ying couldn’t help but add, “That’s right. Us common people work day and night, and won’t even earn enough in a year for wealthy men to eat a meal. Speaking of, reincarnation requires technique. Had my father be a billionaire or CEO, I would be able to buy Jiulin Street. Everyone can do whatever business they want and I won’t ask for rent!”

Xu Dong was speechless.

You’ve read too many billionaire novels! Casually buy a street? Do you think you’re bok choy? Even if you have billions, if the government refuses to sell the land, there’s nothing you can do!

Su Rui stood still and said nothing despite hearing everyone’s discussion and the group of government officers far in the distance.

Since he took on taks, he had to learn to do missions like from the TV shows. To this time now, he could easily take on the role of any character.

General Su always thought that he had become an actual person since transforming from a NPC in a mission world. But in this world, after being with the most ordinary people in the bottom of the social class, Su Rui suddenly felt like his life was unreal and fake.

“Brother Bai, why are you in a daze?”

Xu Dong watched Su Rui in a daze so he patted his shoulders.

Su Rui snapped out of his trance and smiled at Xu Dong. “Dongzi, let’s bring Aunt Wang back.”

General Su had planned on closing Yan Mubai’s store in the morning and then using his money to create his own business. But he changed his mind now.

He wanted to be a merchant. A merchant that could go to the battlefield too. That’s how he should live.

He has to experience life in all sorts of ways, from the good to the bad.

This was a type of cultivation too, no?

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